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Trump wants to replace doctors with Republicans who have watched a lot of doctor television shows.

Trump on Obamacare: Replace Doctors With Republicans Watching Videos

Republican presidential nominee Donald J. Trump announced today that he and his healthcare advisers have devised a new plan to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

Let Me Tell You About Your Kids, Says Childless Man

Local technology worker Brent Underwood says he's "got the whole kid thing figured out" despite not having any children of his own. Mr. Underwood says he's got a unique understanding of child development and parenting wisdom from closely observing families for the past 5 years.
Mike Judge seen discussing his upcoming prequel to his 2006 cult classic Idiocracy.

Mike Judge Filming Prequel to Idiocracy

Mike Judge, the creator of popular MTV animated show Beavis and Butthead and Fox TV's adult-oriented King of the Hill announced at an area comic book conference that a 'Prequel' to his 2006 cult classic Idiocracy is in the works.
A loose coalition of Nebraska Angus cattle have formed am "AntiFarm" movement in hopes of challenging area Ranchers.

Cattle Form Controversial ‘AntiFarm Action’ To Protest Area Ranchers

Cattle in Nebraska have formed a coalition against being bred and slaughtered for food. They call themselves Antifarm and are backed by PETA and funded by the George Soros Foundation, which has recently received a mysterious $18 billion cash infusion.

Adam Schiff: Ukrainians Make the Best Russian Bullet Shields

Congressional Intelligence Committee Chairman Adam Schiff seems to have a glaring conflict of interest.

Florida Father Sues Liberal Media For Child’s COVID-19 Death

A Jacksonville man is blaming the liberal news media for the coronavirus death of his son.

Confederate States of America: Ordinances and Causes of Secession

Often you will hear people in the Southern States proclaim that the American Civil War was not about slavery, but "State's Rights." Please note all the mentions of slavery in their own documents.

Hooters to Celebrate Breast Cancer Survivors

In a nod to appear both sensitive and politically correct, Hooters has announced the opening of the first bar and restaurant to hire only breast cancer survivors who have had one breast removed.

Koch Brothers Opens PayAdvantages Payday Loan Service in Grass Valley

In what Koch Industries is calling a "novel and effective way to give back to local communities," the American mega conglomerate announced late Monday night that it plans on opening one of their popular PayAdvantages™ payday loan and check cashing stores next to the DollarTree® in Grass Valley.

Local Art Theater to Feature Bidet Seating

Nevada City's Magic Theater announced today that it has installed the world's first "bidet-style seating" to accommodate popular "eliminate now" trend.

Mexico Agrees to Pay for Impeachment

Mexican President Andrés Manuel López Obrador said his country would do whatever it takes to help with the impeachment process.
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