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Donald Trump Claims He Doesn’t Know Donald Trump

In what might be a new defense strategy, President Trump claims he's never met this so-called Donald Trump person.
Hoover's latest spokesperson, ex-AC/DC front man Brian Johnson

Ex AC/DC Singer Brian Johnson Debuts New Hoover Vacuum Jingle: VIDEO

Johnson debuted his new Hoover vacuum jingle to mixed reviews over the weekend. “It fucking rocks,” said longtime AC/DC die-hard, Larry Burgess. “It sounds like he did took a time machine back to the early 80’s. Powerful stuff man!”
Canada has apparently committed suicide after being linked to the Hillary Clinton email scandal.

Canada Dead Of Apparent Suicide

Tragedy has struck on a massive scale as the nation of Canada was found dead this morning of suicide. The U.N. is reporting that Canada was found suffocated in their sleep. Authorities are dumbfounded as Canada only left a one word note that said, "Sorry."

Republicans Adamant Obama Has Nothing/Everything to Do with Unemployment

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) today released the latest figures on job growth, reporting a slight drop in unemployment. This left the official number at 4.9%, prompting leading Republicans to scramble for ways to shit on President Obama.
Anti-Bilderberg Group protesters, lead by controversial media personality Alex Jones, left tons of garbage following the meeting.

Bilderberg Protesters Trash Sierra City

Following what organizers are calling "the most productive global re-alignment gathering in years," citizens of the small Sierra Nevada town of Sierra City are dealing with a massive garbage aftermath left by anti-Bilderberg Group protesters.
Nevada City to host the 2017 Clay Cup Games

Nevada City to Host 2017 World Clay Cups Games Alternative to World Cup

The "World Clay Cups" games will draw massive crowds to Pioneer Park, and kiln rivalries will heat up with surprisingly intense emotions this week.

Trump Attacked in Lake Tahoe Bathroom

While campaigning on Lake Tahoe's South shore this week, Donald Trump was found in his Montbleu Resort hotel bathroom late last night by hotel bellman, Thomas Thome covered in ice. His head was shaved completely bald.

Misc. Crap for Sale in Cedar Ridge

Really just a bunch of crap to put with your existing crap

Sports World Baffled by Cam Newton’s Bad Mood

 San Francisco, CA The NFL's Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton shocked fans and commentators in a post-Superbowl interview this week by being surly following the loss of...
An exhaustive study revealed that gated communities are really vast government experiments.

Gated Communities Discovered to be Massive Secret Government Social Experiment

An exhaustive study revealed that gated communities are really vast government experiments.

Montana Man Becomes First to Win Staring Contest with Taxidermied Deer

A Montana man became the nation's first person to successfully stare down a taxidermied deer. Roger McKean of Columbia Falls, Montana was visiting a local notary to have an unnecessary permit notarized to keep Obama from taking his guns from in Dodge RAM 2500.
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