Area Woman Only Sees Advertisements

The Internet can be a tough place for some.
The Internet can be a tough place for some.

Nevada City, CA — After spending almost an hour reading and re-reading a locally produced news piece, a Nevada City woman claimed Saturday afternoon that she “[r]ead the ‘article’ looking for humor, but only found a bunch of advertising.” Apparently the woman in question became unable to sort between common advertising banners, and the content of the actual article.

According to a source close to the confused woman, he said she has always been confused by advertisements.

“Yeah, she had to stop watching TV a few years ago,” asserted an informant who chose to remain anonymous for fear of being whimsically banned from a popular Nevada County Facebook group, “because she didn’t understand where the soap was in a Soap Opera. She would watch Guiding Light and wonder, ‘what happened to the laundry detergent? Where is the light? Whom is it guiding?’ Then she’d see a Tide commercial and wonder, ‘where the love triangle was?’ It was a mess.”

According to experts, the Internet is not a kind place for the meek, the dim-witted and most certainly the humorless.

“The Internet has not been kind to those with a, um, ‘sensitive disposition,'” claimed Associate Professor James Badwater of the Berkeley Divinity School. “For those that have underdeveloped senses of humor, it’s particularly hard. That lack of figurative thinking is a real roadblock for them. They tend to overreact and create controversy where there is none to justify their feelings of insecurity. Often you’ll find people like this overcompensating by saying they indeed ‘have a sense of humor,’ when they really don’t.”


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