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Hillary Clinton Is a Crook and Here's Why It Matters

Hillary Clinton Is a Crook and Here’s Why It Matters

Oh you hate her. And now here are the answers you've been waiting for.
Despite an earnest sense of voluntarism, an area pothole hasn't been fixed.

Enlightened Self-Interest Fails to Fill Area Pothole

A large Grass Valley pothole has gone unrepaired despite the claims of some neighbors that "enlightened self interest" would fix it

California’s Secret Plan to Turn Texas Blue

A secret document reveals California's plans to make America blue.
Cuban state-run television released a statement thanking President Trump for lowering its diplomatic costs.

Cuba Thanks US For Lowering Diplomat Payroll

Cuban state-run television released a statement thanking President Trump for lowering its diplomatic costs.
Smee in his yarmulke

Area Family Circumcises Their Pet Dog

The new procedure is aimed to ease the minds of families wanting to get rid of the "red rocket" that could raise some uncomfortable questions from young children.
UFO caught siphoning water out of Scotts Flat Lake in rural Nevada County, CA.

UFO Caught Sucking Water Out Of California Lake

A local pilot and amateur photographer has shared an exclusive photo with Gish Gallop depicting a UFO hovering over Scotts Flat Lake.

Noam Chomsky Tweets Unsuccessfully

Renown MIT linguistics professor and social media critic Noam Chomsky reluctantly entered the "Twitter-sphere" this week with somewhat disastrous results. The famous Linguistics Professor and darling of the political Left throughout the world has been critical of social media and in particular, Twitter.

Austria/Hungary to Open Refugee “Turmoil to Paradise” Work Camps

In a unilateral move without the approval of other European Union countries, Hungary and Austria have taken proactive measures to open "Paradise" work camps for Syrian and other migrant refugees.

CarMax Salesman Performs Emergency Birth

5 year veteran CarMax car salesman Sherman Hoover performed an emergency car birth late yesterday afternoon after a pregnant 2011 Land Cruiser unexpectedly gave birth to its offspring.
A picture of Amelia Brushworn's dog found on her North Bloomfield, CA home.

Pet Anti-Vaccination Advocate Dies From Rabies

A Northern Californian woman has died after being attacked by her rabid dog, authorities reported yesterday. Amelia Brushworn of North Bloomfield, California was found dead at her home by relatives.

Gary Larson Signs Exclusive 27 Year Deal with Gish Gallop

The Far Side -- On the heels of recent news that Gary Larson's The Far Side might be returning,, the nation's premier news, information and commentary magazine announced an arrangement with the famous...
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