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Ryan Wolford

Roundabout Shows Modern Technology’s Weakness

A Google self-driving car caused a traffic jam in Grass Valley over the weekend. A Google engineer decided to try out the new driver-less car in this area to, as he explains, “put it through the paces of my own hometown, where I learned to drive.”

Philip Morris/McDonald’s Team Up in New Marketing Campaign

The McDonald's corporation announced late this week that it plans on teaming up with Philip Morris International to create a "synergistic play between both companies" by labeling the popular children's Happy Mealâ„¢ with select cigarette brands.
Retail critics see this as a positive development in customer service.

Critics Applaud Best Buy’s New “Buy the Fucking Extended Warranty ‘Cause It’s Gonna Fail”...

In what many are calling both a stroke of genius and "straight talk" marketing, critics across the country and applauding electronics retail giant Best Buy for their frank new marketing campaign called "Buy the Fucking Extended Warranty 'Cause It's Gonna Fail."

8 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Transgender

Gish Gallop presents 8 people you didn't know were transgender, featuring people you didn't know were transgender.

Terrible Stock Photo Toons Volume 7

Volume 7 of Terrible Stock Toons Volume 6 of Terrible Stock Toons can be found here.I'M GOING TO EAT YOUR FUCKING HAND, ASSHOLE!
A California man can't hack the challenges of living in the golden state anymore.

Low IQ Man Can’t Handle The Hectic Pace of California

A California man can't hack the challenges of living in the golden state anymore.

Trump to Replace Press Secretary with Twitter

The Donald Trump Presidential transition team announced today that it plans on conducting all communications directly via Twitter instead of the traditional press conference.
39-year-old Joshua Hightower was found dead in his cell at approximately 5:40am

Sheriff Admits to Dealing Heroin at Correctional Facility

In an attempt to reduce his annual budget and increase revenue, Nevada County Sheriff Keith Royal has admitted to dealing heroin to inmates at the county Wayne Brown Correctional Facility.
Trump Creates New Line Of Flex Cuffs

Trump Creates New Line Of Flex Cuffs For Police

Trump's cuffs detects prisoner's nationality and turns colors to help authorities identify where an illegal immigrant is from.
IBM Donating $5 Million to Holocaust Museum

IBM Donating $5 Million to Holocaust Museum

IBM) announced on Friday that it will be donating over 5 million dollars to the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum located on Washington D.C's National Mall
David L. Cook seen here waiting for a conference call to begin.

After a Long ‘is Typing’ Chat Status, Boss Responds with ‘OK’

After waiting over 5 minutes for his boss to respond to a pressing question, Banner Mountain work-from-home software contractor David L. Cook received a vague 'OK'.
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