Area Man Backs Up Traffic at Waste Management Transfer Station

Local Man Arrested for Pot Haul
Moonash in his Alleghany home

Grass Valley, CA A local man who goes only by the name of Moonash backed up traffic all the way out onto McCourtney Road for almost an hour as he sorted through, in his words, “my valuable shit, brah.”

Reactions from people waiting to proceed into the transfer station were generally negative.

“This is a dump, not a rummage sale,” said Gloria Lloyd of Penn Valley. “I don’t know who that guy is, but he’d better get his ass movin’ or there’s gonna be a goddamn riot down here.”

“I asked my wife, what the hell is going on down there?” exclaimed an exasperated Bill Fillerstern of Grass Valley. “Sure enough, she used that moment to remind me I have no patience. Once again.”

Moonash sorting items for over an hour

According to workers at the Transfer Station, once Moonash reached the recycling area he spent well over an hour picking out items from the trailer he was towing behind his 1973 Cadillac Sedan de Ville, examining them carefully, placing glass, aluminum and plastic in the green and red bins, but putting many of the items back in his trailer.

“We’re not sure if he even dumped anything,” said foreman Richard Stick. “It kinda almost looked like he took things from other people’s cars and put them into his trailer. Weird. I think he might have even taken stuff out of the recycling area.”

Moonash departing after his super long visit to the transfer station

Gish Gallop contacted Moonash later in the day at his Alleghany cabin.

“Yeah, I got this Cadillac for free,” said a lethargic Moonash. “My bass player Dep, his grandma just died. [There was a long, 2 minute pause ~ NCS] He said I could have it. So I decided to do a dump run first thing, brah.”

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