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Banner Mountain Residents Terrorized by Roaming “Deer Gardener”

Homeowners in the affluent Nevada City, CA neighborhood of Banner Mountain are discovering that a supposed door-to-door gardener is not a gardener, but rather a California mule deer. Many have been fooled and countless gardens and vegetation have been destroyed.

Easter Egg Dash Prepares Kids for Reality TV, say A&E Producers

Producers of the popular US documentary TV show Hoarders announced Saturday that they were pleased with the recent Easter Egg 'hunts" in Grass Valley, CA.

Coldplay Promises Not to Put Super Bowl Fans To Sleep

Super Bowl fans attending the 50th mega NFL event breathed a sigh of relief on Friday when the halftime entertainment headlined by the British rock band Coldplay promised not to put everyone to sleep.
A new proposes California law will tax social media interactions.

California Proposes Taxing Social Media

A new controversial California law will tax social media interactions. It's expected to meet fierce resistance.
Code Pink's Medea Benjamin has agreed to meet with President Donald Trump.

Trump Invites Code Pink to White House

White House Press Secretary Sean Spicer announcing during the daily briefing that President Trump has invited the grassroots peace and social justice movement Code Pink to discuss their grievances.
"Mosul" is the top blue state baby name for boys in 2017.

Study: Mosul Top “Blue State” Baby Name for 2017

The Rundex Family Foundation has released its annual "Top Baby Names Report" for 2017 with some expected and surprising results. This year, Rundex partnered with IBM's Watson Technology to harvest the super computer's ability to parse "big data."

Thomas Pynchon spotted in Lake of the Pines

Lake of the Pines, CA -- Recluse author Thomas Pynchon was spotted lounging on the shores of Lake of the Pines California presumably at his lake-side home. He was reading a book with headphones...
The Indiana Jones franchise to be possibly renamed "Nevada County Jones" in light of the recent LGBT controversy in Indiana

Archaeologist Discovers Nazi Compound In Cairo, Egypt

 News from Cairo, Egypt has reported that a hidden Nazi compound was allegedly infiltrated by a  university professor from University of Los Angeles, CA.
Alex Jones says he plans on suing Alex Jones' quotes.

Alex Jones Sues His Own Quotes

Conspiracy theorist and chili aficionado Alex Jones announced this week that he plans on suing his own quotes. Early this week, Greek yogurt giant Chobani filed a lawsuit against the right-wing radio host, accusing him of publishing false information about the company.
28-year-old John Jessup of Green Hills Louisana

Republican Man Buys Gun So He Can Worry About Obama Coming For It

John Jessup exercised his Second Amendment right so that he could "truly know the horrors of worrying about Barack HUSSEIN Obama coming to take" his new gun away.
Donald Trump announced today that he plans on suing himself.

Donald Trump Threatens To Sue Donald Trump For Being Donald Trump

After threatening to sue the women coming forward to accuse him of sexual misconduct and assault after the election, Donald Trump -- Republican presidential nominee, alleged billionaire, and winner of Season 3 of "America's Next Super Rich Sexual Predator" -- announced that his lawyers were looking into filing another lawsuit.
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