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Although most people knew John Denver for his bucolic songs about nature and love, his past was dark and full of despair.

John Denver: The Untold Story of a Vietnam Sniper

During the 1970s he was arguably the most popular performer in the United State and exported his unique brand of optimism around the globe. But few know of his darker past, which the talented bard fought an internal battle for the rest of his life.
At a rally supporting Trump's infrastructure plans, the President outlined his desire to convert America to the metric system.

Donald Trump: I Will Make America Metric Again

Donald Trump announced to a crowd of over 12,000 people at an Ohio rally that as a part of his new infrastructure plan, he will sign an executive action which will include a plan to convert America's ancient imperial measures and units to the metric system.

Teenager Suddenly Vegetarian, Except for Chicken Nuggets

Local teenager Kevin Thomas of Grass Valley informed his family at the Thursday Night dinner table that he only likes chicken in nugget form. The 15-year-old, who by all accounts enjoyed all kinds of chicken preparations until this announcement, caught the Thomas family off guard.
Area 22 year old John Scott has vowed to get up as much as 30 minutes earlier in attempts to appease his angry parents.

Area 22 Year Old to Fix his “Sleeping in to 2 pm Problem” by...

An area man has decided to get his life in order after his mother threatened to kick him out. Area part time working and 2014 Nevada Union High School graduate John Scott of Grass Valley has decided to make the life-changing move of waking up at 1:30pm instead of his usual 2:00 pm.
At a recent family night out, Grass Valley's Terry Adkinson took it upon himself to rank the value of different ethnic foods.

Area Racist Ranks the American Value of Ethnic Foods

Area racist and Trump supporter Terry Adkinson of Grass Valley made a point Sunday night to rank Ethnic food based on its "value" to society.
Darrel Kent of Wichita, Kansas is going to auction off his authentic Elvis turd.

Elvis’ Last Turd Goes On the Auction Block

Darrel Kent of Wichita, Kansas is going to auction off his authentic Elvis turd.

ISIS Invades and Attacks Area Man’s Brain

Mr. Jason Dant, 32, informed his social network "friends" that he intends to enter into "battle" with these forces until liberty and the American Christian way has prevailed.

CERN Scientists: We May Be on an Alternate Reality Pathway

The scientists at CERN Laboratories, or European Organization for Nuclear Research in Switzerland, have finally isolated and studied the elusive Higgs-Boson particle, also known as the 'God particle'. The findings of the study are startling, to say the least.

Mystery: Which Jim Hemigsi is the Real Jim Hemigsi?

In our routine Gish Gallop searches Jim Hemigsi, we were startled to find that the publisher of the 150 year old Union Newspaper has as many as two, maybe three identities.
In a surprise move to some, but not others, President Trump MAGAbomer Cesar Sayoc.

Trump Pardons MAGAbomber

In a surprise move to some, but not others, President Trump  pardoned MAGAbomer Cesar Sayoc.
Frito-Lay brand snacks has declared their trial run of Ghost Pepper Challenge Cheetos a success.

Ghost Pepper Challenge Cheetos Promise “Ass Fire Hot” Experience

The makers of the popular Cheetos brand cheese snack Frito Lays announced that trial runs of it Ghost Pepper Challenge version of the snack food has been a massive success.
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