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A Charlotte, NC man has declined to take a shower in a friend's bathroom. Source: Joen Schneider

Area Man Not Interested in Using Friend’s Shower

Charlotte, North Carolina native Joen Schneider politely declined to take a shower in his friend's bathroom after discovering that he had decorated his bathroom in an unconventional way.
Dr. Evil contends that Ms. Clinton has been impersonating his style.

Dr. Evil Sues Hillary For Infringement And Impersonation

A federal judge issued a gag order this morning in response to a lawsuit filed in New York’s 96th District court.

Cost-cutting: ObamaCare to Cover Ambulance Balloon Service

The architects of ObamaCare have announced a plan to cut costs by implementing balloon ambulances. Known by its project name, "Ambula-Air," is a hot air balloon ambulance service for the "non-immediate emergency transportation needs" of ACA patients.
The personality best known for his "performances" on the UK-based show An Idiot Abroad, is not the leading candidate for UK Prime Minister.

Karl Pilkington Unaware He’s the Leading Prime Minister Candidate

The personality best known for his "performances" on the UK-based show An Idiot Abroad, is now the leading candidate for UK Prime Minister.

Trump’s EPA Head Figures The Earth Has ‘Had A Good 6,000-Year Run’

When Donald Trump chose Oklahoma Attorney General Scott Pruitt to head the Environmental Protection Agency, those who follow the science of climate change closely were more than a little alarmed.
Panthers quarterback Cam Newton reveals that he is indeed black during a press conference.

Newton Reveals That He Is Black Quarterback

Carolina Panthers superstar, Cam Newton, delivered a startling revelation during his Thursday meet and greet with Super Bowl media, disclosing for the first time that he is, in fact, a black quarterback.
61% of registered Republicans would have no problem with an ISIS terrorist attack on an abortion clinic.

Study: 61% of Trump Supporters Favor ISIS Attacks on Abortion Clinics

A new study has found that as many of 61% of registered Republicans think that an ISIS attack on an abortion clinic would be "OK."

Kim Jong-un to Visit the United States

In an unprecedented announcement North Korean supreme leader Kim Jong-un has released a statement saying he plans to visit the U.S.
The man featured here prominently in the red circle is doing nothing noteworthy.

Man Featured in Arrowed Circle Not Doing Anything Noteworthy

Keith Bradenshauer of Alta Sierra has released a highlighted photo that shows an area man doing absolutely nothing noteworthy.

Area Woman Regrets Impulse Purchases at Ross

Cedar Ridge power shopper Janet Williams has regrets about her recent trip to the Auburn, CA Ross Dress for Less store over the weekend. What started out as a whimsical "let's just see what they have in stock today" trip to the popular discount clothes and home furnishing store turned into a shopping odyssey as Ms. Williams filled up her Toyota Camry with over $250.00 of crap.
California 1st District Representative Doug LaMalfa was scolded by a 6 year old.

Representative Doug LaMalfa Scolded By 6 Year Old

LaMalfa appeared at a 'meet and great' fund raiser yesterday in Washington D.C., and as he was talking a young 6-year-old boy interrupted him. Ian Wilson from Baltimore, MD proceeded to scold LaMalfa on his voting record.
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