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Artist's rendition Yellowstone's pending eruption.

U.S. Geological Survey: Yellowstone Eruption Imminent

This morning the US Geological Survey (USGS), issued an alert warning that an eruption is imminent.
If you're going to dump a dead body, the woods is the best place according to Nevada County residents.

‘Wooded Area’ Named Best Place to Dump Dead Body in Nevada County

'Wooded Area' has topped a new list of best places to dump a dead body in Nevada County, CA, ending the debate amongst the area's most prolific serial murderers.
The latest polls show that America might be indeed fucked.

Early Voting Exit Polls Show America Is Fucked

The front runners Republican Donald Trump and Democrat Hillary Clinton are making their last minute push to gain votes and gain the edge to win. Early voting exit polls are showing that the country is fucked.
Angela White likes eating "ethnic food" and really is happy that Grass Valley has a decent Indian restaurant.

Area Woman Who Says “This Butter Chicken is Authentic” Never Been to India

Angela White is believes that a local restaurant's butter chicken is as good as in India despite having never visited the largely vegetarian Asian country.
Flying Spaghetti Monster captured over Interstate 80 in Nevada County.

Cthulhu Spotted Over Nevada County

Cthulhu appeared in the skies over Interstate 80 late yesterday. There is no word from the octopus/dragon-like entity if it has any plans for the people of Earth, however its appearance probably means all humanity is about to end.
A recently transplanted North San Juan Ridge family nearly starved to after being unprepared for an off-the-grid lifestyle. Permaculture Lesson Leads Area Family to Near Starvation

A recently transplanted Bay Area family found itself earlier this week on the brink of starvation after moving to the North San Juan ridge located in a remote part of Nevada County.
Canadian Nationalist activists want the maple leaf replaced with a gravy ladle.

Canada Considering Replacing Maple Leaf

A group of Canadian nationalists are petitioning the government in Ottawa to replace the maple leaf on the Canadian flag with something more representative of the Great White North.
After years of research we now have flying cats.

GMO Cat Food Study Finds Amazing Results

Cat food brands using GMO corn in their products have been linked to a new development in the Felis Catus species (house cat).  Studies conducted at Purina's Headquarters conducted long-term tests and research into the GMO cat food.
Sal Smith of Alta Sierra

Alta Sierra Man Who Says “Wine Good for the Heart” on His 5th Cocktail

Local retiree Sal Smith announced to his visiting family over the holidays that "a glass of red wine is good for your heart," as he consumed his 4th cocktail of the evening.
President Donald Trump signed an executive order today banning all offshore logging.

Trump Bans Offshore Logging

President Donald Trump signed an executive order today banning all offshore logging.

Schiff’s Purple Parrot PowerPoint Animation Fails to Excite Drowsy Senators

Not everyone in the US Senate Chamber was impressed by Rep. Adam Schiff's PowerPoint skills.
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