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Hillary Clinton promises to confiscate 3 times as many guns as Obama has.

Hillary Clinton Promises to Confiscate ‘At Least Three Times As Many’ Guns As Obama...

Hillary Rodham Clinton told a crowd of her supporters that she would do everything in her power to enact a "strong gun safety agenda" and that as part of that agenda she was "ready, willing, and able."

Procter & Gamble Releases Gluten-Free Tide Pods

Gluten-free Tide pods will be on store shelves early next year.
Mr. Dumpty expressed his doubts about Mr. Trump ever fully recovering.

Trump Hopes His Men and Horses Can Fix a Bad Egg

While the wall on the Mexican border is anticipated by many to keep Americans safer, God Emperor Trump found out how perilous the wall can be for both people and Mexicans.
Mike Trunkman and team seen prior to their departure to Europe.

Area Businessman One Deal Away from Making It

Area business man Dan Trunkman is one deal away from success or failure.
The proposed flag for the Great Republic of Penn Valley.

Penn Valley, CA Postpones Secession For Another Year

For the 14th consecutive year, the ardent conservative enclave of Penn Valley, CA has decided not to pursue secession from the United States.
Julian Assange has been offered political Asylum in Nevada City, CA.

Nevada City Offers Wikileaks Julian Assange Asylum

A group of Nevada City, California activists are celebrating tonight after they have successfully lobbied the city council to grant Wikileaks founder and chief spokesman Julian Assange political asylum in the town.

Penn Valley to Adopt Confederate Battle Flag

A group of Penn Valley, CA activists have banded together and unofficially declared the Confederate Battle Flag to be its unofficial city flag. They've formed an action group called the Penn Valley Citizens Against Speech Oppression or PVCASO (pronounced "puv cay-so"), which aims to restore the values of traditional, Christian America to America.

Trader Joe’s to Nevada County: Please Shut Up

In an unusual press release from the grocery giant, Trader Joe's Director of Marketing James Washburn has told the citizens of Nevada County to "...shut the hell up, already. We heard you. We get it. You want a Trader Joe's."
President Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan have a new plan for America.

White House Promotes ‘Single Prayer Health Care’

The White House is promoting a new 'faith-based' health care system that would repeal and replace Barack Obama's signature health care law with the power of prayer.
Sex offenders Roger Ailes and Bill Cosby plan on campaigning with Donald Trump to provide moral support.

Roger Ailes/Bill Cosby To Join Donald Trump for Moral Support

Former Fox News CEO Roger Ailes and former decent human being Bill Cosby will accompany the alleged billionaire at all of campaign rallies until Election Day.
A new proposes California law will tax social media interactions.

California Proposes Taxing Social Media

A new controversial California law will tax social media interactions. It's expected to meet fierce resistance.
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