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Donald Trump has nominated controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for Press Secretary

Alex Jones Offered White House Press Secretary Position

In what is a surprise and controversial development for some, and a welcomed addition to others, President Donald Trump has nominated alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for White House Press Secretary, replacing Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Rush's Geddy Lee seen here outside the Sarnia, Ontario Lambton Mall.

Rush’s Geddy Lee Gigs as One Man Band at Area Mall

Canadian musician Geddy Lee made an appearance today at the at Sarnia's Lambton Mall playing a variety of instruments in a "one-man-band" configuration called "Doctor Lee's One Man Band."
Trump defecating while reading his favorite book The Sneetches.

The Sneetches Donald Trump’s Favorite Toilet Book

The press got a rare glimpse into the defecation practices of President Trump the past weekend when the alt-right website Breitbart.com published an expose' of his favorite "crapper" books.

500 Rushed To Hospitals After Attending Trump Rally

Local hospitals in the Canton area have been inundated with patients approximately one hour after the Trump rally.
A leaked internal document from Facebook reveals how the social media giant controls your feed.

Leak: Facebook Feeds Managed By Two Grumpy Men in a Balcony

According to this anonymous source, who wished to only be identified as "Miss P" for fear of retaliation,  provided an internal memo the detailed how Facebook makes decisions about what appears on your feed.

Gish Gallop Admits Error/Promises a ‘Non-Fake’ Future

he Nevada County Gish Gallop was recently called a “Fake News Site” on Wikipedia, a description recently attached to Gish Gallop by Snopes, the leading debunking source for people trying to determine if information is true.
Oregon First Militia Private Corporal Master Chief Grant Ryan

Oregon Militia Squatter Explains Why Colin Kaepernick Hates America

Earlier this year, Oregon First Militia Private Corporal Master Chief Grant Ryan participated in a standoff between federal authorities and members of a posse headed by Ammon Bundy. Bundy is a rancher and the son of Cliven Bundy, another man who led an armed standoff with federal agents in Nevada.
The statue will serve a "holy" dual purpose

Trump Voters Rally For New Statue At Border Wall

Droves of Trump supporters gathered at the American/Mexican border Saturday to show support for the creation of a new statue in response to the recent statuary tear-downs that have been swarming across America in the passing weeks.
Denise Hancock announced to her fellow Chipotle workers that "she's just in it for the money."

Area Chipotle Worker Just in It for the Money

Area Chipotle Mexican Grill Denise Hancock workerrevealed that she works at the popular Mexican food restaurant "just for the money." The announcement, which shocked both her co-workers and the Auburn store management, was met with several minutes of silence following her admission.
A 16 month study published this week claims that overuse of the CAP LOCKS key wastes valuable bandwidth and consumes as much 1.21 Gigawatts of power per year.

Keyboard CAPS LOCK Key Uses 10X More Bandwidth than Shift Key

A 16 month study by the Palo Alto, CA-based research firm the Rundex Family Foundation found that overuse of the CAPS lock key, especially on social media platforms, used 10 times more energy than normal capitalizations.
Laurent Ilzner, 48 of Celina, Ohio hates everyone, including himself.

Area Man So Conservative, He Hates Himself

Celina, OH - In today's world, politics is more than just ideals. Too some, it has become a way of life. Some people have gone so far...
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