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Rejected State of Jefferson Flags

Gish Gallop Salutes the rejected flags of the State of Jefferson. Do you see any that you think should be re-considered?
State of Jefferson supporters seen in a file photo from 1941 searching for Chemtrail chemicals

Chemtrail Debate Reveals Deep Divide in the State of Jefferson Movement

A debate has opened up between State of Jefferson supporters in Southern Oregon and their Californian cohorts over the Chemtrail controversy.

Osama Bin Laden To Colin Kaepernick: I Am Your Father

In an unbelievable turn of events, the reach and resources of Gish Gallop have uncovered a bombshell. NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick of the San Francisco 49’ers is the son of terrorist leader Osama Bin Laden.
This is what Broad Street would look like renamed to Nisenan Blvd.

Area Feminist Petitions to Have Broad Street Renamed

Area community activist and former Sacramento State University feminist Sairhra Ramun of Nevada City has petitioned the city council to formally change the name of Broad Street to Nisenan Blvd. The move, which has been expected by acquaintances close to the activist, was inspired by recent unrest at several college campuses across the country.
Hillary Clinton seen here at a suburban Pittsburgh campaign stop criticizing Ayn Rand fans.

Ayn Rant: Hillary Clinton Calls Atlas Shrugged “a boyish fantasy”

At a recent speaking engagement in suburban Pittsburgh, former Democratic Presidential Candidate Hillary Clinton went off script to criticize Ayn Rand's 1957 Objectivist novel Atlas Shrugged as "a boyish fantasy not grounded in reality, but rather a comic book tale."
A new Nevada City ordinance is requiring the police to use aromatherapy for prisoners in local jails.

Nevada City To Test Aromatherapy On Hardened Criminals

The quaint gold rush town of Nevada City, CA will be the first in the nation to experiment with aromatherapy on hardened criminals.

Trump Campaign Hires Ryan Lochte As Truth Adviser

ASH MILL, NORTH CAROLINA -- While speaking to a campaign stop crowd outside a seafood restaurant, Donald J. Trump announced that his campaign has hired embattled Olympic swimmer Ryan Lochte as a special adviser...
Jason Brandt of Grass Valley, CA and his soapboax car that got him jail time.

Fix-it Ticket Leads to Jail Time for Area Man

Mr. Brandt was pulled over and ticketed near the bottom of the Alta St. hill by a Grass Valley police officer for not having proper registration tags on his vehicle.
This is about as stupid as stupid gets, folks.

Area “Flattard” Thinks “Flattard” Might be a Derogatory Slur

Area Flat Earth believer Ben M. Walkowiaksky believes that his new Facebook nickname "Flattard" might be a derogatory slur. Mr. Walkowiaksky was christen "Flattard Supreme" by the administrators of the popular Flat Earth Facebook Group "Flat Earth Education" over the weekend.
Nothing expresses xenophobia more precisely than a Facebook rant about bad drivers.

Locals and Flatlanders Face Off in a Competition for Shittiest Drivers

In another terse “locals” against “transplants” debate, the Nevada County Facebook community pages have been heating up over which faction is doing all of the shitty driving in the area, and now the online fracas has spilled into the streets.
Oakland, CA's crack police drug dog is in jail tonight.

Police Drug Dog Busted For Selling Narcotics

Police forces have deployed drug sniffing dogs for years now. They have become a valuable asset in the war on drugs. It came as a shock when Buzz, Oakland Police Department drug sniffing dog, was caught selling catnip to neighborhood cats.
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