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Donald Trump has nominated controversial conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for Press Secretary

Alex Jones Offered White House Press Secretary Position

In what is a surprise and controversial development for some, and a welcomed addition to others, President Donald Trump has nominated alt-right conspiracy theorist Alex Jones for White House Press Secretary, replacing Sarah Huckabee Sanders.

Los Angeles Dodgers Refuse Trump Visit

The Dodgers have told President Trump to "take a hike."
An attempt to seem relevant and hip ended badly for Senator Ted Cruz.

Ted Cruz’s Skateboarding Campaign Video Ends in Failure

An attempt to seem relevant and hip ended badly for Senator Ted Cruz.

Mike Murphy Confirmed as the Second Coming of Jesus Christ?

Although that sounds positively harrowing for the man once deemed to be the savior of the chemtrails movement, there is a silver lining. Mike Murphy is, by some accounts, the reincarnation of Jesus Christ.
The last known picture of the official white house cat Almond Roca. Source: unknown.

Trump Family Cat Defects To Russia

Almond Roca, the White House cat is a gray tabby who was rescued by the Pence family from Paws and Prayers, a Christian/Gay Conversion animal rescue in Indiana and given as a gift to Melania and Baron Trump.
Ryan Wolford

Roundabout Shows Modern Technology’s Weakness

A Google self-driving car caused a traffic jam in Grass Valley over the weekend. A Google engineer decided to try out the new driver-less car in this area to, as he explains, “put it through the paces of my own hometown, where I learned to drive.”
President Trump in an early morning tweet announced that Thespians will no longer be permitted in the military.

Trump Bans Thespians from Military Service

In another in a long line of "governing by tweets," President Trump announced early this morning via Twitter that Thespians have no place in the military and will be not allow to serve their country.
Iconic American performer Jerry Lewis is dead at 91.

Gish Gallop Salutes Our Heroes: Jerry Lewis Dead at 91

Jerry Lewis, the comedian and filmmaker who was adored by many, disdained by others, but unquestionably a defining figure of American entertainment in the 20th century, died on Sunday morning at his home in Las Vegas.
Grumpy Cat is kaput.

World Famous Grumpy Cat Dead At Age 5

The world is mourning the loss of one of its favorite stars. Grumpy Cat, also known as Tartar Sauce, was found dead this morning of an apparent suicide.
New Jersey Governor Chris Christie seen here waiting to enjoy the entire Golden Corral to himself.

Chris Christie Closes Down Area Golden Corral

Christ Christie is back in the news today as reports came in from an area Golden Corral restaurant that the New Jersey governor had shut down the popular family-style buffet restaurant so he could dine in private.

The Walking Dead Season 7 to Feature Adam Sandler as Rick

“Yeah, we've written this entire season, front to back, and Rick Grimes is a MAJOR part of the unfolding plot, we aren't going to wait for Mr. Lincoln,” states a very angry Robert Kirkman. “I have no choice but to sub somebody in to fill the role. After many, many auditions I am sad to say that only Adam Sandler could really play a convincing Rick Grimes.
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