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Ponce de León Fountain of Youth has been found outside of Orlando, FL. And it's a fluoride spring and a highway retention pond.

Florida Researchers Discover World’s First Natural Fluoride Spring

A team of University of Florida researchers led by esteemed Bio-Archaeologist Dr. Mark Todd Davis have discovered what they believe is the world's first and only natural fluoride spring out side the Orlando city limits.
A Silicon Valley start-up CloudMed will deliver the controversial Morning After Abortion pill via drone.

Drones to Deliver Abortion “Morning After” Pills

A San Francisco Bay Area start-up is partnering with California Health and Human Services to deliver the controversial "Morning After Pill" via airborne drones.
Founder and CEO of Jeff Bezos announced plans to purchase the popular porn site

Amazon Makes Bid To Buy

In a surprise move that caught investors completely off guard, Amazon announced a $3.4 billion dollar bid to buy online adult content provider
David "Avocado" Wolfe seen here with a Snickers bar between takes.

David Wolfe Caught with Snickers Bar

Raw foodist, promoter of alternative medicine, entrepreneur and "sacred" chocolate purveyor David Wolfe was caught on camera sneaking a Snickers candy bar into his mouth.
Yankee Fan rejoice at Fenway park drill. Source Bernard Gagnon-ish

Yankee Fans Rejoice as Fenway Park Chosen for Terrorism Simulation

The drill which will run this weekend will be led by the Boston Police and will feature multiple explosions and gun rounds and other realistic sounds that Yankee fans say will frighten the "feeble minded Red Sox."
Nibiru arrives over FEMA Camp somewhere in Nevada.

FEMA Statement: We’re Fucked

Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) released a statement saying that we're basically doomed and there is no hope.
In an abrupt move, the Fox News Channel has fired all male employees.

Fox News Fires All Male Employees

In what some are calling a rash and hasty action, The Fox News Group, parent company of the News Channel, has fired all 253 male members of its staff and replaced them with an all female employee base.

Local Black Man Banned From Nevada County Store For Being “GMO”

Local African-American Michael Noble was shocked today when he entered a local Organic supermarket for spices and poppy seeds, only to have the manager and an off-duty Nevada County Sheriff force him out of the store for being a "GMO".
A shocking leak from a Clinton Foundation insider reveals that a popular GoFundme campaign to build Trump's wall, might be fake.

Leaker: GoFundMe Wall Campaign Secretly Run by Clinton Foundation

A shocking leak from a Clinton Foundation insider reveals that a popular GoFundme campaign to build Trump's wall, might be fake.
Wolf Blitzer seen here in a 2005 file photo.

Wolf Blitzer Suicide Blamed on Shocking MAD Magazine Memo

Pioneering news publication MAD magazine has admitted to "making some things up" during the past 65 years. The news, which was leaked to the press this week by a former disgruntled employee, sent shock waves through the news business and has resulted in the suicide deaths of two journalists.
The secessionist State of Jefferson announced the nation's first Bigfoot refuge.

The Proposed State of Jefferson to Host Nation’s First Bigfoot Sanctuary

The California contingent of the State of Jefferson (SoJ) secessionist movement announced today that it plans on establishing the nation's first Sasquatch sanctuary and refuge which will be located in Siskiyou County.
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