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Taj Mahal Attacked By New Jersey Militia

The national usCrow affiliate militia the New Jersey Minutemen briefly seized control of the Trump Taj Mahal briefly over the weekend on an anonymous tip that the struggling casino and resort was harboring Islamic terrorists.

Pat Robertson Blames Burning Man For Hurricanes

Many of Robertson's loyal supporters have come to his defense, including Laura Swanson, she said, "those people have a one way ticket to hell with all of their fornicating and drug use."

General Store or Someone’s Home: Area Man Unsure

Recent Vacaville, CA transplant Tommy Empire was not sure if the Iowa Hill, CA general store was actually a grocery store or somebody's kitchen.

Nearsighted Sheriff Mows Down Tomato Field with MRAP

To retaliate against election emboldened cannabis growers, Sheriff Keith Royal unleashed “Big Bertha”, the Nevada County Sheriff’s Department contracted helicopter, and sent her to the skies.
President Obama seen here in a White House corridor dressed as his wife.

President Obama to Celebrate Halloween as Michelle

The president of the free world will celebrate Halloween this year by dressing up as his wife, First Lady Michelle Obama. The move, which surprised both his critics and supporters, was a last-minute decision and the White House wanted to make it clear that the President was not trying to make some kind of "political statement."
Christian Heavy Metal artists Stryper announced they will be folding into Satanic themes into their music and shows going forward.

Stryper Comeback Tour to Feature Satanic Theme

Popular 1980s Christian Heavy Metal band Stryper announced over the weekend that they are mounting a comeback tour with a what some are calling an ironic twist: a satanic theme.

Trump Outraged at Klan Rally Violence

A Ku Klux Klan (KKK) rally turned violent in Anaheim, California over the weekend as klansmen and protesters clashed, with three people suffering stab wounds and 13 people under arrest. Disturbing images of the violence have surfaced on social media, prompting presidential contender Donald Trump to express his outrage.
"Mosul" is the top blue state baby name for boys in 2017.

Study: Mosul Top “Blue State” Baby Name for 2017

The Rundex Family Foundation has released its annual "Top Baby Names Report" for 2017 with some expected and surprising results. This year, Rundex partnered with IBM's Watson Technology to harvest the super computer's ability to parse "big data."
A shocking new poll reveals how Americans really feel about abortion.

POLL: Most Americans Unsure About Late-Term Abortion Unless The Fetus Is A Trump

A shocking new poll reveals how Americans really feel about abortion.
Keith Bradenshauer of Alta Sierra, CA swears he spotted an enormous "Black Cube" near the moon.

Amateur Astronomer Spots Giant Black Cube Near Moon

Local amateur cryptozoologist, paranormal investigator, SciFi Channel fan and amateur astronomer Keith Bradenshauer of Alta Sierra, CA swears he spotted an enormous "Black Cube" near the moon this past week on his Meade telescope.

Kid’s All Night Soda Bender Leads to Groin Punching on Camping Trip

A local family learned the hard way that a steady diet of soda pop and potato chips can have a direct impact on the groin health of fellow camp-mates.
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