The Grass Valley Post office has replaced downed trees with the County's #1 cash crop.
Earlier this week, the United States Post Office removed all of the trees in front of its Grass Valley, CA location. No official reason was given for their removal. However by Saturday morning, a North San Juan contractor had replaced the trees with Nevada County's #1 cash crop: Marijuana plants.
The ShamWow absorbent chamois was chosen again as the best murder clean-up towel.
The famous ShamWow! absorbent chamois-like towel has won its 11th consecutive award for best murder cleanup product at the 22nd annual Crime Scene Clean-Up conference sponsored by Crime Scene Clean-Up Magazine held at Newark, New Jersey's Aramark Convention Center.
The burgeoning farm to table movement has a new partner, and a new North San Juan restaurant has extended movement by adding the septic process to the entire dining experience.
Bernie Sanders Chemtrails

Bernie Sanders Calls for Eco-Friendly Chemtrail Reform

Democratic presidential candidate Bernie Sanders made a surprise campaign stop in Nevada County on Monday afternoon. Sanders visited the area to announce his plan for a more environmentally friendly chemtrails program.
Muppet creator and chief puppeteer Jim Henson, along with several of his co-workers are accused of inappropriate touching. credit: Muppet Wiki.

Muppets Claim Inappropriate Touching by Jim Henson

New accusations from several Muppets raise new questions about their creator Jim Henson and possible inappropriate touching by him. The allegations were first reported yesterday by several of the puppets who wished to remain anonymous.

ISIS Invades and Attacks Area Man’s Brain

Mr. Jason Dant, 32, informed his social network "friends" that he intends to enter into "battle" with these forces until liberty and the American Christian way has prevailed.
Brock Whalen of Bring Back Glenn Beck

Penn Valley, CA Man Responds to President Obama

And in America there were voices that listened to that. I expect those same pundits who say it can't be done, had it been in the 1940s, we would have been listening to them.
wrap left by local Weatherman Giovanni Paredes.

Area Weatherman Caught Popping Bubble Wrap at Local Office Supply Store

Area weather forecasting savant Giovanni Paolo was asked to leave the Grass Valley Staples Office Supply store Wednesday afternoon after a store clerk caught him in a back aisle furiously popping all the bubble wrap.