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Donald Trump has nominated controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for Press Secretary

Alex Jones Offered White House Press Secretary Position

In what is a surprise and controversial development for some, and a welcomed addition to others, President Donald Trump has nominated alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for White House Press Secretary, replacing Sarah Huckabee Sanders.
Tesla is making history again with its new like of retro electric cars. Featured here is their version of the 1982 Chevrolet Malibu.

Tesla Introduces Retro Line of Cars Featuring AM Radios

Tesla is making history again with its new like of retro electric cars.
Angry Elephant

Donald Trump Jr. Mauled by Elephant During Nambian Safari Hunt

Donald Trump Jr. spent a few days in a Nambia hospital following an elephant attack while on a hunting safari.
Elon Musk, SpaceX and Tesla Motors founder, will swallow the Zuckerberg empire whole.

What The Zuck? Musk Mulls Buying And Deleting Facebook

Tech titan Elon Musk made global headlines when he deleted the official SpaceX and Tesla pages from Facebook. Musk clarified he did so because Facebook gives him “the willies.
Alabama Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore seen here portraying Santa in an area Mall.

Roy Moore’s Appearance as Santa at Alabama Mall Raises Concerns

Christmas shoppers at Fairfield's Western Hills Mall were surprised today by the appearance of Senatorial Candidate Roy Moore dressed as Santa Claus. According to a Moore campaign spokesperson, the controversial Republican wanted to show how Malls across Alabama welcome him.
A year-long study suggests that Trump supporters have smaller penises.

Report: Trump Supporters Have Penises 2 Inches Smaller than Nationwide Average

A year-long study by the Palo Alto, CA-based Rundex Family Foundation has revealed that male Donald Trump supporters have, on average, a penis that is 2 inches shorter than non-Trump supporters.
One of the first prototypes of the new "Burning Person" to be featured at next year's festival.

Burning Man Renamed Burning Person

In a move that many on the right have called ‘long overdue’, the Burning Man Festival will be officially changing its name to the Burning Person Festival in solidarity with the modern social justice movement and gender rights.
Presidentially pardoned former Sheriff Joe Arpaio of Maricopa County, AZ says no one should have to live like this, except illegal immigrants.

Sheriff Joe Arpaio Recalls “Hideous” Conditions in Prison

Following his pardon by "Law and Order" President Trump late this week, controversial Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio recounted the "horrible" conditions he faced while being incarcerated at an area jail.
It seems ISIS and Donald Trump have one thing in common.

ISIS, Taliban Issue Joint Statement Supporting Trump’s Transgender Military Ban

ISIS, in conjunction with the Taliban in Afghanistan, have issued a joint press release this morning, commending President Donald Trump’s anti-transgender military policy.
Fake Donald Trump, Jr., son of Republican President Donald Trump

President Trump Calls Donald Trump Jr. ‘Fake News’

This morning, as temporary President Donald Trump was leaving the White House to go and pick up some beef jerky, coffee, doughnuts, hot dogs, ice cream, deep fried Oreos, and McDonald’s for himself for breakfast.
At a rally supporting Trump's infrastructure plans, the President outlined his desire to convert America to the metric system.

Donald Trump: I Will Make America Metric Again

Donald Trump announced to a crowd of over 12,000 people at an Ohio rally that as a part of his new infrastructure plan, he will sign an executive action which will include a plan to convert America's ancient imperial measures and units to the metric system.