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Fidel Castro seen here performing at Las Vegas' Venetian this past July.

Fact Check: Castro Alive in Las Vegas Performing Stand-up Comedy

After several major news outlets have announced the death of former Cuban leader Fidel Castro, several news "debunking" sites have claimed that his demise is indeed a hoax.
Jason Dant of Penn Valley, CA claims he single-handedly stopped Jade Helm.

Area Man Thwarts Operation Jade-Helm with Internet Comments

Local survivalist and gun store clerk Jason Dant was shocked when he awoke to a peaceful morning. He realized that something must have occurred to stop, or at least delay, the hostile government takeover. He headed to his local library to search for answers on the Internet.
61% of registered Republicans would have no problem with an ISIS terrorist attack on an abortion clinic.

Study: 61% of Trump Supporters Favor ISIS Attacks on Abortion Clinics

A new study has found that as many of 61% of registered Republicans think that an ISIS attack on an abortion clinic would be "OK."

Procter & Gamble Releases Gluten-Free Tide Pods

Gluten-free Tide pods will be on store shelves early next year.
A loose coalition of Nebraska Angus cattle have formed am "AntiFarm" movement in hopes of challenging area Ranchers.

Cattle Form Controversial ‘AntiFarm Action’ To Protest Area Ranchers

Cattle in Nebraska have formed a coalition against being bred and slaughtered for food. They call themselves Antifarm and are backed by PETA and funded by the George Soros Foundation, which has recently received a mysterious $18 billion cash infusion.

Teenager Breaks New Cell Phone After 3 Days

3 days after receiving his new Samsung Galaxy mobile phone, complete with an Otterbox case, 15 year old Kevin Thomas of Grass Valley, CA somehow managed to crush the touchscreen into oblivion.
Trump Creates New Line Of Flex Cuffs

Trump Creates New Line Of Flex Cuffs For Police

Trump's cuffs detects prisoner's nationality and turns colors to help authorities identify where an illegal immigrant is from.

John Kerry Found to be Life-sized Ketchup-filled Stretch Armstrong

After a shaving accident on Wednesday a mystery was revealed: Secretary of State John Kerry is a flexible action figure filled with ketchup.

New Study Finds Vegans Less Annoying Than Anti-Vegans

In a landmark study released today by the Pew Research Center in cooperation with the National Cattlemen's Beef Association, scientists have determined that proponents of the anti-vegan movement are several orders of magnitude more obnoxious than vegans.

Area Woman Wins Online Arguments by Calling Opponents “Trolls”

A local unemployed and frequent Facebook participant Jennifer Murray of Nevada City, CA has taken to labeling anyone who irritates her on the popular social network "a troll." Apparently Ms. Murray arrived at this decision without little thought or consideration.
Nevada City resident Toby “Doob” Carnevale

Area Man Pays with a Check

Local SPD cashier Megan Albright was temporarily confused on Thursday when grocery store patron and long Nevada City resident Toby “Doob” Carnevale attempted to use a check to purchase a single Mentos candy.
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