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Brent Underwood has replaced all of the toilet seats at work with bidets.

Local Millennial Installs Bidets in Company Restrooms

Area millennial technology worker Brent Underwood took it upon himself late last week to replace all of his company's toilet seats with automatic bidet "butt washers," Gish Gallop has learned.

Local Beekeepers Stung in Honey Oil Raid

Members of the Nevada County Nevada County Sheriff’s Narcotics Task Force served a warrant Sunday afternoon at a residence located on Dog Bar Road, locating what was descried as the largest scale butane honey oil (“BHO”) lab ever found in Nevada County.

KKK Withdraws Donald Trump Endorsement

Stone Mountain, GA -- The Ku Klux Klan (KKK), the hate group that believes in a whites-only society and dresses like a bunch of nuns at a campfire, has withdrawn its endorsement for Donald...

Amazon Echo Holds Family Hostage In Home

When the Johnsons took delivery of an echo, it created some controversy in their normally austere household. It also created an atmosphere of terror.
Political commentators and book publishers alike praised Trump’s move into children’s literature as politically savvy and smart business.

Donald Trump Pens Children’s Book: Good Night, Moron

In a novel twist on the glut of presidential candidate/authors, Donald Trump has announced the release of a children's book titled Good night, Moron that will challenge the nation's children to not be morons and losers.
A San Francisco middle school was forced into install urinals into all of its girls restrooms.

Middle School Girl’s Restrooms Forced to Install Urinals

A San Francisco middle school was forced into install urinals into all of its girls restrooms.
Toilet paper is finally getting an upgrade after 1857.

Samsung Releasing Smart ‘GoogleWipe’ Toilet Paper

South Korea-based Samsung announced the first upgrade to toilet technology in over 150 years.
The Obama Administration has selected Stone Mountain Georgia to resettle thousands of Syrian refugees.

Stone Mountain, GA Chosen for Immediate Syrian Refugee Relocation

Humanitarian workers will resettle the final wave of Syrian refugees in Stone Mountain as the remnants of the Obama Administration struggle to bring at least 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. by the end of September.
George Zimmerman seen here walking out with his signature Adam & Eve bag filled with "toys"

Former Cellmate to Auction George Zimmerman’s Prison Dildo

Though he's a free man now, for several months George Zimmerman was in jail while he stood trial for killing Trayvon Martin. One of the men who spent time in the same cell as Zimmerman will auction what he calls a "prison dildo" the two shared.
Pete Johnson of Cedar Ridge attempting to capture his pet Bull "Jim" on Mill Street in Grass Valley. Picture courtesy of Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge.

Pet Bull Terrorizes Downtown Grass Valley

Cedar Ridge exotic pet owner Pete Johnson is in hot water today after taking one of his two "pet" bulls on a walk in Downtown Grass Valley. Mr. Johnson, who is no stranger to animal controversies, arrived on Mill Street around 1pm yesterday with his pet bull "Jim," and things immediately got out of hand.
Vice President-elect Mike Pence claims that a 1983 conversion therapy saved him.

Mike Pence Brings “Don’t Ask, Don’t tell” Policy to the White House

In a bold ad flashy move, Vice President Mike Pence has made his first proclamation since taking office and proclaimed that the executive branch of government now falls under the military policy of "Don't Ask, Don't Tell."