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Republicans Adamant Obama Has Nothing/Everything to Do with Unemployment

The Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS) today released the latest figures on job growth, reporting a slight drop in unemployment. This left the official number at 4.9%, prompting leading Republicans to scramble for ways to shit on President Obama.
Frustrated starving students will have nothing to eat if the GOP tax plan goes through.

Bernie Sanders: GOP Ramen Tariffs Hits Nation’s College Students Hardest

The modification lets Congress decide the Import Duty Rates on goods imported to the United States, but it will allow Congress to re-evaluate the value of  imported goods.
Captialists and the free market have cured AIDS and Cancer!

The Free Market Cured AIDS And Cancer All On Its Own

The American Medicinal Association has just made a stunning and likely world-changing announcement -- AIDS and cancer have both been simultaneously cured forever. Stunningly, the AMAA says that it wasn't the communal efforts of medical research funded largely by taxes that went to various research universities and private labs, but the American free-market capitalist economy that "magically" cured them, according to a press release
This picture of the Ebola virus can not harm you from your computer screen, we think.

County Citizens Preparing for Zika, Ebola, MERS, Tuberculosis, Scabies and Zombie Outbreaks

Given the recent news of deadly viral outbreaks around the globe, coupled with the current immigration crisis at the Nation's borders, many Nevada County citizens are bracing themselves for an onslaught of deadly diseases followed naturally by the Zombification of the entire population.

1st Annual Karen Convention Receives Record Number of Complaints

Organizers say they're making some adjustments for next year's event.

Obama Proposes “Leper-like” Colonies For Anti-Vaxxers

In a last minute press conference called to address the recent contagious disease outbreaks, President Obama has proposed a solution to deal with the Anti-Vaccination or Anti-Vax movement.

Kim Jong-un to Visit the United States

In an unprecedented announcement North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has released a statement saying he plans to visit the U.S.

Forget Pokémon, CannaCaching Is The New Big Thing

If you have been swept up in the Pokemon Go craze, you are going to love the new geocaching game that has swept northern California like wild fire.
Tesla is making history again with its new like of retro electric cars. Featured here is their version of the 1982 Chevrolet Malibu.

Tesla Introduces Retro Line of Cars Featuring AM Radios

Tesla is making history again with its new like of retro electric cars.
Donald Trump has offered Hillary Clinton her pick of cabinet posts.

Trump Offers Hillary Choice Of Cabinet Posts

Donald Trump, in an amazing act of bravado, offered Hillary Clinton her choice of cabinet posts once he wins the race to the White House.

Household a Hotbed of Machiavellian Maneuvers During Chore Time

Children across America are unwittingly, and in some cases deliberately, engaging Machiavellian maneuvers during chore time to offload their chores to other less savvy siblings.
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