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Various deer parts from Giovanni's private Mandy collection.

Follow-Up: Area Weatherman Selling Meats on the Ridge

There appears to be a door-to-door meat selling bonanza happening in Nevada County. Area patent troll and weather genius Giovanni Paolo recently admitted to Gish Gallop that he sells a series of quality Omaha steaks to the residents of North San Juan and Camptonville. Along with his high quality meats, he sells a variety of "exotic" local animal proteins as well.
Out of the blue, Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash recounted her disappointment in not receiving a Big Wheel for Christmas.

CNN’s Dana Bash Still in Sibling Fight Over Childhood Big Wheel

Esteemed CNN Chief Political Correspondent Dana Bash admitted this morning that she is still struggling with her brother over a Big Wheel he received when they were children.
A Florida Hillary Clinton rally was disrupted by protesters yelling "Grab Him By the Weiner!"

Hillary 2020 Presidential Run?

Representatives from the Hillary Clinton camp are putting out feelers to see how receptive people would be to a 2020 run for the Presidency. Many of her former donors are willing to pony up more cash for another run for the White House, but will her former supporters feel the same way?

Trimmigrant’s Skinny Jeans Leads to Hospitalization

It is that time of year when hundreds of migrant workers descend on Nevada County for the marijuana harvest, they are known to locals as "trimmigrants".  

Local Christians Protest Murderer’s Allocution

Three local Christian activist groups gathered their members together and carpooled to the Nevada County Superior Courthouse after reading an article in the Union newspaper about today’s scheduled allocution of convicted killer, Mikal Hanscomb.

Biden Solidifies Progressive Base With Steve Hackett VP Nod

Joe Biden has chosen former Genesis guitar player Steve Hackett in an attempt to attract more Progressive voters.

32 Photos from INSIDE Chemtrail Planes Like You’ve NEVER Seen Before!

What follows next are 32 secret and previously confidential images that prove that there is a coordinated conspiracy to control us and our planet. You will never be the same after seeing these.
The last known unicorn was killed off by an illegal chemtrail reduction program.

Chemtrail Reduction Program Kills Off Last Unicorn

Sadness swept across the 'woo-o-sphere' late today as news spread that the last remaining  flying Unicorn was accidentally killed by a Chemtrail reduction program. The Redding, CA-based Chemtrail Action Network or CAN has been developing a patented anti-Chemtrail "shield system" for over 5 years largely with donations gathered from its website.
Jason Brandt of Grass Valley, CA and his soapboax car that got him jail time.

Fix-it Ticket Leads to Jail Time for Area Man

Mr. Brandt was pulled over and ticketed near the bottom of the Alta St. hill by a Grass Valley police officer for not having proper registration tags on his vehicle.
An epic battle was spotted over Nevada County's skies this week when Jesus fought Godzilla for sky dominance.

Jesus Fights Godzilla in the Heavens

Not long after Jesus made an appearance over the skies of Nevada County, Godzilla, who is a giant monster awakened by the nuclear disaster in Japan's Fukushima Prefecture, challenged the leader of the world's largest religion to a "fight for the heavens" according to witnesses at the Higgins Corner Chevron station.

Neighbor Extends Friendship with Large Inedible Zucchinis

Grass Valley resident and home gardener Melba Felder decided it was time to be "neighborly" with the people on her street by sharing her large, overgrown, fibrous and mostly inedible Zucchini squashes with her Rhode Island Street neighbors.
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