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Samsung Quietly Removes PornHub App From SmartTVs

Samsung America has not issued a statement regarding the "mistake."
Hillary Clinton seen here practicing with a large, orange bag of vomit.

Hillary’s Debate Sparring Partner an Orange Bag Of Vomit

The Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign gave reporters a little insight into how their candidate prepared for tonight's highly-anticipated presidential debate between Clinton and Donald Trump.
Lisa and David Day goofing off. Oh those kids!

Local Middle Class Family Creates $12 Million GoFundMe Campaign

Grass Valley, CA -- The average middle-class American Day Family of Grass Valley made the bold and unprecedented move on Wednesday to start  a $12 Million "GoFundMe" campaign to help pay the costs of...

Area Cloud Seeder Hoping for a Chemtrail Promotion

The former Navy Pilot and current cloud seeding captain of a Evergreen 747 based out of Beale Air Force base, has been eyeing the coveted Chemtrail Captain position ever since he joined Evergreen's gioengineering fleet back in 2006.

Survivalist Accidentally Gets Trapped In His Doomsday Bunker

The trouble started this past weekend when Mr. Buxton returned from a Costco run with 4 cases of tomato sauce and 1400 rolls of toilet paper.
A triumphant Hillary Clinton is rejoicing after God's endorsement of same-sex marriage.

5 Million Uncounted Sanders Ballots Found On Clinton’s Email Server

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is in hot water again after nearly 5 million uncounted California electronic ballots were found on her email server by the F.B.I.
Big Data analyst and Google contractor Adharma Bajwa seen here in his temporary home behind company headquarters in Mountain View, CA.

Google Intern Living In Company Dumpster

A Google intern was discovered living in a trash receptacle behind the company's Mountain View headwaters this week.

Agoraphobic Grocery Shopper Pens Best-selling Weight Loss Book

A California man has turned his fear into profit.
In a surprise move to some, but not others, President Trump MAGAbomer Cesar Sayoc.

Trump Pardons MAGAbomber

In a surprise move to some, but not others, President Trump  pardoned MAGAbomer Cesar Sayoc.
Area man Jamie Igo had to install a new faucet by himself following a rather heated argument with his wife.

Area Man Could Use a Little Help

42-year-old Truckee man Jaime Igo could use a little help after he and his wife got into an argument shortly after the couple got into a heated argument over their 17 year old son's lack of interest in finding a job. 
Our Veterans deserve the best healthcare the greatest nation on Earth can provide. Sadly that is not the case.

VA Claim Backlog Adds To Veteran Suicide Rate

Many veterans have simply given up hope. Rob told Gish Gallop that he still has other body injuries, but he cannot afford the treatment. He also knows the claim may never be processed, so why try? He simply lives with the pain everyday.