Sex offenders Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby plan on campaigning with Donald Trump to provide moral support.
Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and former decent human being Bill Cosby will accompany the alleged billionaire at all of campaign rallies until Election Day.
Really just a bunch of crap to put with your existing crap
“Yeah, we've written this entire season, front to back, and Rick Grimes is a MAJOR part of the unfolding plot, we aren't going to wait for Mr. Lincoln,” states a very angry Robert Kirkman. “I have no choice but to sub somebody in to fill the role. After many, many auditions I am sad to say that only Adam Sandler could really play a convincing Rick Grimes.

News Pics: Creationist Dog

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The popular Youtube sensation "Annoying Orange" was found dead in a Walnut Creek, CA Whole Foods grocery store.

Annoying Orange Found Dead in Walnut Creek Whole Foods

The popular YouTube character "The Annoying Orange" has been found dead in a Walnut Creek, California Whole Foods grocery store.
A 2 year study has found that President Trump Tweets at a 4th grade level

Study: Trump Tweets at 4th Grade Reading Level

A two-year study has found that President Trump Tweets at a 4th grade level

New Sacramento Sports Complex to be Named “Sleep Apnea Arena”

After a competitive battle between the top mattress seller on the West Coast, Sleep Train, and the American Sleep Apnea Association (ASAA), the ASAA has won naming rights to the new Natomas Sacramento Sports complex.
Recent Vacaville, CA transplant Tommy Empire

New Arrival Not Happy

Painting contractor Tommy Empire isn't happy even one little bit. Tommy and his wife Peggy recently bought a house near the Cedar Ridge "Y" on Lower Colfax.