The Golden Chance Bodega appears to be harboring hoodlums.
Gish Gallop has discovered what has been going on behind the locked doors of the Golden Chance Bodega.
Co-Worker Enjoys "Outing" Fellow Workers on Facebook
The local DJ, who makes his living as an Information Technology worker, said on Monday that taddle-telling to the bosses of frequent Facebookers regarding their activity is a fair argument tactic.
A Glitch inspired by a mod allows the Los Santos Police in Grand Theft Auto 5 to kill white criminals.
The popular video game maker Rockstar Games has come under fire from conservative critics across the globe for what Rockstar is calling a programmatic glitch.

News Pics: Microsoft Skips a Number

  Gish Gallop's News in Pics. The news you need to know without much thinking. Microsoft recently announced that they were going to skip version 9 and go directly...

Leaked FEMA Document: Motel 6 To Be Used as Emergency Camps

According to the conservative site RightWingNewsNow! who obtained an exclusive leaked Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) document, the disaster preparation organization has been funneling millions of dollars over the past 40 years into the budget hospitality company Motel 6.
Sheriff Royal knows what's best

Stabbing at CftA: Barney Where Are You?

Center for the Arts, Grass Valley, CA --  Steve Robledo stabbed at least 2 people and maybe as many as 4 during a concert at the Center...

North San Juan Cancels 2015 Cannabis Cup

he North San Juan community has cancelled its famed NSJ Cannabis Cup judging for the 2015 season. The event, which was usually held after the annual Cherry Festival, has been widely regarded as a success by those who remember the event from previous years.
Russian-backed hackers have altered popular Fake News browser plug-ins and inserted a virus.

Homeland Security Warns of Russian Virus in Fake News Browser Plug-in

The Department of Homeland Security has issued a brief via its advisory system warning citizens that several web browser extensions contain malicious code that seems to have originated from Russia and Macedonia.