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A new Study by the Rundex Family Foundation suggests you are more likely to get injured from a falling can than a Muslim refugee.

Study: Local Grocery Outlet Supermarket More Dangerous Than Muslim Refugees

A 3 month emergency study by the Palo Alto-base Rundex Family Foundation has concluded that you are more like to be injured shopping in the Grass Valley Grocery Outlet Supermarket, than from a refugee from one of the 7 recently banned countries.
Stone Mountain native Wade Mullens is already tired of so much winning.

Area Man Already Tired of Winning

Wade’s winning weekend began Friday with the swearing in of the 45th President of the United States, Donald J. Trump, and continued into Sunday with his favorite team blowing out the Green Bay Packers in the NFC Championship game.

Hillary Clinton Converts to Scientology

In what appears to be a surprise move, former New York Senator and current 2016 Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton has converted to Scientology. The move, which has taken some but not all by surprise, was not hastily done according to sources inside her 2016 Campaign.
Nothing expresses xenophobia more precisely than a Facebook rant about bad drivers.

Locals and Flatlanders Face Off in a Competition for Shittiest Drivers

In another terse “locals” against “transplants” debate, the Nevada County Facebook community pages have been heating up over which faction is doing all of the shitty driving in the area, and now the online fracas has spilled into the streets.

Local Facebook Group To Post Only Admin Updates

After much consideration, the popular Facebook Group Nevada County Peeps announced this week to eliminate all discussions and replace it with admin post updates only. The move is seen as an important step in clamping down on "Internet trolls."
Bill Clinton made an impromptu visit with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Bill Clinton Pops Into TrumpForce One In Florida

Former president Bill Clinton is getting to be a regular on the celebrity jet-way pop-in circuit. This afternoon, Mr. Clinton found his private jet on the same tarmac as Donald Trump's TrumpForce One, and popped in to spend a few minutes with King Cheeto.

Groupon.com Hastily Removes Adult Film Shoot Coupon

The popular online coupon site removed an offer for an adult film shoot.
White house spokesperson and council Kellyanne Conway announced that she's partnering with the TV shopping network QVC.

Kellyanne Conway Joins the QVC Team

Televised home shopping channel QVC has announced that White House counsel and spokesperson Kellyanne Conway will be joining the network to sell Ivanka Trump's clothing line directly to consumers.
"BIG Boy” PD97-3034 Chemtrail Drone. Source: US Military.

Government Proposes Drones for Chemtrail Operations

In a surprise executive order, the Trump Administration announced plans to license and deploy aerial drones to conduct Chemtrail spraying operations.
Hillary Clinton seen here at a suburban Pittsburgh campaign stop criticizing Ayn Rand fans.

Ayn Rant: Hillary Clinton Calls Atlas Shrugged “a boyish fantasy”

At a recent speaking engagement in suburban Pittsburgh, former Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton went off script to criticize Ayn Rand's 1957 Objectivist novel Atlas Shrugged as "a boyish fantasy not grounded in reality, but rather a comic book tale."
Attack survivor Lewis White (second from the left) said the Iroquois stole his wife (to the left of Mr. White).

Colonial Williamsburg Sacked By Iroquois Tribe

This past Friday Williamsburg was stunned when a Native American raiding party attacked the Colonial City, killing seven and wounding as many as twelve.
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