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Local Christian Scientist Not Really A Scientist/Christian

Local anti-vaccine activist, mother of two children and unknowing proponent of Natural Selection Lisa Fellows is not a Christian Scientist as she has recently claimed on her children's vaccine schedule form required by local schools. In fact, she's not even a Christian.

CEO Admits “The Beyond” In Bed, Bath & Beyond Refers to Bi-Curious Males

The home retail giant's announcement has rocked the industry.
Yellowstone bear Thomas is worried about his cholesterol.

Yellowstone Bears “Cutting Back” on Obese Visitors

Given that there are a record number of visitors entering the Park each year, and that funding for operations is at all-time low, the park's chief omnivore has had its "pickins" of what to eat
During a telephone interview on Fox News' Fox and Friends, President Trump hinted that he might pardon Bill Cosby.

Trump Floats Bill Cosby Pardon

During what some are calling "Trump's rant" during his telephone interview on the popular morning Fox News talk show Fox and Friends, President Trump briefly mentioned that he was considering pardoning Bill Cosby.
"BIG Boy” PD97-3034 Chemtrail Drone. Source: US Military.

Government Proposes Drones for Chemtrail Operations

In a surprise executive order, the Trump Administration announced plans to license and deploy aerial drones to conduct Chemtrail spraying operations.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seen here "hogging" the entire Oregon Creek State Park beach on the Middle Fork of the Yuba River.

Chris Christie Under Fire for Closing Yuba River Day Use Area

Fresh on the heels of a New Jersey Beach closure scandal that has lowered the already unpopular Governor's favorability rating, Christie Christie is back in the negative spotlight again after he closed an entire South Yuba River State Park this weekend.
Donald Trump chooses himself as his Vice President pick.

Donald Trump Announces His VP Pick: Donald Trump

Not wanting to be "outdid by Cooked Hillary," billionaire reality-TV star and alleged businessman Donald J. Trump has announced his own VP running mate, himself.

Sandy Hook Truther Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary Of Being A Complete Douchebag

 PALUMBO, MISSISSIPPI -- Rufus Cornelius Maxwell celebrated what he called a "very special milestone" today. It was four years ago that Adam Lanza, a 20-year-old mentally disturbed man, broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School...
President Trump plans to continue his annual practice of shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.

Trump to Shoot Somebody on Fifth Avenue to Celebrate MLK Day

President Trump plans to continue his annual practice of shooting someone on Fifth Avenue.

Gags the Green Bay Clown Declares Aug. 18th “Clown Terror Night”

‘Gags’ the Green Bay Clown’s popularity continues to grow, even after a local actor came forward with the revelation that ‘Gags' is all part of a viral marketing stunt for a short film he auditioned for but didn’t get.
According to CalTech astrophysicist Dr. Tral Aldrich, there is a distinct possibility that President Donald Trump lives in alternate dimensions.

CalTech Physicist Has Determined Trump Exists In Alternate Dimensions

Dr. Aldrich, who has written extensively on String Theory and alternative universes, maintains that what we see and perceive on a daily basis may not be real, however in the case of the 45th President of the United States he not only exists in this dimension, but quite terrifyingly, in alternate dimensions as well.
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