Area Man Uses Tub Hair to Create Roommate Friendship Bracelets

Roommate Justin Barbersol's bracelet. Mr. Barbersol is a redhead.
Roommate Justin Barbersol’s bracelet. Mr. Barbersol is a redhead.

According to Mr. Foresight, he spent over 6 hours creating two body hair bracelets for his roommates.

“It was a process of trial and error. I actually made three,” continued Mr. Foresight. “That’s how much hair was in the shower. The first one didn’t look like a bracelet at all. The next two did. The tricky part was getting the hair out the drain. The stuff around the tub was easy-pickings. But pulling the glob out of the drain was both gross and difficult.”

As for his future relationship with his roommates, Mr. Foresight was somewhat resigned.

“They just don’t care about anything. I guess I’m enabling them by taking care of everything, but I can’t live like a slob. I’ll continue to pay the bills and do the dishes. I just don’t understand what’s wrong with them.”