“A Chorus Line” Disrupts Mad Max Screening at Local Theater

An Instagram photograph of the "A Chorus Line" incident at Grass Valley's Del Oro Theater. Source: the impenetrable genius of David C. Jensen
An Instagram photograph of the “A Chorus Line” incident at Grass Valley’s Del Oro Theater. Source: the sophisticated genius of David C. Jensen

Grass Valley, CA — After a successful traffic stoppage on Highway 49 Sunday, the collective dancing gang known as “A Chorus Line” successfully interrupted a Monday night showing of Mad Max at Grass Valley’s iconic Del Oro Movie Theater. The musical theater group stood up in front of a packed house and performed “I Can Do That.” Surprisingly, the usually rambunctious and short-tempered Grass Valley theater crowd celebrated the spontaneous reverie.

“Yeah, I was there watching Mad Max with my lady friend,” said Hank Snow after the showing, “when all of a sudden, this group of goldie-dressed people get up in front of us. They got on the stage and starting singing this song I remember my High School Choir singing back in the 1980s. To be honest with ‘ya, it was really great. [murmuring and snapping his fingers] That I can do…I can do that!”

According to people leaving the theater, the protectionist stop the film to accommodate the dancing anarchists.

“At first I was like, ‘this really sucks,'” commented Saylor Chrissy, a waitress at a popular South American restaurant in Grass Valley, “But then I kinda got into the song. And then they turned the movie off so we could watch these sparkly dancers. It was special.”

The iconic Del Oro Theater in Grass Valley, CA shown here emanating free Wifi to the downtown area.
The iconic Del Oro Theater in Grass Valley, CA shown here emanating free Wifi to the downtown area.

The performance lasted over 10 minutes with some of the cast throwing their hats to an exuberant crowd. Attendants at the Del Oro said the crowd’s volume grew to rock concert levels with cries for “More. More. More.”

“I’ve been working at the Del Oro for almost two years now,” said a theater worker in a Gish Gallop telephone interview. “And this is the most attention we’ve had since the WiFi Tower announcement back in May. Anyhow, it turns out that audience loved this thing. I was certain I was going to have to call the cops. But I mean, the Chorus line group actually bought tickets to see the film, but I wasn’t expecting them to dance and sing like that. I think they watched the rest of the movie after they finished.”

The police were notified, but no charges where filed. Rumor has it that the owners might plan a special “Broadway goes to Hollywood” film week to capture the magic of this impromptu event.




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