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Study: Connecting Planned Parenthood and Family Planning Causes Confusion

A new study from the Population Research Center strongly correlated the defunding of Planned Parenthood with a rise in unwanted pregnancies, causing conservative leaders to wonder if there might be a connection.
There are numerous challenges ahead for both organizations, but leaders on both sides of this merger equation see nothing but opportunity

Mormons/Scientologists to Join Forces

After realizing that both American-born religions share numerous similarities in both their mythologies and "spiritual technologies," leaders in both church organizations have decided to merge in order to increase their "synergistic reach into new demographics."
28-year-old Sparks, Nevada resident and former Tesla Motors employee Ira Maiden is lucky to be alive.

Tesla Employee Fired For Testing Batteries With His Tongue

Reno, NV -- An employee working in the Panasonic "GigaFactory" division of Tesla motors was escorted off the company premises earlier this week. When foreman Davis Lipton...

Heavy Metal Legends Megadeth to Play for Bernie Sanders

The pioneering heavy metal band Megadeth has offered to play at Sanders' upcoming rally before the next primary on Saturday, November 2nd in San Jose, and the Sanders campaign has enthusiastically accepted.
In a surprising development, country music star Hank Williams, Jr. has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Hank Williams Jr. Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hank Williams, Jr. has withdrawn his support for Republican candidate Donald Trump, and endorsed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. The move shocks Williams fans all over the nation.
Mary Shilling of Penn Valley

Penn Valley Woman Notices Grammatical Errors

Penn Valley, CA -- Mary Shilling of Penn Valley has noticed grammatical errors in several Nevada County on-line and print  publications. And she is not happy about it. "Hey,...
Artist's rendition of a fallow Cottage Street in Nevada City, CA

Nevada City Considers Allowing Select Neighborhoods to go Fallow

In an effort to attract the valuable Bay Area tourist dollars, the City Council of Nevada City is considering allowing select neighborhoods to go fallow.

Heroes: CarMax Salesman Performs Emergency Birth

5 year veteran CarMax car salesman Sherman Hoover performed an emergency car birth late yesterday afternoon after a pregnant 2011 Land Cruiser unexpectedly gave birth to its offspring.

Republicans Adamant Obama Has Nothing/Everything to Do with Unemployment

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) today released the latest figures on job growth, reporting a slight drop in unemployment. This left the official number at 4.9%, prompting leading Republicans to scramble for ways to shit on President Obama.
"BIG Boy” PD97-3034 Chemtrail Drone. Source: US Military.

Government Proposes Drones for Chemtrail Operations

In a surprise executive order, the Trump Administration announced plans to license and deploy aerial drones to conduct Chemtrail spraying operations.

Visiting Reptilian Alien Enjoys Water Pipe Selection at Tribal Weaver

Zahhak Sobek, who is visiting the small California Gold Rush town from his home planet of Nocknon which orbits the star KIC 8462852, said he enjoys shopping Earth for trinkets and what-nots and recently discovered the delights of water pipe smoking.
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