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Sandy Hook Truther Celebrates 4 Year Anniversary Of Being A Complete Douchebag

  PALUMBO, MISSISSIPPI -- Rufus Cornelius Maxwell celebrated what he called a "very special milestone" today. It was four years ago that Adam Lanza, a 20-year-old mentally disturbed man, broke into Sandy Hook Elementary School...
New Grass Valley Police Officer

Brief: Grass Valley Police to Hire Former Ferguson, Missouri Officer

The Grass Valley Police Department release a memorandum late this week notifying the public that it has hired a former Ferguson, Missouri police officer. In the memo, the department wanted to make it clear that the new hire was in no way politically motivated, nor was there anything more "than a routine hire."

Facebook Testing Sarcasm Font

Facebook announced today that it will be introducing a sarcasm font that can be used for passive-aggressive purposed on the popular social media platform. The font, which will be available from a drop-down menu, will feature the the default Facebook typeface but in reverse-left italics to indicate sarcasm.
Area handyman Hank Snow showing off his unusual catch.

Freak GMO Fish Caught in Local Lake

Area handyman Hank Snow believes he's caught a once in a lifetime fish from Scotts Flatt Lake, which is located a few miles east of Nevada City, CA.
Vice President Mike Pence staring longingly at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his recent visit.

Does Mike Pence Have Eyes for Justin Trudeau?

Rumors are swirling around the White House that Vice President Mike Pence is deeply enamored with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It's unclear just how deep is his love for the young, handsome leader from the Great White North, but insiders are saying Mr. Pence is 'hot to trot' for him, like many in Washington D.C. and around the world.

District Attorney Arrested for Distributing Child Porn to Newspaper

Nevada County District Attorney Newell naively told officers he had indeed provided images depicting children in compromising situations to a number of media representatives.
Debbie Krankman of Grass Boots Realty, and Jon Fenwick of PeMax Realty got into it over a property.

Local Realtors Brawl Over Property Deal

The Nevada County Sheriff and EMT’s were summoned this afternoon to a south Nevada County home. 911 operators received a report of a domestic disturbance from the frantically distressed homeowners.

McConnell Says Trump’s Finger Smells Like Ass

Others have mentioned a similar experience with the President.
Nevada City, CA's Trump Tacos is being sued by Donald Trump for trademark infringement.

Donald Trump Suing Nevada City’s Trump Tacos

Trump Enterprises announced today that it plans on suing a small California taqueria for infringing on the Presidential Candidates trademarked name.

Is Alex Jones Deceased Comedian Bill Hicks? [VIDEO]

After an exhaustive 20 month investigation, Gish Gallop has learned that conspiracy theorist and host of Alex Jones is quite possibly the late deceased comedian Bill Hicks.

AR-15-Wielding Disney World Alligator Attacks Vacationing Boy

Police warn people to stay away from ponds with alligators and to wear ballistic vests when swimming.
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