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It's unclear if Nancy Grace's new look will help her convict people in the court of public onion.

Nancy Grace Gives Birth To Second Chin

Los Angeles, CA -- Former prosecutor turned talk show host Nancy Grace is often controversial and has been accused by critics of biases when talking about criminal court cases,...
Robocop seen here at Nevada Union High School as a part of the Sheriff's outreach program.

County Sheriff to Acquire Nation’s First Robocop

The Robocop program was joint project between the United States Department of Defense, the mega-corporation Omni Consumer Products (OCP) company and the city of Detroit who declined to implement their own creation.

Trump Outraged at Klan Rally Violence

A Ku Klux Klan (KKK) rally turned violent in Anaheim, California over the weekend as klansmen and protesters clashed, with three people suffering stab wounds and 13 people under arrest. Disturbing images of the violence have surfaced on social media, prompting presidential contender Donald Trump to express his outrage.
White House advisor Jared Kushner is following in his Father-in-law's footsteps.

Jared Kushner in Talks to Sell Steak in Real Estate Tech Firm

Jared Kushner, a senior level White House official and son-in-law of President Donald Trump, is in talks to follow in his father-in-law’s footsteps by selling steak in his real estate company, according to a report by Bon Appétit Magazine.

Gish Gallop Review: Trout Mask Replica by Captain Beefheart

That's not to say the album isn't an interesting nor an important achievement. There was no album like it, nor was there any albums that come after it that even remotely like it.
Minivan Missing Hubcap Driving Erratically

Area Minivan with Missing Hubcap Seen Driving Erratically

Grass Valley mother of 4 and 1994 Chrysler Town and Country Minivan owner Mindy Alters was witnessed driving somewhat erratically Sunday afternoon on Brunswick Road. She was seen recklessly entering traffic from the Safeway parking lot, nearly striking a 2011 Toyota Prius.

Harvest News: “Farmers” Demand School Closures Due to Rain

Due to a somewhat unseasonal rainstorm, some Nevada County "farmers" are demanding that local schools close to give area families extra labor for an emergency harvest.
Nevada City's Ardwelia Kushborn, founder of Signal Shield Protectiveware Clothing

Area Woman Can’t Spell ‘Medical Marijuana’

Ardwelia Kushborn of Nevada City is a local clothing entrepreneur and medical marijuana advocate. However despite her enthusiasm for what she calls "grass roots medicine," she can't spell the words "medical marijuana," so she cleverly resorts to the abbreviations MMJ or more simply, MJ.
Kim Rice doesn't understand why her husband won't use a towel.

Man Uses Dirty Sock to Dry Off After Shower

Ken Rice used a soiled sock found on his Cedar Ridge, CA bathroom floor to dry himself early Tuesday morning, according to sources close to the Rice family.

Gish Gallop Recipe: Placenta ala King

Here's a recipe my grandmother used to talk about all the time. She raised eight children during the Great Depression and never wasted a single morsel of food.

Area Man with 17 Bumper Stickers Can’t Fit One More

Nevada City resident Toby "Doob" Carnevale has no trouble telling you what's on his mind. And he does so on the back of his 2009 Toyota Prius where he has 17 bumper stickers attached. Mr. Carnevale has no room left for his latest "Be nice to America, Or We'll Bring Democracy to Your Country" sticker.
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