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Former ‘US Navy Seal’ Reveals Big Secret About Fortnite

Former 'US Navy Seal' and anonymous 4chan user “Ninja's Number One Boi" claims to have the real reason behind Fortnite's success.

Fight Averted at Safeway Self-Checkout

According to witnesses, the fight started between woman in her late 30s and a mid-20 year old female. Apparently there was some confusion about how to queue for the stores 2 sets of self-checkout registers.

Worst Place in the World Forecast

Today: Cité-Soleil, Port au Prince Haiti -- In the outskirts of Port au Prince, Haiti is Cité-Soleil (“Sun City”), a foul slum ruled by gangs and sitting in a pool of its own squalor. On a good day.
How come Rush Limbaugh has not become one of us?

Rush Limbaugh Confused Why He Hasn’t Evolved Into a Human Yet

Dr. Jane Goodall, famed anthropologist and gorilla expert, seemed to almost confirm that Limbaugh is indeed closer to primate than to human.
Artist's depiction of Secret Scientology underground bunker in Graniteville, CA

Scientology to Build Vault in Remote Graniteville, CA

The Church of Scientology has announced plans to build a store vault and "Cadet Org" in the small unincorporated community of Graniteville, California.
The man featured here prominently in the red circle is doing nothing noteworthy.

Man Featured in Arrowed Circle Not Doing Anything Noteworthy

Keith Bradenshauer of Alta Sierra has released a highlighted photo that shows an area man doing absolutely nothing noteworthy.

Terrible Stock Photo Toons Volume 10

Volume 10 of Terrible Stock Toons Volume 9 of Terrible Stock toons can be found here

John Kerry Found to be Life-sized Ketchup-filled Stretch Armstrong

After a shaving accident on Wednesday a mystery was revealed: Secretary of State John Kerry is a flexible action figure filled with ketchup.
Muppet creator and chief puppeteer Jim Henson, along with several of his co-workers are accused of inappropriate touching. credit: Muppet Wiki.

Muppets Claim Inappropriate Touching by Jim Henson

New accusations from several Muppets raise new questions about their creator Jim Henson and possible inappropriate touching by him. The allegations were first reported yesterday by several of the puppets who wished to remain anonymous.
Bernie Sanders is claiming that there is a conspiracy to drive the country into disaster.

Bernie Sanders: Trump, Clinton, Obama Conspiring Against America

Bernie Sanders, a sitting Senator from Vermont, is claiming that there is a conspiracy, lead by Obama, Clinton, and Trump, to drive the country into social and economic disaster.
Bernie Sanders needs the Amish vote to carry Pennsylvania.

Bernie Sanders Courts The Amish Vote

This week Sanders visited Gordonville, Pennsylvania one of the largest Amish communities in the country. He visited them to try to garner support for State's upcoming vote.
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