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Saint Bailey Bernard of Holy Southern Shepherd Church released a statement regarding the controversial ‘Morning After’ dog biscuit

Saint Bernard Condemns ‘Morning After’ Dog Biscuit

Employing some of his most conservative rhetoric to date, Saint Bailey Bernard of Holy Southern Shepherd Church released a statement regarding the controversial ‘Morning After’ dog biscuit.

Local ACLU to Defend Groups Who Plan to Destroy Local ACLU Office

After a recent and successful launch of the Nevada County chapter of the American Civil Liberties Union or ACLU, the organization announced on Wednesday that it plans to "rigorously defend" the right of various hate and terrorist groups to burn down its new proposed office headquarters.

State of Jefferson Website Honored with 2015 Layout of the Year Award

The Jurisdiction of the Jefferson State Militia website, located at, was nominated last year for its innovative design and faced stiff competition from the likes of popular conservative news-aggregator and relative new comer 'Sup Bowie, a David Bowie fan page, which came in number 2 and 3 respectively.

Fox News #1 With “People Who Stare at TV All Day” Demographic

The Fox News Channel captures critical, old, white television market.

8 Famous People You Didn’t Know Were Transgender

Gish Gallop presents 8 people you didn't know were transgender, featuring people you didn't know were transgender.

Mike Pence Demands Fox News Carry Bill O’Reilly’s Contract to Full-Term

Rumors that Fox News will soon be working out a deal to boot Bill O’Reilly from its airwaves has sent shock waves through the media landscape, but it’s also reportedly upset one man in particular — Vice President Mike Pence.
Nevada City will be the first in the nation to experiment with a "man bun tax."

California City Experimenting with Man Bun Tax

As a way to increase revenues as the tax base shrinks, one California city has come up with a novel way to fund local services: a tax on the current male hair grooming trend called "the man bun."

Taco Bell Introduces Controversial Cesar Chavez Salad Bowl

Taco Bell is under fire for its new line of salads.
Psychic Fair organizers didn't have the clairvoyance to detect a massive catering issue.

Psychic Fair Organizers Fail To Predict Catering Error

Mayhem struck the annual psychic fair held in Nevada City last weekend when organizers failed to predict a significant catering issue that left hundreds of attendees without food and beverages for the entire event.
Donald Trump fired his running mate Mike Pence via Twitter today.

Donald Trump to Mike Pence: You’re Fired

In breaking news that has shocked the Republican party, and further alienating Donald Trump from the mainstream GOP, the firebrand and controversial candidate fired his Vice Presidential running mate Mike Pence after the conservative Indiana governor condemned Trump's recent misogynist video.

Yuba River Male Gender, Not Female Study Finds

According to researchers at the influential Rundex Family Foundation in Palo Alto, CA, the three forks Yuba River should be referred to using male adjectives.