Samsung Quietly Removes PornHub App From SmartTVs

Samsung America has not issued a statement regarding the "mistake."

Coronavirus Shows Promise in Killing Carnivorous ‘Murder Hornets’

New research suggests the novel coronavirus irritated "murder hornets."

Rand Paul Under Fire For Accepting $1200 Stimulus

The usually anti-government Senator from Kentucky says there's nothing wrong with taking federal stimulus money.

The MLA and APA In Epic Battle Over Coronavirus Style Guides

The two influential organizations are locked in an epic battle over how best to cite the novel coronavirus, also known as COVID-19.
A study by the Rundex Family Foundation found that exposure to Chemtrails leads to spelling errors.

Study: Chemtrail Exposure Impacts Spelling Abilities

A 14 month study conducted by NASA in cooperation with the Palo Alto-based Rundex Family Foundation has concluded that exposure over time to Chemtrails impacts one's ability to spell and construct a coherent argument.

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