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long-time Arcata, CA resident and Prius driver 'Peace Witherspoon' snapped this picture of the controversial sign before it was removed earlier this week.

Caltrans Under Fire for Controversial Sign

A regional California Department of Transportation (Caltrans) manager and his staff are under fire for a controversial sign the team posted on a stretch of highway 101 just outside of Eureka, California over the weekend
A startling new books claims NASA used fake footage of real moon landings.

New Book: NASA Used Fake Footage of Real Moon Landings

A startling new book claims NASA used fake footage of real moon landings.
According to White House Spokesperson and Acting Secretary of State Ivanka Trump, Iran is afraid of the President.

“Fear of Trump” Forces Iran to Return Obama Cash

According to White House Spokesperson and Acting Secretary of State Ivanka Trump, Iran is afraid of the President.
Axl Rose seen here restrained in a chair giving a phenomenal performance in Lisbon, Portugal.

AC/DC Ties Axl Rose to Chair With Amazing Results [VIDEO]

AC/DC has found that restraining Axl Rose to a chair produced amazing results. According to stage hands back stage, Mr. Rose was not aware of the plot to restrain him to a chair until moments before the show began on Saturday night.

President Obama Nominates Self to Supreme Court

In record time, President Obama has named a successor to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) following the death of Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Scalia.
According to Donald Trump, this new slogan means 3 things.

Donald Trump Debuts ‘Make Earth Flat Again’ Slogan

Billionaire reality-TV mogul and presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump unveiled a new campaign slogan today which he said is "reflexive of pivoting to the generalization election in November" as well as a signal to conservatives his "foreign policy will be the bestest, yoogest, most spectacular foreign policy ever."
Nibiru is expected to be a trending baby name in 2017.

Nibiru Expected to be a 2019 Trending Baby Name

According to National Institutes of Health, which tracks such data, many new parents in the face of the general pessimism following what many are calling 2018's horrible events have taken to channeling their frustrations in new and creative ways.

Local Green Party Member Sneaks Through McDonald’s Drive Thru

Sources close to the incident tell Gish Gallop that his two children Sky and Tyler were misbehaving in the back seat of the family's 2010 Toyota Prius Electric Conversion. The family had just returned from a 3 day visit with the Mr. Packard's Republican in-laws in Fresno, so his defenses were understandably low.

Area Grandmother Finally Sends “Selfie”

After repeated attempts to send her daughter and granddaughter a "selfie," Mythel Adams of Grass Valley finally managed to send a somewhat coherant message using her new iPhone 6 that her daughter purchased for her.

People Have Chemtrail Breath Internet Researcher Claims

A North San Juan man has completed an exhaustive Internet study to reveal that humans have something called "Chemtrail Breath."
Friends of Nevada City's new campaign poster promoting the town's high crime rate.

Local Activists Cite High Crime Numbers to Deter Tourism

A vocal group of Nevada City activists cited recent high crime data in attempts to deter tourism and development in the quaint Sierra Foothills town.
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