Anonymous: 4chan LGBT Group Behind Westboro Baptist Church [VIDEO]

"Hacktivist" group Anonymous recently announced that the extremist Kansas-based Westboro Baptist Church is actually a front for a group of pro-homosexual activists on popular Internet "imageboard" 4chan.
"InstaSlamming" The newest social media trend is killing kids.

New Social Media Challenge Kills Teenagers

Obdulia Sanchez, 18-year old girl from Central California, was arrested Friday for driving while intoxicated and gross vehicular manslaughter.  Sanchez and her sister had been driving north of Los Banos when she overcompensated a turn and crashed into a fence.

In Passing: Gish Gallop Correspondent Parker Sloanberg Found Dead in Iraq

Penn Valley, CA -- It is with great sadness that Gish Gallop announces the passing of esteemed  correspondent Parker Sloanberg. According to sources within the Iraqi Military, his body,...
Kraft Foods Heinz has announced a meat version of their popular Velveeta processed food product.

Velveeta Pilots New Line of Meat

The meat product, which is called Velmeata, is said to have a shelf life of almost 47 years and requires no refrigeration, according to company officials.
Some say after almost 8 years in office, President Obama is out of touch.

Obama Denounces “Racist” Foods

President Obama has stepped into a bit of a quagmire today. Some of the reporters present at an impromptu press briefing were amazed. All of the reporters were shaking their heads.

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