An Interview With Chemtrail Expert Madison Star Moon

JAMES CONRAD: Sorry, my phone was acting up. My first question: On any given day, how many chemtrail spraying aircraft are active worldwide?

MADISON STAR MOON: Who the fuck knows? How the fuck would I know?  How the fuck would anyone know? You are intentionally asking impossible questions? Classic troll tactic. NEXT.

JAMES CONRAD:  No, I only figured people who study environmental hazards are aware of data germane to the phenomena of which they speak.

MADISON STAR MOON: Bullshit. If you were sent here to harass me you are failing. I have been trolled and shilled by the best. Your feeble attempts to insult and discredit me are OBVIOUS and u r pissing me off frankly. Do you know who I am? Google me and come back with real questions

JAMES CONRAD: I am not out to troll you, discredit you or anything like that. I merely want to know more about chemtrails.

MADISON STAR MOON: Yet you found my profile out of all the chemtrail activists out there? Gimme a freaking break. If you wanted to know about chemtrails all you would have to do is Google. Stop lying “James.”

JAMES CONRAD:  Well, you know, you are an expert on chemtrails, so I figured there was no problem in asking you. Next question: Are the aircraft involved a) normal commercial airliners carrying passengers (but with slight modifications to allow spraying), or b) specially equipped planes whose only purpose is chemtrail delivery?

MADISON STAR MOON: Listen, I have had time to look over your page. I see you promote false flags, etc.

JAMES CONRAD:  No, I do not.

MADISON STAR MOON:  I know why you are contacting me. I was hoping it was cause you liked me and maybe wanted to be friends,  but as usual you are just shilling me. Your loss.

JAMES CONRAD: No, I am not.

MADISON STAR MOON: You missed out on a sweet girl.  I’m going to take my cat for a drive now. Be back in 15.

JAMES CONRAD: I have not asked a single slanted question, nor a question that I figured you couldn’t answer.

MADISON STAR MOON: I hope by then you are nicer.

JAMES CONRAD: There is no reason to get defensive.

MADISON STAR MOON: Your questions are complete and total bullshit.