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Various deer parts from Giovanni's private Mandy collection.

Follow-Up: Area Weatherman Selling Meats on the Ridge

There appears to be a door-to-door meat selling bonanza happening in Nevada County. Area patent troll and weather genius Giovanni Paolo recently admitted to Gish Gallop that he sells a series of quality Omaha steaks to the residents of North San Juan and Camptonville. Along with his high quality meats, he sells a variety of "exotic" local animal proteins as well.
Artist's rendition of Amazon's "Cow in a Box" Prime Pantry offering

Amazon Prime Pantry to Ship Livestock announced late Friday afternoon that it planned to use its popular "Prime Pantry" service to start shipping Livestock directly to consumers.
Simon Tax Specialists of Chicago plans on offering free porn to its clients.

Tax Firm To Offer Free Porn While You Wait

Simon Tax Specialists has come up with a perfect program for those of us that suffer during tax season. Simon is now offering free porn while you wait for your taxes to be completed.
First Lady Ivanka Trump held a press conference and forcefully rejected several key details from Daniels’ book.

Ivanka Trump Refutes Key Details Of Stormy Daniels Tell-All

First Lady Ivanka Trump held a press conference and forcefully rejected several key details from Daniels’ book.
Bridget Doggins seen here with a few thousands Facebook "Friends" cheering her on.

Thousands Show Up to Watch Area Woman’s Birth

Bridget Doggins created a public Facebook event announcing the home birth of her third child. Over 12,099 people from around the United States said they were going to attend and over 1000 showed up to watch.
Alabama rapist George Weed Wambles

Alabama Rapist Can Finally Have The Family He Never Had

Alabama rapist George Weed Wambles thinks his State's new anti-abortion law gives him hope for finally having a family.

Ho Chi Minh Endorses Hillary Clinton

The Marxist dictator of North Vietnam today endorsed the "future Marxist leader of the United States of America," Hillary Clinton. Linden Baines Johnson seconded the endorsement.

President Obama Nominates Self to Supreme Court

In record time, President Obama has named a successor to the Supreme Court of the United States (SCOTUS) following the death of Supreme Court Justice, Anthony Scalia.
Jason Hendricks broke his nose while motor boating.

Area Man Breaks Nose Motorboating

What started as a fun night out at the Nevada Club ended with a trip to the emergency room for a Grass Valley man Monday night.
Former Press Secretary Sean Spicer outs Tiffany Trump.

Spicy Tells All: Tiffany Trump Comes Out as Transgender, Triggers POTUS Military Ban

Tiffany Arianna Trump, 23-year-old daughter of U.S. President Donald J. Trump, revealed plans to become a man and join the army during a formal "coming out" ceremony with friends and family Tuesday night at the White House, former press secretary Sean Spicer said this morning.

Local Entrepreneur Thwarted by DSL

Nevada County Home Business "Shake It Well" came to a screeching halt on Sunday night when Bob and Danni Schlozmeyer's DSL went down for the 3rd time that day and the 19th time this week.
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