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Tim's proof that earth is flat.

Flat-earther Drives Off The End Of The World

A new debate is raging within the pages of Facebook, is earth flat or round? You may have thought that science settled the argument in the middle ages, but today's self-made scientists disagree.

NRA Study Finds Gun Owners Courageous, Svelte

In a startling new study of its members, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has concluded that gun owners share a number of previously unreported traits, ranging from high levels of patriotism to increased sexual prowess.

Poll: Donald Trump’s Best Words Examined

Many words were given out to be chosen from, as President Trump has a rather large word bank he likes to pick catchphrases from despite his small vocabulary.
The ShamWow absorbent chamois was chosen again as the best murder clean-up towel.

ShamWow! Wins Best Murder Clean-up Towel for 11th Consecutive Year

The famous ShamWow! absorbent chamois-like towel has won its 11th consecutive award for best murder cleanup product at the 22nd annual Crime Scene Clean-Up conference sponsored by Crime Scene Clean-Up Magazine held at Newark, New Jersey's Aramark Convention Center.

Gavin Newsom Suggests Draining Lake Tahoe to Solve Future Droughts

Lake Tahoe has 39 trillion gallons of water. That is enough water to supply everyone in the United States with 75 gallons per day for five years.
Disneyland and Monsanto are teaming up for free vaccinations for most park visitors

Disneyland to Offer Vaccinations

Anaheim, CA -- The happiest place on Earth is about to get vaccinated. Following recent reports of multiple Measles outbreaks at Disneyland, officials at the resort decided...
Elaine Tesh apprehended a man attempting to vote twice.

Elderly Poll Monitor Tackles Vote Fraudster

Elaine Tesh, a 79 year old wheelchair bound poll monitor working at an Orlando voting station, found herself face to face with a young man attempting to vote a second time.
Cedar Ridge Resident seen here in his boat the Tommy C docked in the Sacramento Delta.

Area Wife Forces Husband To Live In New Boat

Frequent traveler, exotic animal collector and Cedar Ridge, CA resident Pete Johnson found himself in trouble over the weekend after he purchased a new fishing boat without telling his wife who unceremoniously kicked him out of the house. Mr. Johnson is currently living in his new boat which is docked 60 miles away in the Sacramento Delta.
megan ann via Flickr.

Alex Jones Shocker: Gay Lover Speaks Out [VIDEO]

An Austin man has come forward to claim that he's been involved in an intimate relationship with conspiracy radio and television personality Alex Jones.
New LGBTQ NFL Team Sparks Controversy Among Fans

NFL Adding All LGBTQ Team Next Season

Rumors have been circulating around the offices of the NFL that Oakland, CA will be picking up an all-inclusive LGBTQ team for next season.  The rumors are currently still unconfirmed, but sources say that this decision is coming from the top.

Chemtrail Film Festival Coming To Nevada City, CA

The Chemtrail Action Network (CAN) announced the first ever traveling Chemtrail Film Festival coming to Nevada City, CA this January. The film festival will be making its first stop in the secluded Sierra Nevada Foothills town for a 4 day run starting on the 14th of August and running until 18th.
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