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Kool-Aid Man is in the Cuyahoga County Jail awaiting trial.

Kool-Aid Man Arrested For Property Damage

Kool-Aid man was arrested yesterday after bursting through three walls of houses on the West Side neighborhood of Tremont City, OH, where he did an estimated $60,000 in damages.
File photo: Tahoe paddle boat often seen on Lake Tahoe.

Lake Tahoe Cruise Ship Sinks, 312 Not Dead

Lake Tahoe, a world renowned playground paradise, fell prey today to a disaster of epic proportion.
The new Centennial Dam project will host a new water park and and fully re-assembled Bridgeport Bridge.

New Centennial Dam to Host Water Park and Full Bridgeport Bridge

Officials of the Nevada Irrigation District (“NID”) confirmed today that a new recreational facility will be included in the Centennial Dam Project.

Donald Trump Dons Christian Stigmata

After a success campaign tour through the Lone Star state, Presidential hopeful Donald Trump surprised his Dallas supporters by revealing that he has a Christian Stigmata on his left hand. As he left the podium, a collective gasp arose from the audience as he raised his right hand clearly revealing a Stigmata.
Fernwood Z. Frischland, Esq.

Local Schizophrenic Lawyer Sues Self for Fall

Nevada County is about to make legal history as Fernwood Z. Frischland, Esq., filed a civil suit against himself for a nasty fall he suffered in front of his home at 24444 Old Tunnel Road.

A Verdict on Obscenity

Unbelievable! I was in a Goodwill and there's a huge painting, referring back to the famous painting of God reaching down to Adam. But in the painting Adam is handing God a drink and...
It's unclear if Nancy Grace's new look will help her convict people in the court of public onion.

Nancy Grace Gives Birth To Second Chin

Los Angeles, CA -- Former prosecutor turned talk show host Nancy Grace is often controversial and has been accused by critics of biases when talking about criminal court cases, often convicting someone in public opinion before...
Press Secretary  Sarah Huckabee Sanders was told by her father Mike Huckabee to eat more to combat stress.

Mike Huckabee Counsels Daughter to “Eat More” to Combat Stress

The Senior Huckabee told Sarah Huckabee Sanders to "eat more to combat the pressures and stresses of being in the limelight."

Trump Proclaims the US Government a Complete Failure

President's ironic comments come at a tense time for Trump.
Arizona drug enforcement officers seen at their 'drug awareness table' at a Phoenix-area flea market.

Law Enforcement Under Fire for Controversial Flea Market Stand

Arizona drug enforcement officials from Nogales, Arizona have been put on administrative leave after setting up a drug table at a Phoenix-area Flea Market.
President Trump might "pre-pardon" himself.

President Trump Considering Pre-Pardoning Himself

According to unnamed White House officials, President Donald Trump is mulling the possibility of pre-pardoning himself of any criminal wrong-doing in the current investigation into Russian interference in the 2016 election.
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