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PG&E Wikipedia Page Briefly Defaced With Vulgar Language

A group of California hackers calling themselves the Pissed Off Citizens, attacked and defaced PG&E's Wikipedia page.

KVMR DJ Falls Asleep During Radio Broadcast

A KVMR broadcaster accidentally fell asleep during her overnight Native American flute show American Timbres which broadcasts from 2am to 5am. Around 3:30am listeners reported that the popular local radio station "went dead" and all they could hear was the soft, yet distinct sound of gentle snoring.

Wolf Blitzer Advises Against Seeing Your Barber

CNN's Chief Anchor thinks getting your hair done is an unnecessary risk.

New Study Claims Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

A new 4-year study confirms what many girls already know.
Ponce de León Fountain of Youth has been found outside of Orlando, FL. And it's a fluoride spring and a highway retention pond.

Florida Researchers Discover World’s First Natural Fluoride Spring

A team of University of Florida researchers led by esteemed Bio-Archaeologist Dr. Mark Todd Davis have discovered what they believe is the world's first and only natural fluoride spring out side the Orlando city limits.
Chewbacca shoe-shopping with friends. Could this be a clue?

Fight at Del Oro Theatre Was A Debate Over Chewbacca’s Gender

The altercation took place about 45 minutes into The Force Awakens when two local and long-time friends started arguing about the gender of furry supporting character Chewbacca. Lee Corneys of Grass Valley and Jerry Dodge were both taken into custody following the brawl and later released on bail.
Donald Trump fired his running mate Mike Pence via Twitter today.

Donald Trump to Mike Pence: You’re Fired

In breaking news that has shocked the Republican party, and further alienating Donald Trump from the mainstream GOP, the firebrand and controversial candidate fired his Vice Presidential running mate Mike Pence after the conservative Indiana governor condemned Trump's recent misogynist video.
Dilbert requested a restraining order against his creator Scott Adams.

Dilbert Seeks Restraining Order Against Creator Scott Adams

In a highly unusual move for a fictitious character, Dilbert requested a restraining order against his creator Scott Adams.

ANTIFA Submarine Establishes Beach Head at Northern CA Mall

A Northern California county is bracing for ANTIFA.
Today Donald Trump announced his replacement to Obamacare called the Affordable Care Act.

Trump To Replace Obamacare with the Affordable Care Act

President Donald Trump announced that he will provide health care to all Americans.

Alice Cooper Rejoins Mormon Church

Alice Cooper, after decades of hard rocking, drinking, drugging and hard living, made a startling announcement today as he left a local Mormon church after the service concluded.
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