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Area Pro-Gamer Dies of Heart Attack During Tournament/Maintains 1:0 Score Ratio

Local man Brian Boykis (26) passed away in his home on June 28th from a standard heart attack brought on by the consumption of energy drinks and excitability.
Justin Yermouth thought he’d treat his fiancé, Jennifer Taylia to a nice relaxing facial after she finished her shift.

Area Woman Threatens Lawsuit after Messy Facial

Justin Yermouth, 22, thought he'd treat his fiance, Jennifer Taylia, 20, to a nice relaxing facial after she finished her shift at Thai Me Up Wednesday afternoon. But what had started out as a loving gesture turned into a hair-raising affair for the young bride to be.
Veteran television journalist Gwen Ifill has died at the age of 61.

Gish Gallop Salutes Our Heroes: Gwen Ifill Dead at 61.

Veteran television journalist Gwen Ifill, the longtime host of PBS’ “Washington Week” and co-anchor of “PBS NewsHour,” has died. She was 61. A PBS spokesperson confirmed that Ifill passed away Monday after a months-long battle with cancer.

Police Sue Woman for Blocking Tear Gas with Her Face

A woman in a coma is being sued by Texas Police for interfering with their peacemaking operations.
America has given Sean Hannity just 24 hours to resign if he can't prove that he's not a charlatan.

America Calls for Sean Hannity to Drop Out of the Media within 24 Hours

On the heals of Sean Hannity's about about-face support of controversial Alabama Senatorial candidate Roy Moore, The United States of America has asked that the popular Fox News show host step down from all media productions if he can't prove that he's not a charlatan.
A recently transplanted North San Juan Ridge family nearly starved to after being unprepared for an off-the-grid lifestyle. Permaculture Lesson Leads Area Family to Near Starvation

A recently transplanted Bay Area family found itself earlier this week on the brink of starvation after moving to the North San Juan ridge located in a remote part of Nevada County.
A triumphant Hillary Clinton is rejoicing after God's endorsement of same-sex marriage.

5 Million Uncounted Sanders Ballots Found On Clinton’s Email Server

Presumptive Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton is in hot water again after nearly 5 million uncounted California electronic ballots were found on her email server by the F.B.I.
Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders arguing on chamber floor for his "Enchirito Restoration Act of 2017"

Bernie Sanders Proposes “Enchirito Restoration Act of 2020”

In what some are calling some of the Vermont Senator's greatest achievements, Bernie Sanders took to the chamber floors yesterday afternoon to introduce what he's calling the Enchirito Restoration Act of 2017 which seeks to force fast food giant to re-introduce the enchilada-like item on its menu.
A leaked internal document from Facebook reveals how the social media giant controls your feed.

Leak: Facebook Feeds Managed By Two Grumpy Men in a Balcony

According to this anonymous source, who wished to only be identified as "Miss P" for fear of retaliation,  provided an internal memo the detailed how Facebook makes decisions about what appears on your feed.
Founder and CEO of Jeff Bezos announced plans to purchase the popular porn site

Amazon Makes Bid To Buy

In a surprise move that caught investors completely off guard, Amazon announced a $3.4 billion dollar bid to buy online adult content provider
Donald Trump Jumps the Shark

Donald Trump To Jump Shark

In a last ditch effort to revive his public image amid flagging poll numbers, disastrous performances in all three Presidential Debates, alienation from top Republicans and GOP voters and numerous lawsuits and scandals, Donald Trump has announced plans to jump across a 400-gallon tank containing an adult great white shark.
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