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Sports World Baffled by Cam Newton’s Bad Mood

  San Francisco, CA The NFL's Carolina Panthers quarterback Cam Newton shocked fans and commentators in a post-Superbowl interview this week by being surly following the loss of the biggest game of his career. "We just...
Trump: China is America's Amusement Park

Trump Accuses China Of Being A Chinese Hoax

At an early morning press conference this week, the president-elect made perhaps his most aggressive, if not quizzical, accusation about China to date. Mr. Trump accused the entire China of being a "Chinese hoax."
Legend pop artist Sting got stung in an Atlantic City, New Jersey.

Sting Stung In New Jersey Human Trafficking Bust

Officials in Atlantic City are very tight lipped today in regards to a human trafficking bust that took place on the street outside of the Trump Taj Mahal hotel and casino.
Area Man Brock Whalen of Penn Valley wants to make the conservative township great again.

Area Man Brock Whalen Promises to Make Penn Valley Great Again

Penn Valley resident and Donald Trump supporter Brock Whalen announced from his Lake Wildwood home office that he wants to make Penn Valley great again.
Area 22 year old John Scott has vowed to get up as much as 30 minutes earlier in attempts to appease his angry parents.

Area 22 Year Old to Fix his “Sleeping in to 2 pm Problem” by...

An area man has decided to get his life in order after his mother threatened to kick him out. Area part time working and 2014 Nevada Union High School graduate John Scott of Grass Valley has decided to make the life-changing move of waking up at 1:30pm instead of his usual 2:00 pm.
Millions of tons of waste cantaloupe seeds are making their way into our landfills and sprouting.

Billions of Cantaloupe Seeds Unexpectedly Sprouting in Nation’s Landfills

According to USDA scientist Dr. Pamela Butler from the University of Kansas Cantaloupe Research Center, what may seem as an innocuous blooming has real impacts to the economy.
Moments later, Green Party Presidential candidate Jill Stein attacked Triumph the insult dog with a can of spray paint.

Triumph the Insult Dog Attacked by Jill Stein in North Dakota

The world's most famous animal comedian Triumph the Insult Dog was attacked with a can of green spray paint by Green Party Presidential Candidate Jill Stein while she attempted to spray-paint a bulldozer.

California Drought Forcing Bears Into Town

California's epic drought has taken a toll on not only its citizens, but also its animal populations. And no animal group has been more impacted than Black Bear community, where both food and water has become scarce forcing them into human-populated areas.
It's unclear if Nancy Grace's new look will help her convict people in the court of public onion.

Nancy Grace Gives Birth To Second Chin

Los Angeles, CA -- Former prosecutor turned talk show host Nancy Grace is often controversial and has been accused by critics of biases when talking about criminal court cases, often convicting someone in public opinion before...
Elderly Man In "Transitional Phase of His Life" Really Just Dying

Elderly Man In “Transitional Phase of His Life” Really Just Dying

A retired Marine Major's children have struggled with the right euphemism to describe their father's failing health.

Supervisors Approve “Adult” Halloween Treating

The board voted 5 to 2 in favor of allowing adult county residents to hand out revelry packages to other adults on All Hallows Eve, who thought county residents might enjoy a little light-hearted fun, make some new friends, and start their weekend off with a bang.
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