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Scaramucci's wife, Deidre Ball, filed for divorce citing her husband's "blind political ambition" as her main reason for leaving him.

Scaramucci Posts Nude Photos Of His Wife As Revenge For Divorce

Senior Advisor to the President, Anthony Scaramucci is no stranger to controversy. From the beginning of his career at Goldman Sachs to his recent successful selling of global investment firm Skybridge Capital, Scaramucci has been in the gilded spotlight.
concrete temple with tree root on top

8 Destination Every Weed Lover Want to Visit Once

Deciding a place to visit can be a daunting task, especially if it’s your first time.
The FDA is promoting a pro-Drug workplace.

The New FDA: Free Drugs For America in the Workplace

According to the Quest Diagnostics Drug Testing Index released May 17, 2017, overall positivity in urine drug testing among the combined U.S. Workforce in 2016 increased by five percent since 2015.

Study: Numerous Steve Jobs Films Show Americans’ Love of Rich Assholes

The Rundex Family Foundation of Palo Alto, CA published the findings of its 2-year study on why Americans are fascinated with billionaire CEOs. The study was publish this week to little notice by both the mainstream press and public.
Margaret Porter outside her Lake of the Pines Home

Lake of the Pines Woman Reuses Christmas Tree All Year

Lake of the Pines, CA -- Area Woman Margaret Porter reuses her artificial Christmas Tree  all year around to celebrate a myriad of festivals and holidays."It all started a few years back when I...

Inside Pictures of Trump’s Inauguration Preparation

Several photos have leaked onto the Internet featuring Donald Trump preparing for his inauguration. A couple have raised concerns about the 45th President's ruling style with seem to suggest a much more authoritarian approach to leading the world's most power country.
President Trump signs a Presidential pardon for Bill Cosby.

President Trump Pardons Bill Cosby

In a startling announcement via executive order, President Trump has pardoned Bill Cosby from any wrongdoing after being charged with the sexual assault of a Temple University employee in 2004.
Bryan Buxton of Penn Valley, CA is not sure what he's preparing for anymore.

Area Survivalist Not Sure What He’s Preparing For

Area survivalist and cattle rancher Bryan Buxton of Penn Valley, CA has spent over 15 years collection and storing food and weapons in his backyard underground bunker when it occurred to him this week that he had no idea what he was preparing for.

General Store or Someone’s Home: Area Man Unsure

Recent Vacaville, CA transplant Tommy Empire was not sure if the Iowa Hill, CA general store was actually a grocery store or somebody's kitchen.
Melba Felder took a "foot selfie" of her swollen foot, asking Facebook what she should do about it.

Woman Asks Facebook What to do About Her Swollen Foot

Area Rhode Island St. resident Melba Felder posted a picture of her swollen foot on the popular Nevada County Peeps Facebook group asking for opinions on what she should do about it.
A student from the prestigious Highland Park High School is suing his school district for discrimination.

School Field Trip Leads to Disability Lawsuit

A student from the prestigious Highland Park High School is suing his school district for discrimination.
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