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Teenager Breaks New Cell Phone After 3 Days

3 days after receiving his new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, complete with an Otterbox case, 15 year old Kevin Thomas of Grass Valley, CA somehow managed to crush the touchscreen into oblivion.

Vladamir Putin: Obama, Clinton And Americans Are Pussies

Russian president, Vladimir Putin, in an in-depth interview with CNN chief international correspondent Christiane Amanpour that will air on the CNN networks just prior to the Republican and Democrat national conventions, had some harsh words for the American public and their leaders.

Protesters Tear Down Georgia Guidestones

The controversial apocalyptic Georgia monument proclaiming end-of-the-world scenarios was toppled this past week by a group of leftwing activists.
Senator John McCain is proposing a change to Methamphetamine laws in Arizona.

John McCain Speaks Out About Drug Controversy: Medical Meth

Longtime Arizona Senator John McCain has been mired by controversy and political blunders over the past few years. He illegally went to Syria to meet with rebels and met with neo-Nazi leaders in Kiev, Ukraine. Now his campaign finance manager of three years, Emily Pitha, has been arrested for running a meth lab inside her home.
The previous stolen and assumed missing Georgia Guidestones reappeared on the Don Ball baseball field in Derry, New Hampshire earlier today.

Missing Georgia Guidestones Reappear in Derry, New Hampshire

Early this morning, the Derry, New Hampshire police department began to get a series of bizarre phone calls from concerned citizens that a collection of large stone tablets had appeared in the area's Don Ball baseball field.

Confederate States of America: Ordinances and Causes of Secession

Often you will hear people in the Southern States proclaim that the American Civil War was not about slavery, but "State's Rights." Please note all the mentions of slavery in their own documents.

Michelle Obama Plagiarizes Michelle Obama In Her DNC Speech

PHILADELPHIA, PENNSYLVANIA -- In its first night, the 2016 Democratic National Convention played host to First Lady Michelle Obama. All over social and traditional media outlets, her speech is being given high praise and...

Merriam-Webster To Add Picture of Donald Trump To Definition of ‘Anus’

SPRINGFIELD, MASSACHUSETTS -- In a response to what they are calling a "tremendous onslaught of requests" from customers, Merriam-Webster has decided to add a picture of Republican presidential nominee and alleged billionaire Donald J....

General Mills Debuts New Cereal for Truthers

Consumer goods giant General Mills debuted a new breakfast cereal at area Sierra Super Stop locations this week. The new brand, called Truthi-O’s, is the first General Mill’s product marketed specifically to awakened patriot consumers sometimes referred to as “truthers.”
After 16 years since his death, the Johnny Cash estate decided to release over 14 hours of the rebel artist's mumblings.

Johnny Cash Estate to Release 14 Hours of the Artist’s Mumbling

After 16 years since his death, the Johnny Cash estate decided to release over 14 hours of the rebel artist's mumblings.

VA Creates Death Squads To Lower Healthcare Costs

The Veterans Administration or the VA takes care of medical needs of millions of veterans each year, many who have sustained injuries in combat. At a time when budgets are shrinking, VA costs are adding up at alarming rates.