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Joey Gibson, leader of the alt-right Patriot Prayer group says he's afraid of gay DJs.

San Francisco Alt-Right Protest Canceled Due to Fears over Gay Activist DJs

 The leader of a right-wing group that had planned a Saturday rally at Crissy Field in San Francisco said Friday he had decided to call off the event due to fears of what organizers called "militant gay DJs."

Porn Version of “Left Behind” Less Amusing Than Original

A pornographic version of the popular 2014 Christian end times film Left Behind ironically is less amusing than the film it sets out to mock.
ISIS Terrorists seen here in their hidden cave located in a remote part of Nevada County.

ISIS Training Camp Busted Up At Nevada County State Park

Local authorities and Federal law enforcement have broken up an elaborate ISIS terrorist operation in the Sierra Foothills state park Malakoff Diggins.
Muppet creator and chief puppeteer Jim Henson, along with several of his co-workers are accused of inappropriate touching. credit: Muppet Wiki.

Muppets Claim Inappropriate Touching by Jim Henson

New accusations from several Muppets raise new questions about their creator Jim Henson and possible inappropriate touching by him. The allegations were first reported yesterday by several of the puppets who wished to remain anonymous.

Trump Campaign Leaks Nude Photos Of Ana Navarro To Drudge

Just when you think the Trump campaign can’t sink any lower, they seem to find a way. There seems to be no topic too dark and no angle too deviant.
If you're going to dump a dead body, the woods is the best place according to Nevada County residents.

‘Wooded Area’ Named Best Place to Dump Dead Body in Nevada County

'Wooded Area' has topped a new list of best places to dump a dead body in Nevada County, CA, ending the debate amongst the area's most prolific serial murderers.
Don Vada of North Bloomfield

Area Dickhead Says Guys Who Yell ‘Fake News’ on Facebook are Probably ‘Gay’

Local malcontent and self-proclaimed dickhead Don Vaca really hates people who state the obvious. Recently, while attempting to order a Starbucks drink at a local, privately-owned coffee shop, Mr. Vaca announced loudly to the crowded cafe that anyone who points out 'fake news' is probably a 'fag.'
A burial at sea company discovered something shocking during a routine operation.

Osama bin Laden’s Body Accidentally Discovered During Burial at Sea

What they found when they opened the shroud sent shock-waves throughout US Naval command, the Pentagon, the White House, and Alex Jones's little micro-universe.

Area Man Accidentally Terrorizes Save Mart with Axe

According to sources leaving the store, Mr. Morgan didn't go on a murderous rampage through the grocery store, but rather was walking around the aisles with a young boy holding what appeared to be a 6 to 8 lb. maul axe.
After 16 years since his death, the Johnny Cash estate decided to release over 14 hours of the rebel artist's mumblings.

Johnny Cash Estate to Release 14 Hours of the Artist’s Mumbling

After 16 years since his death, the Johnny Cash estate decided to release over 14 hours of the rebel artist's mumblings.
Moments later, Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein attacked Triumph the insult dog with a can of spray paint.

Triumph the Insult Dog Attacked by Jill Stein in North Dakota

The world's most famous animal comedian Triumph the Insult Dog was attacked with a can of green spray paint by Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein while she attempted to spray-paint a bulldozer.
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