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New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seen here waiting to enjoy the entire Golden Corral to himself.

Chris Christie Demands Golden Corrals Reopen

The two-term governor of New Jersey made a grand statement about the closing of America.
Pope Francis reportedly called President Donald Trump "an asshole."

Pope Francis Calls Trump An Asshole

Pope Francis is finding himself under fire by American conservatives after being overheard on microphones calling American President Trump an "asshole."
Anti-Bilderberg Group protesters, lead by controversial media personality Alex Jones, left tons of garbage following the meeting.

Bilderberg Protesters Trash Sierra City

Following what organizers are calling "the most productive global re-alignment gathering in years," citizens of the small Sierra Nevada town of Sierra City are dealing with a massive garbage aftermath left by anti-Bilderberg Group protesters.
Lisa and David Day goofing off. Oh those kids!

Local Middle Class Family Creates $12 Million GoFundMe Campaign

Grass Valley, CA -- The average middle-class American Day Family of Grass Valley made the bold and unprecedented move on Wednesday to start  a $12 Million "GoFundMe" campaign to help pay the costs of...
Steve Landon of Tyler, Texas is a true American Patriot.

Self-proclaimed “Patriot” Angry Over National Anthem Protest

Steve Landon of Tyler, Texas is a true American Patriot who is outraged by the lack of respect for America at NFL games.
Does the Bill of Rights apply to African-Americans?

Local Bad Cop: Does Presumed Innocence Also Apply To Black Suspects?

Officer Michaels also hosts a popular conservative podcast called "Police Stating It" in which he delivers pro-cop and pro-conservative rants.

23 Things You Should Never Put in Your Refrigerator

We all know what we need to be keep refrigerated. However, has anyone ever told you what not to refrigerate? Well never fear, Gish Gallop is here to help. Our crack team has assembled the 23 most common things you should never put in your refrigerator.
Kim Rice doesn't understand why her husband won't use a towel.

Man Uses Dirty Sock to Dry Off After Shower

Ken Rice used a soiled sock found on his Cedar Ridge, CA bathroom floor to dry himself early Tuesday morning, according to sources close to the Rice family.

Who Said It: Donald Trump or Jesus Christ?

This is the hardest quiz you'll ever take. Good luck!

Area Man Arrested for Pot Haul

Moonash, a part-time store clerk living with his band on a property in Alleghany, Sierra County, was arrested on Saturday night just outside of Fallon, Nevada, on US Highway 50 by the Nevada Highway Patrol.
Pet Cougar "Mittens" seen on the Johnson's cedar Ridge front lawn.

Pet Cougar Makes Area Neighbors Nervous

Residents of the usually quiet and worry free neighbor of Somerset Drive have something to occupy their minds. Their Neighbors have just acquired a pet cougar.