Nevada City's Ardwelia Kushborn, founder of Signal Shield Protectiveware Clothing

Area Woman Cashes in on Chemtrail Clothing Craze

Ardwelia Kushborn established her company Signal Shield in the summer of 2011 to provide, in her words, "an innovative line of protective clothing designed for today's conscious consumer."
Northern California veterinarians are reporting an increase in the number of small pet deaths due to increased Chemtrail activity.

Increased Chemtrail Spraying Leading to Premature Guinea Pig Deaths

Increased aerosolized chemtrail spraying over Northern California has led to an increase in small pet deaths according to area veterinarians.
A fan snapped this picture of Ed Force One over Colorado earlier this week.

Ed Force One Investigated for Unauthorized Chemtrail Emissions

British heavy metal legends Iron Maiden are being investigated for illegal chemtrail spraying with the use of their customized touring aircraft, the ex-Air France 747-400 jumbo jet known as Ed Force One.
A study by the Rundex Family Foundation found that exposure to Chemtrails leads to spelling errors.

Study: Chemtrail Exposure Impacts Spelling Abilities

A 14 month study conducted by NASA in cooperation with the Palo Alto-based Rundex Family Foundation has concluded that exposure over time to Chemtrails impacts one's ability to spell and construct a coherent argument.
Earth-bound reptilian overlords are fattening humanity for harvesting by the Anunnaki

The Anunnaki’s Ancient Plan to Harvest Humans

The "fattening of the world" is a deliberate attempt by earth-bound Reptilian overlords to prepare humanity for harvesting by a visiting extraterrestrial race called the Anunnaki.

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