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Local Bloggers Wish to Return to a Simpler “No Child Left Behind” Time

The local Nevada County blogosphere is actively debating the merits or vices of the Common Core education standards.
Some of the 67 participants in this year's International

International Boron Appreciation Day Passes Without Notice

International Boron Appreciation Day passed without notice on Wednesday. Officials of the relatively unknown holiday date said there were no parades, no fireworks and certainly no Boron giveaways at participating fast food restaurants largely because none participated.

Trump Cuts NASA After Discovering Moon Not Made Of Cheese

Trump Advisers today released official notice that space program NASA is losing all federal funding after the president was told by his second chief of staff, John Kelly in a "frustratingly stupid argument with a simple man" that the moon was not made of cheese like he was told as a young boy.

Penn Valley to Adopt Confederate Battle Flag

A group of Penn Valley, CA activists have banded together and unofficially declared the Confederate Battle Flag to be its unofficial city flag. They've formed an action group called the Penn Valley Citizens Against Speech Oppression or PVCASO (pronounced "puv cay-so"), which aims to restore the values of traditional, Christian America to America.

Video Report: Source of Zika Virus Revealed

In this exclusive video obtained by Gish Gallop from an anonymous informant, the private "virus marketplace" called ATCC is preserving and selling the horrible virus which is being sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Wikipedia Releases Dozens of New Hillary Clinton Citations

The citations, which run the range of Ms. Clinton's political career, are bound to provide "read meat" for Republican presidential challenger Donald Trump's stump speeches.

Herbalife Announces Yog-Sothoth as Spokesman

The Multi-Level Marketing company Herbalife announced that they have signed "Outter God" and cosmic all-seer Yog-Sothoth as their official media spokesman.
ISIS Terrorists on the Del Oro Theater. Source: Instagram

ISIS Launches Attack from Local Theater Roof Destroying a Car

A rocket-propelled grenade was fired from the roof of the Del Oro Theater striking a late model Toyota late Saturday afternoon in Grass Valley, CA. The attack, which ISIS took responsibility for, was targeted the first white car to emerge from the Safeway parking lot on Neal Street.
Karen Waters of Topeka, Kansas received a swift response from Jesus Christ.

Area Woman Asks Jesus to Protect Trump. Jesus Says No

Karen Waters of Topeka, Kansas received a swift response from Jesus Christ.
Justin and Claire Donnally-Smith of Palo Alto, CA are excited to pick out their child at Trader Joe's.

Trader Joe’s to Offer Child Adoptions

Trader Joe's, one of the largest privately held specialty grocery stores in the United States, has announced plans to offer child adoptions at select locations around California.
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