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High School reporter Jim Patterson at a recent South Carolina Trump rally.

Reporter Dismayed by Lack of Racism at Trump Rally

Budding journalist and African American high school student Jim Patterson recently attended a rally in support of presidential candidate Donald Trump, only to find a shocking lack of overt racism.
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California Program Relocates Citizens to Idaho & Montana

An innovative State program seeks to help Californians relocate to other areas of the country. The California Department of Relocation, or CDR, was started by Governor Brown to help "people that want to get out of California, find suitable places to settle down."

Canadians Weigh In: Ted Cruz Plummets in Canadian Polls

While he is wildly popular in the USA, Senator Ted Cruz's popularity is plummeting in many Canadian polls. Ted Cruz is running for President of the United States, despite being a Canadian.

2nd Wave Internet Skepticism And The War Of Bad Ideas Part 1

This is the first in a series on what I have started referring to as 2nd Wave Internet Skepticism. 2nd wave Internet skepticism seems to fold tribalism in under the guise of critical thinking. It includes a lot of rhetoric that I first saw in the Men's Rights Activism movement.

The NRA’s Wayne LaPierre Offers Tear-Filled Resignation

Wayne LaPierre, the CEO and Executive Vice President of the National Rifle Association, said recently that, “you can have my guns when you pry them from my cold, dead hands tomorrow.”

Democrat Scientists Create New Virus To Avoid Going Back To Work

The leader of a team of scientists secretly creating what's been dubbed "the lazy virus" is under arrest.
His holiness the 14th Dalai Lama discussed the delights of Fidget Spinners at a recent Ohio spiritual conference.

Dalai Lama Finds Time to Relax with a Fidget Spinner

His holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama surprised audience members at this year's 7th Annual Ohio Spiritual Awakening Festival or OSAF when he mentioned that he used a fidget spinner to occasionally "relax and center himself after a hectic day."
Laurent Ilzner, 48 of Celina, Ohio hates everyone, including himself.

Area Man So Conservative, He Hates Himself

Celina, OH - In today's world, politics is more than just ideals. Too some, it has become a way of life. Some people have gone so far to the extreme left or right, they...
The secessionist State of Jefferson announced the nation's first Bigfoot refuge.

The Proposed State of Jefferson to Host Nation’s First Bigfoot Sanctuary

The California contingent of the State of Jefferson (SoJ) secessionist movement announced today that it plans on establishing the nation's first Sasquatch sanctuary and refuge which will be located in Siskiyou County.

Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority Releases New Music Video

Following a bizarre incident this week where a six-car train with passengers on board left a suburban Boston transit station and went through four stations without stopping, the Massachusetts Bay Transportation Authority or MBTA released a new music video in attempts to calm the nerves of the public.
Joseph "Janks" Hanks at home.

Millennial Voters: Legless Teen Beats The Streets For Trump

Janks was born, premature, on a cold December evening in Yuba City, California in 1997. His birth mother was 13 years old and a victim of incestuous sexual assault. It was very clear to the birth staff at the hospital that this baby would have a tough go at life.
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