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A local bakery is in trouble for a big hit.

Little Doobie’s Snack Cakes

A local brewing and bakery company in Nevada City is going out on a limb to give the local stoners some bold new products that the area has been in need of. One problem, it has stirred up a hornets nest with the law.

US Synchronized Swim Team Robbed at Gunpoint, Gold Medals Stolen

Rio De Janeiro, Brazil - Team USA has been a huge winner at this year's Olympic Games, garnering over 271 medals with over 81 of those being gold medals, but it wasn't all fun...
President Donald Trump and his chief advisor Steve Bannon drunk on malt liquor.

After Two-Week Drinking Bender, Trump and Bannon Finally Get to Work

After almost a two week drinking binge, President Trump and his chief advisor Steve Bannon have finally decided to get to the business of the country. Both men have been drinking heavily since the inauguration on January 20th.

Penn Valley to Deny “Gay” Marriage Licenses

A group of local Christian activists have banded together to prevent same-sex marriages from happening in Penn Valley, CA. The group, called Citizen Against Non-Traditions or CAN'T, seeks to prevent anyone from gaining a marriage license in the rural, largely conservative town.
High School reporter Jim Patterson at a recent South Carolina Trump rally.

Reporter Dismayed by Lack of Racism at Trump Rally

Budding journalist and African American high school student Jim Patterson recently attended a rally in support of presidential candidate Donald Trump, only to find a shocking lack of overt racism.

2nd Wave Internet Skepticism And The War Of Bad Ideas Part 1

This is the first in a series on what I have started referring to as 2nd Wave Internet Skepticism. 2nd wave Internet skepticism seems to fold tribalism in under the guise of critical thinking. It includes a lot of rhetoric that I first saw in the Men's Rights Activism movement.
Hillary Clinton seen here practicing with a large, orange bag of vomit.

Hillary’s Debate Sparring Partner an Orange Bag Of Vomit

The Hillary Rodham Clinton presidential campaign gave reporters a little insight into how their candidate prepared for tonight's highly-anticipated presidential debate between Clinton and Donald Trump.
Controversy erupted when the US Paralympics Team refused to stand for the Star Spangled Banner.

US Paralympics Team Refuses to Stand During Star Spangled Banner

A controversy erupted over the weekend when the United States Paralympics Team refused to stand for the National Anthem during their annual fall tryouts.

Trump Ejects ‘Tiny, Infantile Protester With Giant Hands’ From Rally

FOLE'S FALLS, VIRGINIA -- At a campaign rally this morning, Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump had a protester ejected from the hall in which he was delivering a speech. Mr. Trump screamed from the...
In a tearful farewell speech, Green Party Candidate Jill Stein said she was dropping out of the 2016 presidential race to work on her Morgellons Disease.

Morgellons Disease Forces Jill Stein Out of Presidential Race

In a tearful speech surrounded by her closest allies and surrogates, Green Party Candidate Jill Stein said she was dropping out of the 2016 Presidential race one day before election day to battle her persistent Morgellons Disease.
CIA director John Brennan can't figure out who to help.

Intelligence Agencies Unable to Find Moderate Republican to Aid

Officials from the National Security Agency (NSA), Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), and Department of Defense (DoD) have admitted that their efforts to identify a moderate Republican to aid have yet to bear fruit.
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