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After publishing an inaccurate and racist paid advertisement, the Union wonders what could possibly go wrong?

Local Newspaper: Don’t Shoot the Racist Messenger

The Union of Grass Valley has taken a page out of its 150 year legacy with a recent advertisement. Unfortunately for the local paper, that page appears to be from sometime in 1952.
open refrigerator

Teenage Boy Opens Refrigerator for the 14th Time in an Hour

15-year-old Kevin Thomas of Grass Valley, CA has opened his family's refrigerator for the 14th time in the past hour for no apparent reason.
David "X" from North San Juan who wants to build a datacenter to house his Bitcoin mining operation.

Area Anarcho-Capitalist Has No Sense of Humor

"And there all all kinds of Anarchists, you see. There's Laissez-faire ones like me, and other ones. Then there's the hippie Anarcho-syndicalists ones. Commune types. Similar, but different than me," ranted Mr. "X."

Area Man Immediately Regrets Picking Up Hitchhikers

Recent Vacaville transplant and painting contractor Tommy Empire of Cedar Ridge immediately regretting picking up three hitchhikers Friday afternoon

NRA Study Finds Gun Owners Courageous, Svelte

In a startling new study of its members, the National Rifle Association (NRA) has concluded that gun owners share a number of previously unreported traits, ranging from high levels of patriotism to increased sexual prowess.
Cameron Whalen and Jennifer Myers seen here not knowing what to do in Liberty University's Robert E. Lee Library.

High School Bullies Who Seized Liberty University Unsure of What to Do Next

A local gang of high school bullies has taken over the Christian-only Liberty University in an attempt to "make education great again."

U.N. Security Council Meets To Discuss U.S. WMD’s Falling Into The Wrong Hands This...

NEW YORK, NEW YORK -- An emergency meeting of the U.N. Security Council was convened late Tuesday night. The subject at hand was the possibility of America's...
Smudge Sticks

Nevada City Woman Smudges House

A Nevada City woman has smudged her house in hopes of removing any "bad energy" left by the previous owners. Beverly "Indica" Anderson recently "smudged" her home on Orchard Street after she believed that the previous occupants deposited negative vibes into the home.
A new mobile application from a Van Nuys, CA company promises to take weather forecasting to new heights.

New App Combines Weather and Porn

A San Fernando Valley startup is taking your weather to the next logical step by merging the two most popular Internet activities into one convenient application for your favorite mobile device.

KVMR DJ Falls Asleep During Radio Broadcast

A KVMR broadcaster accidentally fell asleep during her overnight Native American flute show American Timbres which broadcasts from 2am to 5am. Around 3:30am listeners reported that the popular local radio station "went dead" and all they could hear was the soft, yet distinct sound of gentle snoring.
Monsignor William Lynn says Father O'Brien's condition might be due to fluoride in tap water.

Priest Blames Fluoride In Water For Pedophilia

Monsignor William Lynn, who has been in and out of prison for hiding evidence linked to priest pedophilia, says Father O'Brien's condition might be due to fluoride in tap water.
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