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A Group of Flat Earth believers is calling on President Trump to stop using the word "globalist."

Flat Earthers Call On Trump to Change His Anti-‘Globalist’ Language

A Group of Flat Earth believers is calling on President Trump to stop using the word "globalist."

Terrible Stock Photo Toons Volume 10

Volume 10 of Terrible Stock Toons Volume 9 of Terrible Stock toons can be found here
28-year-old Sparks, Nevada resident and former Tesla Motors employee Ira Maiden is lucky to be alive.

Tesla Employee Fired For Testing Batteries With His Tongue

Reno, NV -- An employee working in the Panasonic "GigaFactory" division of Tesla motors was escorted off the company premises earlier this week. When foreman Davis Lipton...

Mega Mosque Planned Next to Mega Church

A new "mega mosque" is slated to open next to Twin Cities Church sometime next year, according to developers working on the project.

Bigfoot Might Attack New Dollar General Store, Local Researcher Warns

On the heals of a recent Bigfoot siting of Alta Sierra, a researcher of the semi-rural development has warned that the cryptid-ape-like creature might attack the proposed Dollar General store if it is developed along highway 49.
Donald Trump has been eying satirist Andy Borowitz for a speech writing position.

Shocker: Andy Borowitz Accepts Trump Speech Writing Position

Shock waves spread through the comedy word over the weekend when popular satirist and former fake news writer Andy Borowitz announced that he was accepting a position on the Trump team as a speech writer.
The Donald Trump victory was made possible by the 92-year-old newspaper Gish Gallop.

Trump Victory Linked to Gish Gallop

The 92-year-old Nevada County Gish Gallop admitted today in a press release that it was 100% responsible for Hillary Clinton's loss on November 8th.
Pete Morris of Ohio is having second thoughts.

Suicidal Voter Takes Gun Out Of His Mouth as Election Approaches

Over the next several weeks, Morris says he grew more and more despondent. He says he kept thinking the Republicans -- whom he says he's voted for from time to time in his life -- would "wake up and smell the diarrhea" when it came to their "nightmare abortion of a candidate."

Donald Trump Dons Christian Stigmata

After a success campaign tour through the Lone Star state, Presidential hopeful Donald Trump surprised his Dallas supporters by revealing that he has a Christian Stigmata on his left hand. As he left the podium, a collective gasp arose from the audience as he raised his right hand clearly revealing a Stigmata.
Part of the Donald Trump debate prep is sniffing cocaine through 1000 dollar bills.

Trump Snorts Cocaine Through Thousand Dollar Bills

Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump has come under questioning on twitter for repeated, noticeable sniffing during the first presidential debate after his opponent Hillary Clinton reported that, prior to the presidential debate, Mr. Trump was snorting cocaine in the prep room through a hundred dollar bill.
Donald Trump fired his running mate Mike Pence via Twitter today.

Donald Trump to Mike Pence: You’re Fired

In breaking news that has shocked the Republican party, and further alienating Donald Trump from the mainstream GOP, the firebrand and controversial candidate fired his Vice Presidential running mate Mike Pence after the conservative Indiana governor condemned Trump's recent misogynist video.
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