Area Businessman One Deal Away from Making It

Dan Trunkman and team seen prior to their departure to Europe.
Dan Trunkman and team seen prior to their departure to Europe.

Nevada City, CA Area business man Dan Trunkman is one deal away from success or failure. Having learned that he is “replaceable” by his former boss at Dynamic Systemsâ„¢, Mr. Trunkman set out on his own to prove he can make it on his own.

Mr. Trunkman and his two associates, the too old Timothy “Tim” McWinters and the too young and oddly named Mike Pancake, traveled to Europe to close the most important deal of their lives. According to Mr. Trunkman, he initially lost confidence in his small, but dedicated team.

“Mike told me he’s never been on a business trip before,” said a worried Mr. Trunkman. “I told him to keep his mouth shut in front of the customer, and whatever he does, do not say his last name. Guess what is the first thing he does?”

According to Mr. Trunkman, that was an easy obstacle to overcome. For on the day of their arrival, they get caught up in an anarchist riot protesting Global Economic reforms.

“Yeah, that wasn’t good,” continued Mr. Trunkman. “We got caught right in the middle and the police started firing rubber bullets and tear gas at us. But Tim thought quick and threw an old fire extinguisher at them, and we were able to get through to the meeting.”

Mike Pancake seen here not keeping his mouth shut.
Mike Pancake seen here not keeping his mouth shut.

Even though he saved the day, Mr. McWinters took it in stride.

“By the time you get to my age,” said a confident Mr. McWinters, “you’ve seen it all. And I have. But I haven’t done it ‘wheelbarrow style’ if you know what mean. I plan on doing that as soon as this deal closes.”

No word from Mr. Trunkman on the status of the deal, but word has it Tim McWinters got his wish.

Check back with Gish Gallop for updates as this story is breaking.


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Well Mr. Trunkman, if things really go South, I have a shovel that will fit your hands.
No suit or tie required.. Look at the dry cleaning expense you will save. A Real American job.