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President Obama has ordered Kent, Washington to accept and house Syrian Refugees.

Kent, WA Chosen for Immediate Syrian Refugee Relocation

Humanitarian workers will resettle the next wave of Syrian refugees in Kent, WA, as the Obama Administration struggle to bring at least 10,000 Syrian refugees to the U.S. by the end of September.
Donald Trump plans to strip Second Amendment rights from Muslims.

Donald Trump: Second Amendment Should Not Apply to Muslims

Donald Trump said he will push to have the Second Amendment revised so it does not apply to people who call Islam their religion.

Massive Brawl Breaks Out at Local Starbucks

Tensions ran high on Wednesday morning when a fight broke out between patrons waiting in the Grass Valley Starbucks drive thru. Many who had been waiting for the coffee giant's new offering, a colonic service.
Donald Trump is taking credit for many historical achievements.

Trump Takes Credit For Affordable Care Act And Being The First President Of Color

President-Elect Donald Trump has had a bumpy ascension to power since winning the presidential election in November. His transition and the selection of his cabinet have raised several eyebrows among politicians and pundits alike.
An adult male had reportedly barricaded himself inside his bedroom/kitchen and was “acting extremely erratically,” according to reports.

Area Man Surrenders after Barricading Himself Inside Tiny Home

A man wanted on multiple warrants surrendered peacefully nearly eight hours after barricading himself inside his tiny home Friday.
Monsanto's Vacci-cornâ„¢ will combine the GMO goodness of corn, with the life-saving flu vaccine.

Monsanto Combines Corn With The Flu Vaccine

Monsanto has teamed up with the Centers For Disease Control (CDC) to engineer corn with the flu vaccine already in it. No more shots, simply eat the modified food products and you are protected.

Pope Francis Proposes Friday Sabbath

Pope Francis has delivered a sweeping encyclical officially amending doctrine to move the Christian Sabbath from Sunday to Friday.
According to White House Insiders, President Trump is considering delivering the State of the Union from the McDonald's Parking lot.

Trump Considering McDonald’s Parking Lot for State Of The Union

According to White House insiders, President Trump is considering delivering the State of the Union from the McDonald's Parking lot.
Donald Trump Announced New Reality TV Show

Trump Announces New Reality TV Show: Who Wants To Be America’s Secretary of State

It's been no big secret on The Hill that President-Elect Donald J. Trump has been searching for his Secretary of State.
The Trump transition team announced that the Westboro Baptist Choir will be the only performer at this year's event.

Westboro Baptist Church Choir to Perform at Trump Inauguration

After recent reports that the Donald Trump inauguration team was having trouble finding entertainment for both the Presidential inauguration ceremony as well as several of the sponsored after-parties, his transition team has apparently struck a deal with the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church choir to perform several songs.

Trump Attacked in Lake Tahoe Bathroom

While campaigning on Lake Tahoe's South shore this week, Donald Trump was found in his Montbleu Resort hotel bathroom late last night by hotel bellman, Thomas Thome covered in ice. His head was shaved completely bald.