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Jason Dant believes his right to guns trumps your personal right to safety.

Staged Mass Shootings on the Rise

Local doomsday "prepper"and gun store assistant manager Jason Dant issued a warning to all citizens of the United States early this week.

Mormon Church Group Protests Local Nudist Resort

A group of Mormons assembled in front of Zen’s Metaphysical Hideaway, in Grass Valley. ZMH, as it is known to patrons, is a clothing optional resort that allows people to bare it all and give the finger to textile normees.
Mississippi has allocated funds to change state welcome sign.

Apathetic Nation Continues to Boycott Mississippi

After a recent law allowing churches and businesses to discriminate against homosexuals, millions of Americans have reaffirmed their intention to avoid Mississippi for the rest of their lives.
Following the Las Vegas shooting, Trump supporters took to Facebook demanding the travel ban be expanded to all 50 states. Trump seen here showing off his executive order banning Muslims from entering the country.

Trump Supporters Demand Expanding Travel Ban to All 50 States

Following the horrific domestic terrorist attack in Las Vegas that has left over 50 people dead and hundreds injured, Trump supporters have taken to social media demanding that President Trump expand his recent travel ban to include all 50 States.
Moments later, Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein attacked Triumph the insult dog with a can of spray paint.

Triumph the Insult Dog Attacked by Jill Stein in North Dakota

The world's most famous animal comedian Triumph the Insult Dog was attacked with a can of green spray paint by Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein while she attempted to spray-paint a bulldozer.
Pope to ISIS: bring it on.

Pope to ISIS: Bring It On

The Pope's remarks came as a shock to many, as no other Pope has called for outright war. Many question whether the Pope Francis should step down as the leader of the Catholic faith. Some think he was just having a bad day.
Presidential hopeful Donald Trump announced today that he was joining the Democrat Party.

Donald Trump Abandons Republican Party, Runs as Democrat

In a bold move, Donald Trump announced at the Grand Canyon today that he was switching parties and would run as a liberal Democrat. Trumps supporters were hesitant but seemed to accept his switch in party, seeing it as a strategic, even laudable move.
Area activists are furious with the Nevada Irrigation District's decision to go ahead with its annual "Ditch Dye" event.

Area Activists Furious Over Annual Patriotic “Ditch Dye” Event

Area environmental activists are furious over the Nevada Irrigation District's (NID) decision to go forward with its annual 4th of July "Dying of the Ditch" celebration, despite complaints from protesters to stop the practice.

4 Killed, Several Wounded at Duran Duran Concert

In what's being described as a "tragic scene" during a stirring rendition of the "Reflex," several thousand small girls rushed the stage during a live Duran Duran performance at the Pshaw Millennium Park.
Rob Remus of APART.

Militia Bringing the Fight to George Soros

It’s been a busy 2016 for APART (Armed Patriots Against Radical Terrorists) militia leader Rob Remus, who first gained national attention after his platoon of self-proclaimed “patriots” conducted a pre-dawn raid against what they believed to be a “terrorist training camp” run by the Islamic activist group, Muslims of America (MOA).

Turkish Government Calls on Trump to Declare Trail of Tears Genocide

A coalition of Turkish government members has signed a resolution calling on the United Nations and President Trump to declare the 1830s Trail of Tears an act of genocide.
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