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Poll Numbers Reflect America’s Expanding Asshole Demographic

The Palo Alto, CA-based Rundex Family Foundation has just published a 187 page study that found that Donald Trump's recent triumph in the polling data suggests that America is finally realizing its asshole potential.

Amazon Echo Holds Family Hostage In Home

When the Johnsons took delivery of an echo, it created some controversy in their normally austere household. It also created an atmosphere of terror.
Donald Trump is taking credit for many historical achievements.

Trump Takes Credit For Affordable Care Act And Being The First President Of Color

President-Elect Donald Trump has had a bumpy ascension to power since winning the presidential election in November. His transition and the selection of his cabinet have raised several eyebrows among politicians and pundits alike.
What a proposed Mar-a-Lago West would look like in Grass Valley's Kmart shopping center.

Donald Trump Planning Mar-a-Lago “West” in Grass Valley Kmart Parking Lot

According to leaked documents from the Trump administration, corroborated by Wikileaks, Donald Trump Enterprises plans on building a replica of the President's Florida estate in the former gold rush town of Grass Valley, CA.

Study: Google Discriminates Against African-Americans

A 2 year study by the Palo Alto, CA-based Rundex Family Foundation has determined that the Internet behemoth Google, Inc., which is a subsidiary of the newly formed Alphabet Inc. is actively discriminating against African-African Americans on a number of its platforms.
President-elect Trump announced the United States' intention to leave the European Union.

The United States to Exit the European Union

The announcement, which surprised both liberals and conservatives, was apparently made to upset Western NATO allies and bolster the strength of Russia.

Area BMW Driver: “So What If I Drive Like an Asshole? F*ck You.”

Area BMW driver and asshole Don Victors doesn't care what people think of his driving. Mr. Victors, a former Director of Marketing at Adobe Systems and now a "budget web hosting" entrepreneur drives like he's the only person on Earth.
The last known picture of the official white house cat Almond Roca. Source: unknown.

Trump Family Cat Defects To Russia

Almond Roca, the White House cat is a gray tabby who was rescued by the Pence family from Paws and Prayers, a Christian/Gay Conversion animal rescue in Indiana and given as a gift to Melania and Baron Trump.
Remnants of Jeff Hughston's basement in Barstow, CA, after he accidentally launched his homemade rocket into the ceiling.

Flat Earther Launches Rocket, Splatters on Basement Ceiling

In what appears to be a copy-cat attempt gone awry, 37 year old Barstow, CA native Jeff Hughston's life almost came to an end this weekend when he attempted to launch his homemade, kerosene-powered rocket from his Mother's basement.
For Nevada City cat Bella, life hasn't worked out the way she planned.

Area Cat’s Life Not Working Out the Way She Wanted

Bella, a middle-aged tabby cat said that she had dreams of freedom and endless supplies of canned tuna, none of which came to pass.

Republican Candidates Compare Penis Sizes During Debate

During a particularly awkward moment during the Republican debate held in Detroit, Michigan, moderator Megyn Kelly admonished the candidates for dragging their body parts into their stump speeches.