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Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh were caught snuggling in a Missoula, Montana bar.

Limbaugh And Palin Caught Cuddling In Montana Dive Bar

Radio host Rush Limbaugh is in hot water today after pictures surfaced of him and former Alaska Governor Sarah Palin, were found cuddled up together in a booth at Lenny's Tavern and Taxidermy in Missoula.
Mike Judge seen discussing his upcoming prequel to his 2006 cult classic Idiocracy.

Mike Judge Filming Prequel to Idiocracy

Mike Judge, the creator of popular MTV animated show Beavis and Butthead and Fox TV's adult-oriented King of the Hill announced at an area comic book conference that a 'Prequel' to his 2006 cult classic Idiocracy is in the works.
Area man Jamie Igo had to install a new faucet by himself following a rather heated argument with his wife.

Area Man Could Use a Little Help

42-year-old Truckee man Jaime Igo could use a little help after he and his wife got into an argument shortly after the couple got into a heated argument over their 17 year old son's lack of interest in finding a job. 

Gavin Newsom Suggests Draining Lake Tahoe to Solve Future Droughts

Lake Tahoe has 39 trillion gallons of water. That is enough water to supply everyone in the United States with 75 gallons per day for five years.
One of many FEMA camps being setup with the aid of the United Nations.

DHS And FEMA Mobilize Ahead Of Imminent Declaration Of Martial Law

The Department of Homeland Security (DHS) and Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) have announced that they are mobilizing their assets ahead of the President's planned declaration of Martial Law, which is likely to occur towards the end of his presidency.
The First Lady of the United States entertained a Wisconsin bar for over 20 minutes with various karaoke favorites.

Melania Stuns Wisconsin Bar With Karaoke Performance of Madonna’s ‘Material Girl’

The First Lady of the United States entertained a Wisconsin bar for over 20 minutes with various karaoke favorites.
Press Secretary Sean Spicer blamed it on an obvious "typo."

Trump Mistakenly Orders Tomahawk Missile Strike on Sinai

Confusion gripped Donald Trump's Florida estate Mar-a-Lago late tonight after the President mistakenly ordered an attack on the Sinai peninsula instead of strategic targets within Syria, as was largely expected by United States Allies.
Willie Nelson was found alive in his tour bus seen here outside a Holiday Inn Express in Eugene, Oregon.

Willie Nelson Found Alive In Tour Bus

Famous "outlaw" American Country musician, singer and songwriter Willie Nelson was found alive and well in his tour bus parked at a Holiday Inn Express on Franklin Blvd in downtown Eugene, Oregon.

6 Everyday Toothpaste Hacks That Fail to Prevent Mass Extinction

What does toothpaste and mass extinction have in common? More than you think!

Gish Gallop Review: Finnegans Wake is an Impenetrable Piece of Crap

What's the difference between a pile of dog crap and Finnegan's Wake? You can avoid the dog crap by walking around it. I have to read and review Finnegan's Wake.

Virginia University Offering American History Course for Russian Trolls

The George Mason School of Economics is offering an innovative online program for Russian Troll Farms to help instill chaos on social media platforms such as Facebook.
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