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A very suspicious Florida ballot featuring only Democrat Hillary Clinton for president.

Proof of Voter Fraud in Florida

The Florida Secretary of State Ken Detzner is coming under fire from Republican officials and the Donald Trump campaign for a picture of a 2016 voting ballot where every option is filled with Democrats.
You're doing it wrong.

4 Signs You’re Doing It Wrong

  1) You're Wrong 2) Everyone Tells You You're Wrong 3) You have a feeling you're wrong 4) You just blew yourself up, dude When you blow yourself to smithereens and still get shot by the cops, start to...
The Trump transition team announced that the Westboro Baptist Choir will be the only performer at this year's event.

Westboro Baptist Church Choir to Perform at Trump Inauguration

After recent reports that the Donald Trump inauguration team was having trouble finding entertainment for both the Presidential inauguration ceremony as well as several of the sponsored after-parties, his transition team has apparently struck a deal with the Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church choir to perform several songs.

People Have Chemtrail Breath Internet Researcher Claims

A North San Juan man has completed an exhaustive Internet study to reveal that humans have something called "Chemtrail Breath."
Donald Trump seen here reading the 1988 book by Noam Chomsky and Edward Herman Manufacturing Consent.

Donald Trump Caught Reading Noam Chomsky

President Donald Trump was photographed today reading the Manufacturing Consent: The Political Economy of the Mass Media during some downtime between G20 meetings with Russian President Vladimir Putin and German Chancellor Angela Merkel.
Sal Smith of Alta Sierra

Alta Sierra Man Who Says “Wine Good for the Heart” on His 5th Cocktail

Local retiree Sal Smith announced to his visiting family over the holidays that "a glass of red wine is good for your heart," as he consumed his 4th cocktail of the evening.

Mexico Warns Citizens Against Drinking American Tap Water

The Mexican government issued a statement this morning to its citizens traveling abroad in the United States, warning them to avoid drinking tap water.

Rejected State of Jefferson Flags

Gish Gallop Salutes the rejected flags of the State of Jefferson. Do you see any that you think should be re-considered?
Chick-fil-A under new Saudi ownership

Chick-fil-A Stock Soars Under New Saudi Ownership

Analysts claim that the Saudi's are "a perfect fit" as the new owners of Chick-fil-A.
Pete Johnson of Cedar Ridge attempting to capture his pet Bull "Jim" on Mill Street in Grass Valley. Picture courtesy of Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge.

Pet Bull Terrorizes Downtown Grass Valley

Cedar Ridge exotic pet owner Pete Johnson is in hot water today after taking one of his two "pet" bulls on a walk in Downtown Grass Valley. Mr. Johnson, who is no stranger to animal controversies, arrived on Mill Street around 1pm yesterday with his pet bull "Jim," and things immediately got out of hand.
Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge

Area Woman Thoughtfully Fondles Eggs

Gish Gallop caught up with Ms. Williams at the egg stand on her weekly shopping trip for groceries. She was thoughtfully fondling the eggs.
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