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Hillary Clinton , apparently succumbing to road-rage, as run-over a Fake News writer.

Hillary Clinton on the Rampage: Runs Over Fake News Writer

In a tragic attack, satire/fake news writer Cleveland Sam was hit by an SUV driven by former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton.

Missing Children Now Exceeding Milk Carton Production

The nation's milk carton producers have sounded an alarm.

Inter-dimensional Vortex Briefly Appears Above Sacramento

Residents of California's State Capital were both terrified and dumbstruck this AM when what appeared to be a replica of Earth appeared in the sky.

6 Everyday Toothpaste Hacks That Fail to Prevent Mass Extinction

What does toothpaste and mass extinction have in common? More than you think!

Obama Proposes “Leper-like” Colonies For Anti-Vaxxers

In a last minute press conference called to address the recent contagious disease outbreaks, President Obama has proposed a solution to deal with the Anti-Vaccination or Anti-Vax movement.

Terrible Stock Photo Toons Volume 11

Welcome to Volume 11 of Terrible Stock Toons. Please wash your hands before returning to the table.
Crisis actress Teresa Barnwell?

Clinton Body Double Also Crisis Actor

After analysis it has been confirmed by Snopes that it was crisis actress Teresa Barnwell, who bears an uncanny resemblance to Clinton, that took Clinton's place.

Flaccid Men’s Rights Activist Should Have Taken the Blue Pill

The Blue Pill would have helped a Newcastle Mens Rights Activist keep his tassel at attention.
Janet Williams of Cedar Ridge

Area Woman Thoughtfully Fondles Eggs

Gish Gallop caught up with Ms. Williams at the egg stand on her weekly shopping trip for groceries. She was thoughtfully fondling the eggs.

Area Skydiver Caught by 737 Dragged For 200 Miles

A Manteca, CA man is lucky to be alive following an encounter with a Boeing 737.
Candy Peeps Made With Real Chicken

Peeps Made With Real Chicken

The animal rights organization is alleging that Just Born's flagship confection is made with real chicken. Peeps is a marshmallow candy shaped like baby chicks, it is most popular around the Easter Holiday.