An Interview With Chemtrail Expert Madison Star Moon


  1. Across the globe, how many airplanes are actively spraying chemtrails?
  2. Are the aircraft commercial passenger planes used by, say, Delta or United Airlines, or are they purpose-designed only to deliver chemtrails?
  3. Are the pilots and air traffic controllers aware of and complicit with the chemtrail program?
  4. Roughly how many people are involved with delivering the chemicals to the planes, filling the tanks and such. Are they aware of the purpose of the program?
  5. How do the people involved in the spraying program protect themselves and their families from the chemicals that are being sprayed?
  6. What is the annual federal cost of the chemtrail spraying program? Is if funded privately or with tax dollars?
  7. About how many people in each participating national government are involved?
  8. Is the program co-ordinated internationally? Is there a central planning committee or is it more of an autonomous or private franchise?
  9. If a person were interested in becoming an active participant in the spraying program, for money or just for fun, who would they contact?

That’s my prepared list.

JAMES CONRAD:  So what is Fedbot?


JAMES CONRAD: You mean Facebook?

MADISON STAR MOON: Sure whatever helps you sleep at night


MADISON STAR MOON: One sec. I am reading over your post

JAMES CONRAD:  Ok. Let me know when it’s ready.

MADISON STAR MOON: One sec. I posted it. I had to cut a lot of what you said. It just didn’t fit in let me know what you think:

“Across the globe, airplanes are actively spraying chemtrails. The aircraft involved could be commercial planes or jets that have been converted to spray. The pilots and air traffic controllers are witnesses, but without them reporting these crimes they are complicit and guilty of omission. We need to identify the people delivering the chemicals to the planes and filling the tanks. Anyone participating in these spraying operations is breaking both federal and international law. A cover up of this size is mind-blowing. The cost of these clandestine operations is astronomical. They use our tax dollars to finance our demise. “

JAMES CONRAD:  Well, how do you know whether it is funded by tax dollars or from a private source?

MADISON STAR MOON: Did you like it?

JAMES CONRAD: It’s well enough written, but do you have more specific numbers in regard to the material discussed?

MADISON STAR MOON: Let it marinate. I put your ideas out there.

JAMES CONRAD: But do you, the expert have any more specific answers to those questions?

MADISON STAR MOON: I answered them all

JAMES CONRAD:  I mean, usually if I were to ask an ecologist about pollution, for example, they would give me at least a rough estimate of, say, how many tons of plastic are in the Pacific Ocean or what the concentration of the lead is in the soil and air in an area affected thusly.

MADISON STAR MOON: Well dumbass.

JAMES CONRAD: You don’t have any such hard data relevant to chemtrails? Would that not make the case more solid?

MADISON STAR MOON: This is a secret operation involving the military and corrupt government. Its[sic] not about some water pollution. Now quit shilling out. Call me on here. I’ll pick up. Tired of typing. I’m uploading my videos to my youtube channel. Hurry up

JAMES CONRAD: Well, does the Freedom of Information Act not allow for the full or partial disclosure of previously unreleased information and documents controlled by the United States government?

MADISON STAR MOON: LMAO. So you still believe our government is good eh? Wow.

JAMES CONRAD:  Wouldn’t you be able to invoke said act to obtain information about chemtrails?

MADISON STAR MOON:  Yeah sure I can get a FOIA on some chemplanes. I said call me.

End of Interview