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California Drought Forcing Bears Into Town

California's epic drought has taken a toll on not only its citizens, but also its animal populations. And no animal group has been more impacted than Black Bear community, where both food and water has become scarce forcing them into human-populated areas.

Misc. Crap for Sale in Cedar Ridge

Really just a bunch of crap to put with your existing crap
Not even Miles Davis, nor his beard can help Seattle's Luca Morrison find his soul.

Soul Patch Fails to Give Hipster Man Soul

Seattle, WA -- For the past 15 years, Luca Morrison has sported a well-groomed soul patch on his chin. His outward appearance is that of an urbane...
Nevada City's Ardwelia Kushborn, founder of Signal Shield Protectiveware Clothing

Area Woman Can’t Spell ‘Medical Marijuana’

Ardwelia Kushborn of Nevada City is a local clothing entrepreneur and medical marijuana advocate. However despite her enthusiasm for what she calls "grass roots medicine," she can't spell the words "medical marijuana," so she cleverly resorts to the abbreviations MMJ or more simply, MJ.

Study: Trump Supporters 87% More Likely To Go Blind/Kill Kittens

A 3 month study by the Palo Alto-based Rundex Family Foundation has revealed that Trump supporters have an 87% higher likelihood of going blind and killing kittens than the control group
Taliban has unexpectedly moved all of their daycare facilities from their missile installations.

Taliban Removes Daycare Facilities from Its Missile Sites

The Associated Press is reporting that the Taliban has removed all of its Muslim-centric daycare centers from their missile batteries stationed around Afghanistan.
David Bowie's remains will travel on a North Korean rocket.

David Bowie’s Ashes to be Carried By North Korean Rocket

A spokesman for Mainman productions, David Bowie's production company, has said that rock star's ashes will be carried by a Rodong-1 rocket into space later this month.
South Park creator Matt Stone admitted that character Eric Cartman is based on a childhood pet guinea pig.

Eric Cartman Based On South Park Creator’s Pet Guinea Pig

According to a new tell-all book, the creator of the Comedy Central show South Park based the popular character Eric Cartman on his childhood guinea pig.

Area Man Accidentally Terrorizes Save Mart with Axe

According to sources leaving the store, Mr. Morgan didn't go on a murderous rampage through the grocery store, but rather was walking around the aisles with a young boy holding what appeared to be a 6 to 8 lb. maul axe.
Christian landlords have a new bullet in their belts.

Extreme Vetting for Christian Conservative Landlords

Are you a Christian conservative landlord looking to rent your home or rental property to like-minded Americans of faith? Wondering how to successfully skirt President Obama’s unfair and un-American anti-discrimination laws? Do you envision a community of believers living together in fellowship?
Tupac Shakur and Osama bin Laden seen here outside the recording studio.

Tupac/Osama bin Laden Team Up for New Album

After years of industry speculation and rumor, American superstar rapper Tupac Shakur and renown international terrorist Osama bin Laden have joined forces for the first time to create the world's first cross-cultural rap album.
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