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Donald Trump has nominated controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for Press Secretary

Alex Jones Offered White House Press Secretary Position

In what is a surprise and controversial development for some, and a welcomed addition to others, President Donald Trump has nominated alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for White House Press Secretary, replacing Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
The majority of Americans can't locate Honduras on a map.

Most Americans Still Unclear Where Honduras Is

A recent survey conducted by the non-partisan Rundex Family Foundation discovered that the overwhelming majority of Americans have no idea where Honduras is.
Wrightsboro hog farmer George Reed Wambles took it upon himself to take care of what he called "the fake news media hysteria."

Hurricane Florence Found Dead on Southern Man’s Front Porch

Wrightsboro hog farmer George Reed Wambles took it upon himself to take care of what he called "the fake news media hysteria."

4 Ways the Homeless Are Taking Your Jobs

While jobs are on a ridiculously steady incline, due to Trump's threats against Puerto Rico, the homeless have been taking your jobs and votes, all the while teaching illegal aliens to do the same.

Noam Chomsky Tweets Unsuccessfully

Renown MIT linguistics professor and social media critic Noam Chomsky reluctantly entered the "Twitter-sphere" this week with somewhat disastrous results. The famous Linguistics Professor and darling of the political Left throughout the world has been critical of social media and in particular, Twitter.
Former Sex Pistols frontman Johnny Rotten was impersonating one the Queen Elizabeth's guards, according to area resident Jennifer Johnson.

Johnny Rotten Impersonates Palace Guard

Westminster, England -- An American tourist snapped a photograph of what appeared to be John Lydon impersonating one of Queen Elizabeth II's guards in front of Buckingham...
A 20016/2017 comparison of the remarkable growth the Grass Valley cell phone tower has experienced following this past year's record rainfall.

Cell Phone Tower Doubles in Size Following Record Rains

The controversial cell phone tower with was erected in Grass Valley's Brunswick Basin has grown by over 70 feet following a record-setting year for rainfall.
Along with being strangled in bed, the 1.2 million dollar study also found that there's a high correlation that people who eat Pringles have an affection for Nicolas Cage films.

Study: Eating Pringles Raises Risk of Being Strangled by Bed Sheets

A 2 year study conducted by the Palo Alto, CA-based Rundex Family Foundation found that the popular potato and wheat-based snack food Pringles is Earth's most popular food.
After years of research we now have flying cats.

GMO Cat Food Study Finds Amazing Results

Cat food brands using GMO corn in their products have been linked to a new development in the Felis Catus species (house cat).  Studies conducted at Purina's Headquarters conducted long-term tests and research into the GMO cat food.
Rimmer runs the website Manitoba Thick, where he posts images and real-time updates on social media.

Manitoba Chubby Chaser Talks Thrill, Safety

When a curvaceous, full-figured bombshell touches down in southern Manitoba, Reid Rimmer doesn’t stay indoors – he leaps into his heavily-modified sport utility vehicle, dubbed the Chubinator, and drives towards the action.
Garbage will be piling up during the Republican Convention in Cleveland, OH.

City of Cleveland Reports Dumpster Shortage While Republican Convention Is In town

City officials in Cleveland this morning were alarmed to find they are facing a massive dumpster shortage. Early data points to the shortage being directly related to the 2016 Republican National Convention being held in Cleveland.
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