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An area business woman is donating 10s of thousands of dollars in body products to Obama drone victims.

Area Entrepreneur Donates Hand Cream to Obama Drone Victims

Dolores Lana McKenna is working with the Nevada City, California-based non-profit group People Against Obama's Drones or PAOD to distribute hundreds of jars of organic hand and body cream to Middle Eastern bombing victims. Each 5 ounce jar usually caters to upper income 'progressives' and typically sells for over $50.00 USD in specialized retail outlets.
No one in their right mind would ever fuck Roger Ailes.

Roger Ailes Denies Gretchen Carlson’s Allegations: No One Would Fuck Me

Over the weekend though, Ailes responded directly to Carlson's allegations, and his defense is being seen as quite unique among legal experts.
North Korean leader Kim Jong Un with a scantily clad Richard Simmons. released by North Korea's News Agency

Richard Simmons To Aid North Korean Leaders Weight Loss

North Korean leader Kim Jong Un's weight has been the subject of ridicule since taking power after his Father's death. Recently he became angered after John McCain called him, "the lil fat kid".

Demon Captured at Local Hospital Actually a Kardashian

In an attempt to stay relevant, an unidentified member of the Kardashian family invaded the room of a dying patient dressed as a demon at Sierra Nevada Memorial Hospital earlier this week. In an exclusive and somewhat terrifying photo obtained by Gish Gallop, one can see what appears to be a demonic figure jumping onto the bed of a dying patient.

Ben Carson: Obamacare Stealing Your Identity and Cloning Your Poo

As I was investigating this debauchery, it occurred to me, my poo is already smarter than a Democrat. Can you imagine how dim a Democrat’s poo is? Worse, can you imagine how obtuse a Democrat poo clone would be?
Smee in his yarmulke

Area Family Circumcises Their Pet Dog

The new procedure is aimed to ease the minds of families wanting to get rid of the "red rocket" that could raise some uncomfortable questions from young children.
The Courtesy Bucket from the Famous Lobster Buffet at the Boomtown Casino and "Resort"

Gish Gallop Review: Boomtown Famous Lobster Buffet

Like all buffets in casinos, there is a great deal of fanfare before one reaches the restaurant, which is typically buried in a obscure location within the bowels of the building. I have to admit, I was excited seeing all of the billboards on my approach.
The popular Youtube sensation "Annoying Orange" was found dead in a Walnut Creek, CA Whole Foods grocery store.

Annoying Orange Found Dead in Walnut Creek Whole Foods

The popular YouTube character "The Annoying Orange" has been found dead in a Walnut Creek, California Whole Foods grocery store.
The Donald Trump victory was made possible by the 92-year-old newspaper Gish Gallop.

Trump Victory Linked to Gish Gallop

The 92-year-old Nevada County Gish Gallop admitted today in a press release that it was 100% responsible for Hillary Clinton's loss on November 8th.
Kentucky's Rowan County Clerk Kim Davis is keeping the faith.

Kim Davis One Year Later ~ Defender of the Faith

Nothing on God’s green earth could break Kim Davis, the Rowan County Clerk who bravely refused to issue marriage licenses to same-sex deviants.
Nevada City's Ardwelia Kushborn, founder of Signal Shield Protectiveware Clothing

Area Woman Can’t Spell ‘Medical Marijuana’

Ardwelia Kushborn of Nevada City is a local clothing entrepreneur and medical marijuana advocate. However despite her enthusiasm for what she calls "grass roots medicine," she can't spell the words "medical marijuana," so she cleverly resorts to the abbreviations MMJ or more simply, MJ.
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