Bill Clinton Pops Into TrumpForce One In Florida

Bill Clinton made an impromptu visit with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.
Bill Clinton made an impromptu visit with Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump.

Orlando, FL — Former president Bill Clinton is getting to be a regular on the celebrity jet-way “pop-in circuit”. This afternoon, Mr. Clinton found his private jet on the same tarmac as Donald Trump’s TrumpForce One, and popped in to spend a few minutes with King Cheeto.

Mr. Clinton was on board for about 10 minutes and was then escorted out by his Secret Service entourage. When reporters pressed Clinton about his conversation with Trump, the former president said, “I had a real good time in there. Oh, we talked about our golf games and our grandchildren. That sort of thing.”

Mr. Clinton was asked if Trump seemed surprised by the pop-in. “No, Donald is a sharp cookie. He knew I’d be popping in soon to discuss golf and grandkids. Donald and I go way back. That is a history that you just can’t smudge or rub out.”

“I don’t know what the hell that lunatic was talking about,” shouted an exasperated Trump. “He comes on my plane, uninvited! And all he wants to talk about is rubbing something out rubbing one out. It was horrible. We asked him to leave and he wouldn’t go. We finally told him there were hookers in the limo and he left. You believe this guy?”

Everyone remembers Bill’s infamous Phoenix pop-in on Loretta Lynch, sitting USAG, who just happened to be investigating his wife and foundation. Everyone also remembers how that story turned out.

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Dianne Primmer

That is the worst cut and paste I’ve ever seen. Give it up, folks.

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*mask, cut and paste.