Area Asshole Insists on Ordering Starbucks Drink at Local Coffee House

Resident Don Vaca got into a spat Wednesday with Carolines Coffee Barista, he insisted on ordering a Venti Caramel Macchiato only sold at Starbucks.

YouTube Researcher Home Foundations Expert

Area transplant, Lake of the Pines resident and current commuting Chevron employee Wes Ford announced to his friends and family on Friday night that he plans to "build his own foundation" on a piece of property he inherited from his uncle south of Highway 20.
Shoppers at a Sacramento, CA Goodwill Industry Bins found a little more than they bargained for.

2 Kilos of Cocaine Found at Sacramento Goodwill Bins

Area Goodwill treasure hunters Darlene and Jameson Delray found more than a broken Keurig coffee maker and used designer jeans over the weekend.
upcoming Warner Brothers feature film "Lego Sniper"

American Sniper to be Made into a Lego Movie

In an expected announcement from Warner Brothers Pictures, the entertainment giant says it plans on producing a Lego version of its hugely popular, Clint Eastwood-directed film American Sniper. According to a Warner Brothers internal memo, after a long negotiation with Legos executives, the large media company was able to give them "an offer they couldn't refuse."

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