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Area Chemtrail Activist to Collect & Test Toenail Clippings

Area community and chemtrail activist Saihra Ramun announced to a crowd out in front of Nevada City's New York Hotel that she plans on going door-to-door collecting toenail clippings to test for traces of chemtrails.
Earth-bound reptilian overlords are fattening humanity for harvesting by the Anunnaki

The Anunnaki’s Ancient Plan to Harvest Humans

The "fattening of the world" is a deliberate attempt by earth-bound Reptilian overlords to prepare humanity for harvesting by a visiting extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki.
Area activists are furious with the Nevada Irrigation District's decision to go ahead with its annual "Ditch Dye" event.

Area Activists Furious Over Annual Patriotic “Ditch Dye” Event

Area environmental activists are furious over the Nevada Irrigation District's (NID) decision to go forward with its annual 4th of July "Dying of the Ditch" celebration, despite complaints from protesters to stop the practice.

Truckee Couple Freezes To Death Awaiting Star Wars Opening

A Truckee, California couple sadly passed away late last night as they sat waiting in the sub-freezing temperatures for the premiere of Star Wars. Bill and Melynda Gates [no relation to Microsoft mogul Bill Gates] decided earlier this week to camp out at the NorthStar Resort Village Cinemas in order to be first in line to see this holiday season's movie blockbuster.

Double Amputee Teen Beats The Streets For Hillary

Joseph Hanks, or Janks, as he is known to his friends and family, is not your average 18 year old first time millennial voter. Not by a long shot.
"InstaSlamming" The newest social media trend is killing kids.

New Social Media Challenge Kills Teenagers

Obdulia Sanchez, 18-year old girl from Central California, was arrested Friday for driving while intoxicated and gross vehicular manslaughter.  Sanchez and her sister had been driving north of Los Banos when she overcompensated a turn and crashed into a fence.
Toilet paper is finally getting an upgrade after 1857.

Samsung Releasing Smart ‘GoogleWipe’ Toilet Paper

South Korea-based Samsung announced the first upgrade to toilet technology in over 150 years.
Social media giant Facebook is currently working through its issues.

Facebook Struggles With Un-banning Itself

Menlo Park, CA -- After a prolonged service disruption this earlier this week, social media giant Facebook is still struggling to recover from an accidental 'self banning' of itself. Nearly a billion users were...

Democrat Coronavirus Supply Trains Spotted In Oregon

The Democrats are responsible for this latest virus outbreak, says an Oregon patriot group.

Monsanto Developing GMO Cannabis Seeds

The Monsanto Company announced this week that it plans on developing and eventually selling genetically modified cannabis seeds. The move, which was widely expected by industry insiders, comes at a time when many States are considering legalizing the controversial plant.

Bill Gates Announces Plans to Reduce Population via Free Windows 10

The free, or as Microsoft prefers to call it, the "no-cost" Windows 10 upgrade started off as a voluntary program that only required that customers consent to downloading it. Also, consumers also agree to give up every last morsel or personal privacy to corporate America.
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