Alexa Working with the FBI: Deep State Canceling Ammo Sales

Amazon's Alexa personal assistant is canceling gun owner's orders, leading to accusations of deep state involvement.
Amazon’s Alexa personal assistant is canceling gun owner’s orders, leading to accusations of deep state involvement.

Washington, D.C. — Residents in  self-described “fly over” states are reporting that their Amazon Alexa assistant has not only canceled orders for gun ammunition, but also on multiple occasions, refused to place orders. As many as 420 citizens have filed complaints with the National Rifle Association’s advocacy division stating that their Amazon appliance is working in cahoots with what many call “the Deep State.”

“I was making a routine order for gun casing,” said Missouri resident and gun enthusiast Jake Dix, “and I thought everything went through OK. But about 10 minutes later my Alexa announced that my order was canceled. When I asked Alexa why it was, she started playing that 80s song ‘I’ll Be Watching You.’ I unplugged it and threw it outside.”

In many of the NRA complaints, members accused of working with the FBI and the ‘Deep State’ to limit their 2nd Amendment Rights.

“This is all apart of the government coming to get our guns,” said long-time Wyoming resident whose Alexa refused to place his order for 12 gauge shotgun shells. “You can’t fool us. We know what’s going on and if you think we’re gonna standby and let the FBI control us, you got another thing coming. Just try it, deep state.”

According to an spokesperson, the online retail giant does not sell guns or gun ammunition. It does sell some gun accessories and parts.

“Amazon has never sold ammunition,” said Director of Customer Experience Bethany Millbright. “It’s unclear how some customers were even able to place orders for products that don’t even exist. We’re looking into it. It seems it’s a software glitch impacting a handful of customers.”

The NRA is investigating the claims and says it will be issuing a report later next week.

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