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Tim's proof that earth is flat.

Flat-earther Drives Off The End Of The World

A new debate is raging within the pages of Facebook, is earth flat or round? You may have thought that science settled the argument in the middle ages, but today's self-made scientists disagree.
A typical, bicycle unfriendly parking job in Nevada City, CA.

County Enjoys 4th Straight Day Without a Car Accident

The greater Nevada County area just enjoyed its 4th consecutive day without a single car accident. The stretch of Hwy 49 between Auburn, through Grass Valley, and into Nevada City is a complete mess of treacherous roadway and stupid drivers.
Nevada City conspiracy activist Saihra Ramun seen here using her new platform to promote chemtrail awareness.

Local Activist Commits To “Chemtrail” Strip Club Tour

Nevada City conspiracy activist Saihra Ramun is using her new platform to promote chemtrail awareness.
Goodwill industries is denying that it packaged dog feces for resale.

Goodwill Denies Reselling Dog Shit in Plastic Bags

Goodwill industries is denying that it packaged dog feces for resale.

Conservative Leadership Confused by Trump’s Success

Leaders across the Republican party, as well as some of the top conservative pundits in America, have expressed shock at the apparent hijacking of the Republican party by presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Sairhra Ramun announcing her plans to shutdown local radio stations KVMR and KNCO.

Community Activist Calls for Terminating Local Radio Stations

Community activist, conspiracy theorist and local radio personality Sairha Ruman is calling to end her flagship radio station KVMR for what she calls "Electro-magnetic pollution" of her home town of Nevada City, CA.
Vice President Mike Pence staring longingly at Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau during his recent visit.

Does Mike Pence Have Eyes for Justin Trudeau?

Rumors are swirling around the White House that Vice President Mike Pence is deeply enamored with Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau. It's unclear just how deep is his love for the young, handsome leader from the Great White North, but insiders are saying Mr. Pence is 'hot to trot' for him, like many in Washington D.C. and around the world.
Donald and Melania Trump are divorcing.

Donald and Melania Trump To Divorce

Donald Trump, the brash entrepreneur who is running for President in the 2016 election, is filing for divorce from wife Melania. Melania, a model and designer, has been married to Donald since 2005. She is Donald's third wife.

Video Report: Source of Zika Virus Revealed

In this exclusive video obtained by Gish Gallop from an anonymous informant, the private "virus marketplace" called ATCC is preserving and selling the horrible virus which is being sponsored by the Rockefeller Foundation.

Briarpatch Co-op to Open “Pay It Forward” Checkout Line

The BriarPatch Co-op in Grass Valley is experimenting with a new form of checkout lane that relies on the good graces of their shoppers. The "Pay It Forward" checkout line allows BriarPatch customers to pay for the groceries of the person directly behind them in line.
Vice President Pence seen here attempting to impress Mr. Trump with his risky costume.

Trump Not Happy with Pence’s Halloween Costume

According to multiple source, President Trump was less than impressed with Pence's costume choice.