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Sunny "Sun Bear" Thomas, shares the same resentment towards white people.

Man 1/16th Native American Angry At White People

There has been resentment in the Native American community towards whites for centuries ever since European settlers came, and in many cases, slaughtered natives and stole their lands. That resentment continues today as white people complain about immigration, as they are themselves immigrants.

Numerologists See Sinister 5-Letter Connection Between Fauci and COVID

Alternative thinkers everywhere say they see sinister connections between Dr. Anthony Fauci and the coronavirus.
Texas Outlaws Vegan Gravy

Texas Outlaws Vegan Gravy

Texas is the first state in the union to ban vegan gravy.

Anonymous: 4chan LGBT Group Behind Westboro Baptist Church [VIDEO]

"Hacktivist" group Anonymous recently announced that the extremist Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church is actually a front for a group of pro-homosexual activists on popular Internet "imageboard" 4chan.

YouTube Researcher Home Foundations Expert

Area transplant, Lake of the Pines resident and current commuting Chevron employee Wes Ford announced to his friends and family on Friday night that he plans to "build his own foundation" on a piece of property he inherited from his uncle south of Highway 20.
This picture was taken moments before the fight erupted during a Magic the Gathering event at Round Table Pizza.

Magic: The Gathering Group Kicked Out of Round Table Pizza

Several juveniles and one 23 year old male were escorted from Round Table Pizza after an argument erupted during their Magic: The Gathering role playing game.
Along with being strangled in bed, the 1.2 million dollar study also found that there's a high correlation that people who eat Pringles have an affection for Nicolas Cage films.

Study: Eating Pringles Raises Risk of Being Strangled by Bed Sheets

A 2 year study conducted by the Palo Alto, CA-based Rundex Family Foundation found that the popular potato and wheat-based snack food Pringles is Earth's most popular food.
According to a report by the International labor rights activist group Workers United, conditions inside several of China's puffed rice factories are appalling.

Labor Activists: Stop Chinese Puffed Rice Production

International labor rights advocates are calling for extensive changes on puffed rice production after an inside investigation by PBS's Frontline reveals appalling and perhaps illegal working conditions inside one of China's largest puffed rice factories.
Nevada City conspiracy activist Saihra Ramun seen here using her new platform to promote chemtrail awareness.

Local Activist Commits To “Chemtrail” Strip Club Tour

Nevada City conspiracy activist Saihra Ramun is using her new platform to promote chemtrail awareness.

“I Prefer Republicans to Democrats,” Coronavirus Claims

The usually non-partisan COVID-19 coronavirus has found a deep friendship with the Republican Party.
Ted Cruz is under fire for marriage infidelity.

Nation Shocked at Ted Cruz Mistress Accusations

Recent rumors of Republican presidential candidate Ted Cruz's infidelity have sparked shock and confusion among voters across the political spectrum.
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