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Virginia Militia Member Detained Outside of Danville Golden Corral

As the founder and leader of the patriot militia group APART (Armed Patriots Against Radical Terrorists), Rob Remus has a natural distrust not only for Hillary Clinton, but also at times, the police.
Popular radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh suggested that 49er Quarterback Colin Kaepernick whereabouts where unknown during the Charlotte riots.

Rush Limbaugh: Colin Kaepernick a Suspect in Charlotte Riots

Popular radio talk show host Rush Limbaugh suggested that 49er Quarterback Colin Kaepernick whereabouts were unknown during the Charlotte riots.

Plastic Bag Ban Threatens Garbage Patch Vortex, Organizer Says

Angela Hansen organized the grassroots effort to save the Pacific Garbage Vortex Patch when she realized that the new ban would force local residents to bring their own paper or canvas bags while shopping.

Massive Brawl Breaks Out at Local Starbucks

Tensions ran high on Wednesday morning when a fight broke out between patrons waiting in the Grass Valley Starbucks drive thru. Many who had been waiting for the coffee giant's new offering, a colonic service.

Murderous, Screaming Rampage Results in Missing Spider

Police responded to a home on the 12000 block of Squirrel Creek Rd. on Sunday night upon receiving reports of a woman screaming and a man yelling, “Die, bitch! I am gonna [deleted] kill you!” Officers were advised to proceed with caution.
The online, free education provider The Kahn Academy announced this week that plans on rolling out sex education courses.

Online Kahn Academy to Offer Sex Education

The Kahn Academy, which is a non-profit educational organization which provides free, world-class education for anyone, anywhere," announced this week that it will be providing online family life training, otherwise known as sex education, to supplement and even replace school-based programs.

Teenager Suddenly Vegetarian, Except for Chicken Nuggets

Local teenager Kevin Thomas of Grass Valley informed his family at the Thursday Night dinner table that he only likes chicken in nugget form. The 15-year-old, who by all accounts enjoyed all kinds of chicken preparations until this announcement, caught the Thomas family off guard.
Tim Savini of Oceanside, was described by his friends as being kind of temperamental

A California Man Commits Suicide During Karaoke Night

Tragedy struck earlier this week when a man took his own life in a local bar. Oceanside, California's Fremont Bar and Grill was having it's Saturday karaoke with it's usual mix of locals and Japanese tourists.

Area Man Stakes Gold Claim in Irrigation Ditch

Jimmie Brenton of Woodpecker Way said he's grown tired of not being able to exercise his "God-given liberty" to do what he wants with his land. He is also tired of people walking behind his house on the Nevada Irrigation District (NID) Cascade Canal trail.
According to a 2 year study, extended pornography sessions may reduce mass shootings.

Study: Pornography May Prevent Some Mass Shootings

A 2 year study by the Palo alto-based Rundex Family Foundation of over 14,000 potential mass shooters has determined that chronic pornography viewings can reduce the chances of mass murder by as much as 27%
Jason Hendricks broke his nose while motor boating.

Area Man Breaks Nose Motorboating

What started as a fun night out at the Nevada Club ended with a trip to the emergency room for a Grass Valley man Monday night.
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