An Interview With Chemtrail Expert Madison Star Moon

JAMES CONRAD: They’re naught to do with this discussion.

MADISON STAR MOON: You are asking me questions you know I don’t know. No one knows. Quit trying to find holes in our movement. We all know about chemtrails and witness them spraying all the time. We document and report to the public because we are good people. I am on the front lines of this battle so…tread lightly

JAMES CONRAD: Perhaps I was only trying to FILL holes.

MADISON STAR MOON:  I don’t take kindly to debunkers. I eat them for breakfast. If you are asking me what I believe that is one thing. But if you are asking me to make blanketed statements that wont happen, I know how you guys love your screenshots taken out of context.

JAMES CONRAD: I’m not sure that blanket statements involve hard data.

MADISON STAR MOON: What do you want me to say.  Do you think I am going to tell you everything I know on Fedbot.  Get real and get with the program. This aint my first rodeo.

JAMES CONRAD: Anyway, out of curiosity, are the pilots of the aircraft aware of/complicit with the chemtrail spraying program? Are the various air traffic control agencies aware or involved?

MADISON STAR MOON: Ahhhh. I see. OK, let me be honest with you. On a personal note, I have nothing against pilots. I have nothing against individuals. It is the people pulling the strings that I want to expose. You don’t have to worry about me. Everything I do is public, so you can always watch me. I wont single anyone out for no reason or assume all pilots are in on it.

JAMES CONRAD: Have you talked to any pilots or air traffic controllers about chemtrails?

MADISON STAR MOON: Why? Are you a fed? I talk to everyone.

JAMES CONRAD:  No. I don’t even have a college degree. I merely was asking if you had talked to any pilots or air traffic controllers in the interest of finding out if they were or are aware of/complicit with the chemtrail spraying program .

MADISON STAR MOON: I cannot speak for anyone but myself. Is there something you want to know? Just ask it directly. Do you want to know my agenda? Or who I work for in activism? What is it you really want to know?

JAMES CONRAD:  I am asking directly. And I have been straightforward with what I want to know. With that in mind, how many people are involved with delivering the chemicals to the planes, filling the tanks, etc. A rough estimate is fine)? Are these people aware of the purpose of the program?

MADISON STAR MOON: Are you reading from a script? Good Lord man.

JAMES CONRAD: No. Just a list of prepared questions.

MADISON STAR MOON: Prepared? Wow. I feel special. I believe they are killing us all with chemtrails. I believe they are using the atmosphere as a toxic waste dump. I believe they are experimenting on us I believe in Agenda 21.

JAMES CONRAD: What is Agenda 21?

MADISON STAR MOON: The plan to depopulate the planet under the guise of sustainable development.

JAMES CONRAD: But you don’t have a rough estimate of how many people are involved with delivering the chemicals to the planes, filling the tanks etc?

MADISON STAR MOON: I have an idea, can you please copy and paste all of your questions into one statement for me so I can look it over again?

JAMES CONRAD: One message, you mean?



MADISON STAR MOON: I’m going to post it on Fedbot. But not with your name. Just the statement. You will like it 🙂