The last known unicorn was killed off by an illegal chemtrail reduction program.

Chemtrail Reduction Program Kills Off Last Unicorn

Sadness swept across the 'woo-o-sphere' late today as news spread that the last remaining  flying Unicorn was accidentally killed by a Chemtrail reduction program. The Redding, CA-based Chemtrail Action Network or CAN has been developing a patented anti-Chemtrail "shield system" for over 5 years largely with donations gathered from its website.

California Appellate Court Rejects Fake News Chemtrail Defense

Jackson, CA resident David Johanson lost his appeal in Sacramento this past week.

Chemtrailer Expresses Crude Sense of Humor

Recently promoted chemtrail pilot Barry Kenner of Marysville, CA saw an opportunity to express his humorous side recently and decided to augment a cloud that resembled a male human organ.
"BIG Boy” PD97-3034 Chemtrail Drone. Source: US Military.

Government Proposes Drones for Chemtrail Operations

In a surprise executive order, the Trump Administration announced plans to license and deploy aerial drones to conduct Chemtrail spraying operations.

Area Cloud Seeder Hoping for a Chemtrail Promotion

The former Navy Pilot and current cloud seeding captain of a Evergreen 747 based out of Beale Air Force base, has been eyeing the coveted Chemtrail Captain position ever since he joined Evergreen's gioengineering fleet back in 2006.

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