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Banner Mountain Residents Terrorized by Roaming “Deer Gardener”

Homeowners in the affluent Nevada City, CA neighborhood of Banner Mountain are discovering that a supposed door-to-door gardener is not a gardener, but rather a California mule deer. Many have been fooled and countless gardens and vegetation have been destroyed.
A Montana Christian Evangelical Camp is offering a realistic, "Jesus-like" experience.

Montana Christian Camp Allows You to Live, and then Die, Like Jesus Christ

A Montana Christian Evangelical Camp is offering a realistic, "Jesus-like" experience.
"Hot Dog Woman" Nora Byron of Modesto was getting even.

The Story Behind “Hot Dog Woman” [NSFW]

A surveillance video shot in the preparation area of a Modesto restaurant depicting a waitress inserting a hot dog into her nether regions has gone viral over the weekend. However the back story is tad stranger.
Weight loss guru Jenny Craig has died after ingesting a Ding Dong.

Weight Loss Guru Jenny Craig Chokes To Death on a Ding Dong

The passing of an icon is never easy, and often steeped in irony. So it goes for Genevieve Guidroz Craig, better known to the world as weight loss guru, Jenny Craig. She was 83 years old.

Yellowstone Caldera Openly Mocks Chile’s Calbuco Volcano

In a rare public appearance, the Yellowstone Caldera mocked Chile's Calbuco volcano for a less that stellar eruption late Thursday night.
Donald Trump plans to strip Second Amendment rights from Muslims.

Donald Trump: Second Amendment Should Not Apply to Muslims

Donald Trump said he will push to have the Second Amendment revised so it does not apply to people who call Islam their religion.

Gish Gallop Review: Brunswick Basin’s Food is Crap

And that created a problem: what to do with a drained, formerly crap-filled lake? The answer was obvious. Fill it in with more crap like corporate stores, fast food joints and gasoline stations. Out with the old, and in with the same old shit.
President Donald Trump and his chief advisor Steve Bannon drunk on malt liquor.

After Two-Week Drinking Bender, Trump and Bannon Finally Get to Work

After almost a two week drinking binge, President Trump and his chief advisor Steve Bannon have finally decided to get to the business of the country. Both men have been drinking heavily since the inauguration on January 20th.
Noam Chomsky is considering a move to Canada or Quebec.

Noam Chomsky Hires Canadian Real Estate Agent

Renown MIT linguistics professor, media critic and social scientist Noam Chomsky has reportedly hired a Canadian real estate agent apparently with hopes of relocating to the United States neighbor to the north.

Area Man Accidentally Terrorizes Save Mart with Axe

According to sources leaving the store, Mr. Morgan didn't go on a murderous rampage through the grocery store, but rather was walking around the aisles with a young boy holding what appeared to be a 6 to 8 lb. maul axe.
President Donald Trump doesn't want Muslims in his Christian country.

President Trump Signs Executive Order Officially Classifying U.S. As Alternative Christian Nation

Despite Republicans' eight year criticism of former President Barack Obama's use of executive orders, their newly inaugurated commander in chief has not been shy to write several himself in just his first week in office.
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