UPDATE with Voicemail Audio: Parker Sloanberg’s Mobile Phone Operative

Parker Sloanberg
Staff Photo of Parker Sloanberg

Updates 2014-08-20 8:37am Below

Mifflin, OH  Nevada County Gish Gallop correspondent Parker Sloanberg‘s mobile phone apparently has been switched on and Lou has attempted over the past few hours to contact him. We will continue to attempt to contact Mr. Sloanberg as well as keep this page up to date.

Last submission from Parker Sloanberg on August 10th.
Last submission from Parker Sloanberg on August 10th.

As previously reported on Gish Gallop, Parker Sloanberg set out on special assignment to “reclaim America” when we believe he was possibly abducted by extraterrestrial aliens after Gish Gallop received a broken mobile phone message from Mr. Sloanberg on August 10th.

Today, his phone was ringing and going to Voicemail. Mr. LaPlante left him a detailed voicemail with instructions to contact us as soon as possible. Obviously Gish Gallop is very concerned about his well-being.


UPDATE 2:03 PM August 19

We just received the following Voicemail from Parker Sloanberg. We immediately attempted to return his call, but our call when straight to voicemail. We’re assuming that this means Mr. Sloanberg is at least alive.

Listen to Parker’s 2:03 PDT Voicemail to Lou and Fink.


Direct link to audio if above player doesn’t work


UPDATE 8:37 AM August 20

Lou LaPlante received this voicemail on his mobile phone this morning from Parker Sloanberg. When Lou called back, there was no ring.

Direct link to audio if above player doesn’t work



We will keep you informed about this developing story.

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