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The Foundation hopes to have the same success at Cornish Christmas as it did with it's popular Fracking Drill Bit campaign.

Grass Valley’s Cornish Christmas To Go ‘Pink’ for Breast Cancer

Susan G. Komen Foundation has partnered with the Grass Valley Chamber of Commerce, the City Council and the Grass Valley Downtown Association to turn Cornish Christmas into a "pink" event to raise money.
Area Man Brock Whalen of Penn Valley wants to make the conservative township great again.

Area Man Brock Whalen Promises to Make Penn Valley Great Again

Penn Valley resident and Donald Trump supporter Brock Whalen announced from his Lake Wildwood home office that he wants to make Penn Valley great again.

Terrible Stock Photo Toons Volume 2

James Conrad presents Volume 2 of his world-famous, death-defying terrible stock toons. All guaranteed to extend your life by as much as 1 minute per view. So view often.

United States to Annex Parts of India/Donate Anne Hathaway

In an effort to improve high technology productivity and capitalize on the current booming economy in that sector, the Obama Administration is proposing annexing several high tech cities on the Indian subcontinent.

2nd Wave Internet Skepticism And The War Of Bad Ideas Part 1

This is the first in a series on what I have started referring to as 2nd Wave Internet Skepticism. 2nd wave Internet skepticism seems to fold tribalism in under the guise of critical thinking. It includes a lot of rhetoric that I first saw in the Men's Rights Activism movement.
Cedar Ridge Resident seen here in his boat the Tommy C docked in the Sacramento Delta.

Area Wife Forces Husband To Live In New Boat

Frequent traveler, exotic animal collector and Cedar Ridge, CA resident Pete Johnson found himself in trouble over the weekend after he purchased a new fishing boat without telling his wife who unceremoniously kicked him out of the house. Mr. Johnson is currently living in his new boat which is docked 60 miles away in the Sacramento Delta.

North Korean Missile Debris Found in Northern California

As major world powers attend an emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council to address the successful launch of a North Korean satellite this weekend, federal authorities flooded into Nevada County Sunday morning to investigate what is thought to be debris from Supreme Leader Kim Jong-un’s “friendly launch” into space.
President Trump today offered salads to the "girls" basketball team from Syracuse.

Trump Buys 100 Salads For Winning Women’s College Basketball Team

President Trump today offered salads to the "girls" basketball team from Syracuse.

Local Green Party Member Sneaks Through McDonald’s Drive Thru

Sources close to the incident tell Gish Gallop that his two children Sky and Tyler were misbehaving in the back seat of the family's 2010 Toyota Prius Electric Conversion. The family had just returned from a 3 day visit with the Mr. Packard's Republican in-laws in Fresno, so his defenses were understandably low.
Ronald McDonald seen here at the Illinois Department of Employment Security.

McDonald’s Fires Ronald McDonald Amid Creepy Clown Epidemic

McDonald's has issued a statement confirming the reason for scrubbing Ronald McDonald from their website and his merchandise from their online store – the longtime franchise mascot is no longer under contract with the company.

Naughty Brawl Spoils Christmas Toy Bike Run

The 24th annual Nevada County Food & Toy Run was a little more memorable than expected this year for some unlucky participants. Dozens of motorcycle riders never left the Eric Rood Administrative Center staging area in Nevada City due to a vicious brawl between rival bike club members.
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