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Expecting mother Aubrey Goodrow of Citrus Heights, CA swears she saw Prince in a routine ultrasound this morning.

Expecting Mom Sees Prince in Ultrasound

Expecting mother Aubrey Goodrow of Citrus Heights, CA swears she saw Prince in a routine ultrasound this morning.
In a surprising development, country music star Hank Williams, Jr. has endorsed Hillary Clinton.

Hank Williams Jr. Endorses Hillary Clinton

Hank Williams, Jr. has withdrawn his support for Republican candidate Donald Trump, and endorsed Democrat nominee Hillary Clinton. The move shocks Williams fans all over the nation.
Shoppers at a Sacramento, CA Goodwill Industry Bins found a little more than they bargained for.

2 Kilos of Cocaine Found at Sacramento Goodwill Bins

Area Goodwill treasure hunters Darlene and Jameson Delray found more than a broken Keurig coffee maker and used designer jeans over the weekend.
It seems as local activists were away protesting the Dakota Access Pipeline, energy giants were busy in their own backyards drilling for oil.

DAPL Protesters Return to Find Oil Drilling on Local Lake

Nevada County activists who recently returned from Dakota Access Pipeline (DAPL) protests in South Dakota where shocked to find out that in their absence, multi-national conglomerate Energy Transfer Partners (ETP) had started oil exploration on Lake Spaulding.
Melba Felder took a "foot selfie" of her swollen foot, asking Facebook what she should do about it.

Woman Asks Facebook What to do About Her Swollen Foot

Area Rhode Island St. resident Melba Felder posted a picture of her swollen foot on the popular Nevada County Peeps Facebook group asking for opinions on what she should do about it.
It's safe to be a Nazi again now that Trump is President.

Springtime for Trump and Facebook: It’s Good to be a Nazi Again

A local Nevada County Troll’s for Trump group was taken by surprise by an invasion of a supposed foreign 'refugee' Troll from neighboring Facebook groups yesterday afternoon.

Dog in a Hot Summer Car? Here’s What to Do

Gish Gallop offers these tips if you see a dog driving a car. Remember stay calm and follow these easy steps and everything will be fine.
Google Street View photo provided by Thomas Ritchie of Citrus Heights, CA, with enhancements.

Google Maps Street View Captures Alien in Nevada City

An out-of-area man has made a startling discovery after his girlfriend send him a series of Google Street View screen shots.

Supervisors Approve “Adult” Halloween Treating

The board voted 5 to 2 in favor of allowing adult county residents to hand out revelry packages to other adults on All Hallows Eve, who thought county residents might enjoy a little light-hearted fun, make some new friends, and start their weekend off with a bang.
This picture of the Ebola virus can not harm you from your computer screen, we think.

County Citizens Preparing for Zika, Ebola, MERS, Tuberculosis, Scabies and Zombie Outbreaks

Given the recent news of deadly viral outbreaks around the globe, coupled with the current immigration crisis at the Nation's borders, many Nevada County citizens are bracing themselves for an onslaught of deadly diseases followed naturally by the Zombification of the entire population.

Herbalife Announces Yog-Sothoth as Spokesman

The Multi-Level Marketing company Herbalife announced that they have signed "Outter God" and cosmic all-seer Yog-Sothoth as their official media spokesman.
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