Gordonville, PA — Bernie Sanders is locked in a tight race with other top contenders for the Democratic Presidential Nomination. His campaign is trying to tap into a new source of potential supporters.

This week Sanders visited Gordonville, Pennsylvania, one of the largest Amish communities in the country. He visited them to try to garner support for State’s upcoming vote.

“What better group of God-fearing people to reach out to than the Amish,” Senator Sanders exclaimed to an unusually small crowd of mostly tourists in Gordonville. “They are no strangers to the ideals of Socialism. They live a kind of Socialism I think we could learn from.”

Gish Gallop visited Gordonville to speak with the Amish about Sanders’ visit. It took a while to find someone who would talk to us. We spoke to Jebidiah Yoder, 37, who makes propane refrigerators and runs a small farm with his wife and 14 children.

“Well, he did not do his research. We do take care of our community, but we all have jobs or farms to make money,” he said.  “The idea that we are some kind of Socialists because we help our own is ridiculous. Not to mention, we do not vote.”

It seems that the Amish were not very receptive to Sanders’ visit nor his ideas.

The Sanders campaign was still optimistic after the visit saying, “Bernie loved his visit with the Amish, we feel confident in support of the Amish Community. We will be placing hitching posts and poop scoopers at all County voting locations.”

The Pete Buttigieg campaign announced a campaign stop to Gordonville next week and hoped to raise funds for his campaign.