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Tim Savini of Oceanside, was described by his friends as being kind of temperamental

A California Man Commits Suicide During Karaoke Night

Tragedy struck earlier this week when a man took his own life in a local bar. Oceanside, California's Fremont Bar and Grill was having it's Saturday karaoke with it's usual mix of locals and Japanese tourists.

Tropical Plants Invade North Dakota

Several invasive species of plant life including ferns, bamboo, palm trees and several varieties of psychedelic mushrooms once only native to Maui have been founding on the once relatively barren semi-tundra plains.
Mark Nostrom of Columbus, Ohio jammed a pencil in his eye in Fargo, North Dakota.

Man Shoves Pencil In Eyeball

Mark Nostrom of Columbus, Ohio developed a twitch in his eye, a severe headache followed. His head ached with every word spoken by the native Fargo people.

Area Cloud Seeder Hoping for a Chemtrail Promotion

The former Navy Pilot and current cloud seeding captain of a Evergreen 747 based out of Beale Air Force base, has been eyeing the coveted Chemtrail Captain position ever since he joined Evergreen's gioengineering fleet back in 2006.

Woodstock 50th Anniversary Postage Stamps To Feature LSD Adhesive

If your mellow has been harshed lately, these are sure to help.
Area Man Brock Whalen of Penn Valley wants to make the conservative township great again.

Area Man Brock Whalen Promises to Make Penn Valley Great Again

Penn Valley resident and Donald Trump supporter Brock Whalen announced from his Lake Wildwood home office that he wants to make Penn Valley great again.

Obama Backpedals On Assault Rifle Ban After Shooting Cheney

In an shocking turn of events, and great news for the NRA, President Obama has reversed his stance on gun control, especially on assault type weapons. Early this morning, a large police force and the United States Secret Service descended upon 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue.
Tupac Shakur and Osama bin Laden seen here outside the recording studio.

Tupac/Osama bin Laden Team Up for New Album

After years of industry speculation and rumor, American superstar rapper Tupac Shakur and renown international terrorist Osama bin Laden have joined forces for the first time to create the world's first cross-cultural rap album.

Donald Trump Reveals That He’s Really Andy Kaufman

Donald Trump shocked not only his staff, but the entire world today when he revealed he was actually Andy Kaufman. According to a White House Press pool photographer, who managed to snap the iconic moment, the President had just finished a heated argument with son-in-law and senior advisor Jared Kushner, when Mr. Trump got very angry, moved to the front of his oval office desk and ripped his face off.
According to several road safety experts, the new Costco-sized delivery trucks are dangerous.

Road Safety Experts Concerned About New Costco-sized Delivery Trucks

According to several road safety experts, the new Costco-sized delivery trucks are dangerous.
An area sprinkler head has gone rogue and demanding more freedom and less oppression.

Area Irrigation Sprinkler Goes Rogue/Attacks Pavement

An angry and rebellious irrigation sprinkler located on Grass Valley's Roundabout went rogue over the weekend and decided to water the pavement instead of its assigned flower bed, multiple sources are reporting.
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