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Trump: China is America's Amusement Park

Trump Accuses China Of Being A Chinese Hoax

At an early morning press conference this week, the president-elect made perhaps his most aggressive, if not quizzical, accusation about China to date. Mr. Trump accused the entire China of being a "Chinese hoax."
Its ability to create compound prescriptions was a key selection factor Spring Hill's participation in chemtrail operations.

Local Pharmacy & Chemtrails Responsible for Flu Outbreak

The popular family-owned Spring Hill Pharmacy has colluded with Beale Air Force Officials to produce the recent influenza outbreak in Western Nevada County, Gish Gallop learned early Wednesday morning. According to insiders and a few shameless Facebook comments, people have successfully correlated the Spring Hill Pharmacy sign located on Dorsey Drive with overhead chem trails.
President Trump seen here praying for all the victims of 7-Eleven.

President Trump Pauses to Honor the Victims of 7/11

This morning, President Donald Trump and Secondary First Lady Melania Trump took time out of their schedules to honor victims of what the president called “one of the worstest, bigliest sad moments in American history.”
Kim Rice doesn't understand why her husband won't use a towel.

Man Uses Dirty Sock to Dry Off After Shower

Ken Rice used a soiled sock found on his Cedar Ridge, CA bathroom floor to dry himself early Tuesday morning, according to sources close to the Rice family.

Grass Valley, CA to Open its 15th Dollar Store

Grass Valley, CA --  In a bold move to satisfy local residents' desire for impulsive crap purchases, Dollar Bargain Direct Enterprises announced it was opening what will be the 15th under-a-dollar bargain store in Grass Valley,...
DoD to add fluoride to current chemtrail efforts in Nevada County.

Department of Defense Experimenting with Fluoride Chemtrails

The DoD is expanding its current PZ-11X1 and PS-09B3 chemtrail distribution programs by adding aerosolized fluoride into its disbursement systems.

Saudis to Purchase Del Oro Theater/Redesign Tower into Islamic Minaret

A group of influential and secretive Saudi investors announced this week that they plan on purchasing the Del Oro Theater located in Grass Valley, CA. As a part of the sale, the current iconic Del Oro Tower will be replaced with Islamic Minaret.

Neighbor Extends Friendship with Large Inedible Zucchinis

Grass Valley resident and home gardener Melba Felder decided it was time to be "neighborly" with the people on her street by sharing her large, overgrown, fibrous and mostly inedible Zucchini squashes with her Rhode Island Street neighbors.
Homes in Arizona with mortgages held by the Clinton Foundation.

Clinton Foundation Caught Buying Millions Of Mortgages Around The U.S.

Ohio State Attorney General, Mike DeWine has uncovered a major conspiracy and land grab that leads straight to the front door of the Clinton Foundation.
Area racist Terry Adkinson says he refuses to answer pollster questions truthfully.

Area Racist Never Responds to Trump Approval Poll Requests

Area trinket collector, “oriental” food connoisseur and occasional racist Terry Adkinson says he's been contacted over the past few months by various polling operations such as Gallup and Rasmussen and refuses to answer their questions honestly.
RNC Keynote To Be Delivered By Klansman In Tinfoil Hood

Trump’s Convention Keynote To Be Delivered By Klansman In Tinfoil Hood

The 2016 Republican keynote address will be delivered by a Grand Wizard Henry McMillan of Hobart, Tennessee. McMillian will address the audience in both his klan robes and a tinfoil hat, sources say, in order to put the Republican voters at ease.
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