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A new proposes California law will tax social media interactions.

California Proposes Taxing Social Media

A new controversial California law will tax social media interactions. It's expected to meet fierce resistance.

Starfleet Cancels Plans for San Francisco-Based Headquarters

Authorities speaking for the space research and exploration organization Starfleet have confirmed a long-rumored decision to postpone construction of the San Francisco-based Starfleet Academy.
From a secret Kenyan hideout or his favorite vacation spot in his home state of Hawaii, former President Obama deployed several Jade Helm squads to aid in hurricane relief.

Obama Deploys Jade Helm Unit for Texas Cleanup and Rescue Operations

Deep within a bunker miles below the surface of the Earth, former President Barack Hussein Obama has been closely monitoring the devastation and impact of Hurricane Harvey on the American Gulf Coast.

Area Man with 27 Guns Needs One More to Stop Tyranny

Area gun collector Jason Dant announced on his Facebook wall that he needs one more gun to secure is Constitutional freedoms and protect his family against "Tyranny."

Militant Leftists Target Fonz Statue in Downtown Milwaukee

‘The Bronze Fonz’ statue has existed peacefully on Milwaukee’s downtown Riverwalk since first being unveiled on August 18th, 2008. The sculpture depicts Henry Winkler, the actor who portrayed Arthur Fonzarelli on the hit television series, Happy Days.

Rumors of Trump’s Stroke Mostly Untrue

The White House is denying any health concerns.
Police are asking for leads in a vast Pokémon doping crime.

Pokémon Training Gym Busted For Selling Performance Enhancing Drugs

Sal's Trainers located in the back room of the historic Alpha building on Broad Street, has been raided by police and DEA agents after the trainers were caught selling and injecting performance enhancing drugs (PED) in to their Pokemon.
Donner Party Family Buffet to Open in Truckee, CA

Donner Party Family Buffet to Open in Truckee, CA

Local entrepreneur Robert Mincy is looking to cash in on Truckee's booming economy by opening a family-style buffet on the Eastern shore of Donner Lake.
Recent Vacaville, CA transplant Tommy Empire

New Arrival Not Happy

Painting contractor Tommy Empire isn't happy even one little bit. Tommy and his wife Peggy recently bought a house near the Cedar Ridge "Y" on Lower Colfax.

Area Man To Lawfully Wed The Constitution

Area community activist, Tea Party member and formerly overly enthusiastic Glenn Beck supporter Brock Whalen announced on his website that he plans on lawfully wedding the United States Constitution.
"Hot Dog Woman" Nora Byron of Modesto was getting even.

The Story Behind “Hot Dog Woman” [NSFW]

A surveillance video shot in the preparation area of a Modesto restaurant depicting a waitress inserting a hot dog into her nether regions has gone viral over the weekend. However the back story is tad stranger.
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